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during SCHMUCK 2015 – EXPO ‘Anton Cepka – Kinetischer Schmuck’ – Die Neue Sammlung /International Design Museum, Munich (DE) – 14 Mars-7 Juin 2015

«Anton Cepka – Kinetischer Schmuck»

Opening: Friday, March 13, 2015, 19:00 –
Press conference: Friday, March 13 , 2015, 11:00
Exhibition Munich  March 14, 2015 – June 7, 2015

ANTON CEPKA – KINETIC JEWELRY Anton Cepka – Kinetic Jewelry – brooch (detail)

The jewelry and object artist Anton Cepka is one of the most important jewelry makers of the 20th century. Born in 1936 in Sulekovo, Czechoslovakia – now Slovakia – Cepka was a leading exponent of the modern jewelry after World War II. Today he is respected as the doyen of both Slovakian and Czech jewelry artists. Thanks to a formal language reminiscent of Constructivism, he remained untroubled by affairs of state over many years – unlike many fellow artists.
Silver, optical glass and modern acrylic glass are Anton Cepka’s preferred materials. Out of these, brooches and pendants take shape which embody novel spatial ideas. Tending at first towards relief, they are later conceived fully in the round. Then the surprise – the elements of movement and light are added, introducing the concept of kinetic art to the art of jewellery for the first time.
The actual construction of the objects demonstrates the high degree of craftsmanship which is intrinsic to all of Cepkas’ work.
Thanks to many lenders, both private and institutional, from Germany and abroad, it is possible for the first time to show around 180 decorative objects by Anton Cepka, from the period between 1963 and 2005, in a single exhibition.
The exhibition takes place under the auspices of the Minister of Culture of the Slovak Republic and is supported by he Slovakian Embassy in Berlin, the Slovakian Consulate General in Munich, Arnoldsche Art Publishers, Stuttgart, Danner Stiftung in Munich and Deedie Rose, USA.

 Anton Cepka 1920 broochAnton Cepka 1920 broochAnton Cepka, brooch, 1992, silver | Die Neue Sammlung – The International Design Museum Munich. On permanent loan of the Danner Foundation, Munich. Photo: A. LaurenzoAnton Cepka, brooch, 1992, silver | Die Neue Sammlung – The International Design Museum Munich. On permanent loan of the Danner Foundation, Munich. Photo: A. Laurenzo

Anton Cepka, brooch, 1970, silver, laquer | Die Neue Sammlung – The International Design Museum Munich. Donated by Peter Skubic. Photo: A. LaurenzoAnton Cepka, brooch, 1970, silver, laquer | Die Neue Sammlung – The International Design Museum Munich. Donated by Peter Skubic. Photo: A. Laurenzo

Anton Cepka, brooch, 1969, whitened silver, stones, laquer | Die Neue Sammlung – The International Design Museum Munich. Donated by Peter Skubic. Photo: A. LaurenzoAnton Cepka, brooch, 1969, whitened silver, stones, laquer | Die Neue Sammlung – The International Design Museum Munich. Donated by Peter Skubic. Photo: A. Laurenzo

Anton Cepka, brooch, 1989, silver, plastic | Die Neue Sammlung – The International Design Museum Munich. Donated by Peter Skubic, Gamischdorf. Photo: A. LaurenzoAnton Cepka, brooch, 1989, silver, plastic | Die Neue Sammlung – The International Design Museum Munich. Donated by Peter Skubic, Gamischdorf. Photo: A. Laurenzo

Anton Cepka, brooch, 1989, silver, acrylglas- Die Neue Sammlung–The International Design Museum Munich. Donated by Peter Skubic, Gamischdorf. Photo A. LaurenzoAnton Cepka, brooch, 1989, silver, acrylglas- Die Neue Sammlung–The International Design Museum Munich. Donated by Peter Skubic, Gamischdorf. Photo A. Laurenzo

Anton Cepka, brooch, 1969, silver | Die Neue Sammlung – The International Design Museum Munich. Donated by Peter Skubic. Photo: A. LaurenzoAnton Cepka, brooch, 1969, silver | Die Neue Sammlung – The International Design Museum Munich. Donated by Peter Skubic. Photo: A. Laurenzo



Die Neue Sammlung /The International Design Museum Munich
Türkenstraße 15
80333 München
Tel +49 (0)89 / 27 27 25-0
Fax +49 (0)89 / 27 27 25-561


DECOUVERTE pour SCHMUCK 2015 : Stanislava Grebenickova

Classé dans : brooches,Rep. Tcheque (CS),SCHMUCK,Stanislava GREBENICKOVA (CS),verre / glass — bijoucontemporain @ 0:09

Stanislava Grebenickova from Czeck Republic,  has been selected for SCHMUCK 2015

Stanislava Grebenickova  -Light & Shadow Brooches - Cut & Polished flat Glass  with Marble and GraniteStanislava Grebenickova  -  Light & Shadow Brooches – Cut & Polished flat Glass  with Marble and Granite

« She is one of those women, who managed to balance their job and family, who are admired for their beauty and pleasant behaviour, she is a wonderful and an attentive hostess, a lady in the best sense of the word. But first and foremost she is an excellent glass-making artist.
Stanislava Grebeníčková graduated from The high school of applied arts for glassmaking in Železný Brod and then passed the atelier of Stanislav Libenský on Academy of Arts, Architecture and Desing in Prague. The very important life experience was a scholarship at Amsterdam Academy at the famous professor`s Sybren Valkema. During her studies and immediately after graduation she highly devoted herself to a formed glass. Already at that time her objects were characterised by a humour and pop art playfulness. The first big success and at the same time very characteristic illustration of her creation of the 80s was a series of objects for the exhibition in Roztoky u Prahy (1984). As a fresh graduate at that time, she created Fishing tackle, enlarged severalfold and supplemented with metal components. It was a perfect illusion of existing realias. A precise workmanship, a bright variety of colors and a perfect reproduction of the logo of the famous firm producing fishing tackle helped her to attain an unusually strong effect. The installation overwhelmed professionals and lay public as well. Real objects in unreal size were deployed on plinths in gallery and with fishing-lines a visitor was under the impression he became Gulliver in the empire of giants.
After the creative pause, devoted above all to upbringing of children and building of family background, she started to give a thought to comeback as an active artist. She knew how much time had passed since her pop art objects and realized that she couldn`t return to this era anymore…she has already been in a different stage of life and started to look for new ways of her creative expression. She has found a clear conception of her new style very soon. She created a series of objects made from combination of stone and glass. Symptomatically called plastics The bearable weight of being or On my own two feet put visually and physically massive cube of polished granite on fragile crystal spirals from formed and shaped glass. A courage and humour these plastics are presented with, take rank with her early objects.
In the second half of 90s this glass artist became more a sculptor. This is related to a desire to make a one-piece work. Whereas her husband (M. Handl) became a pioneer of the gluing technology in glass freestyle, Stanislava was not comfortable with this. Although this technology has dominated in her jewellery creation, it doesn`t seem suitable for her big objects. More likely than a distrust of mechanical qualities of glues, it is an idea, that the sculpture in itself, both sculptural and plastic, works with an integral mass and capacity. Stanislava perceives glass as a sculptural material and desires her plastics would have an influence as a sculptural masterpieces. As a graduate from Libensky school she handles „through glass painting tools“ optics and valair as well. In this time came up for example Asylum, Secret place and Mysterious Asuka.
At the same time with freestyle creation Stanislava has been profiling as a jewellery maker since 90s. At the beginning there was as she says „women`s vanity“. A desire to decorate herself, however, turned into more deeper interest, which became an integral and interesting part of her artwork. Her brooches soon became popular, well-known and sought-after in the world of modern jewellery. Her first jewellery, created in 1993, was surprisingly made of stone – local slate. A supple and accessible material facilitated working on a lapidary machine. Later Stanislava started to splice different types of glass, carefully detrited, she spliced it and glued it. Soon, however, an available color scale stopped being satisfying and she started to combine glass with interesting stones and also to experiment with melting of her own glass plates. The color in itself was not the matter, it was rather a structure and colorful combination. Looking at these brooches we often don`t know, if it is a polished natural stone or skillfully and unrepeatably melted glass. Some glass plates, used in these unique jewellery, are so much remarkable that deny the rules of glass cohesion. They are feasible only in such tiny size and are absolutely inimitable. Jewellery of this creative artist, in spite of their size, appear very monumentally. They remind of pictures. Partly by unprecedented colorful surfaces, which themselves look like a brush texture, but also by their unconditional two-dimensionality. They are based on space illusion. Almost each of them is a small expample of optical illusion: reversible cubes, vanes, prisms, portikas and columned halls are just sofisticated colorfully-geometrical segmentation of area. And therein is a jewellery work of this author so exceptional. A smooth, glazy, accurate, very precise and compact jewellery appears optically as a fragile, plastic, vulnerable and membered. Thus, it implicilty connects the most important characteristics of modern jewellery. Potential of wearing, originality and perfect manufacturing.
At present Stanislava Grebeníčková has been teaching on Higher, Secondary and Apprentice Glass School in Nový Bor. She lives and works with her family in nearby Polevsko. » (Eliška Vavříčková – 8. 12. 20:07)

Stanislava Grebenickova   - glass brooch 2000 Stanislava Grebenickova   – glass brooch 2000

Stanislava Grebenickova  - glass jewelry - brooch 2000Stanislava Grebenickova  – glass jewelry – brooch 2000

 Stanislava Grebenickova  -  brooch glass, granite 2002Stanislava Grebenickova  -  brooch glass, granite 2002

Stanislava Grebenickova  - glass jewelry - brooch 1999Stanislava Grebenickova  - glass jewelry – brooch 1999

  CENTRUM BAVARIA BOHEMIA - Stanislava Grebenickova (CZcech) - glass jewelry Stanislava Grebenickova   – glass brooch - CENTRUM BAVARIA BOHEMIA



Schmuck 2015 – PROGRAMME – Munich (DE) – 11-17 Mar 2015


Schmuck Event-Programm 2015

This year 63 artists have been selected from 23 different countries and this year Modern Classic is Karel Novak from Czeck Republic. Have an overview of the selected works as well as last year awarded artists. This special exhibition is the eldest exhibition of contemporary jewellery work in the world. It takes place since 1959 every year during the International Trade Fair in March

Karel Novák  1996  Lenticular   RingKarel Novák  1996  Lenticular   Ring


Artist list :  Ulla AholaNicole BeckSofia BjörkmanBecky BlissJim Bove Helen BrittonBeatrice BroviaKim BuckFlorian Buddeberg – Jorge Castañon Mercedes Castro CorbatEunmi ChunKat Cole Simon CottrellPaul Derrez – Katharina DettarMaria Diez –  Carolina DutariJantje FleischhutSol Flores Kyoko FukuchiEmi FukudaAran GalliganChristine Graf Stanislava GrebenickovaMirjam Hiller Nils HintJunwon JungKaori JuzuChristiana JöckelKimiaki Kageyama — Minna Karhu — Merle Kasonen – Merlin Klein — Anne LegerHadas LevinLi LiangGigi MarianiSharon MasseyMikiko Minewaki — Neke Moa — Carla MoviaKazumi Nagano — Karel Novak — Karla OlsakovaPavel OpocenskyMartin PapcunRuudt PetersKatja PrinsRamon Puig CuyàsAnne-Marie Rebillard Lucy Sarneel  –  Pedro Sequeira — Martina Singerova — Arnaud Sprimont Yuki SumiyaTore SvenssonGeorgina TrevinoJessica TurrellKaren Vanmol Julia WalterAsami Watanabe Annamaria ZanellaManon van Kouswijk

(* in BLUE : see posts about their jewelry)


The SCHMUCK is an international exhibition that has been taking place in Munich for more than 50 years. It combines works of established artists and promising newcomers in the area of contemporary jewellery design and is the meeting place for collectors, jewellery lovers and museum curators from Germany and abroad. Organized as a worldwide contest, the works are chosen by an internationally renowned curator each year, this time by Eva Eisler, professor at the Prague Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design (AAAD). “Presenting works at the SCHMUCK is an honor for any jewellery designer“, says Dieter Dohr, Management Board Chairman of the GHM Gesellschaft für Handwerksmessen mbH. That is also why this time, more than 600 gold smiths and jewellery designers from Germany and abroad applied for the special show. In spring 2015, contributions by 63 artists from 21 countries will finally be on display. This time, Karel Novak from the Czech Republic will be honored as the classic of modern art. Highlight of the SCHMUCK will be the awarding of the Herbert-Hofmann-prizes on Saturday, 14 March 2015 at 5 pm on stage in hall B1. On this day, a jury will select the three best works of the SCHMUCK. Each year, a number of accompanying events group around the special show at the Internationale Handwerksmesse in Munich galleries, museums and cultural institutes.

At the Fair  (Pavilion B1) 
11 – 17 March /  9:30 – 18:00 h. Special Shows at the 67th International Trade Fair in Munich.

14 March /

  At Munich (Featured events) 

  •  Galerie Handwerk 

  5 March / 18.30 h – « From the Coolest Corner – Nordic Jewellery »
6 March ->18 April  (Di.- Mi.- Fr.)  10-18 h., Do. 10-20 h. – 14-16 March 10-15 h.
Max-Joseph-Str. 4, 80333 Munich
cf During SCHMUCK 2015 – EXPO ‘From the Coolest Corner – Nordic Jewellery’ – Galerie Handwerk, Munich (DE) – 6 Mars-18 Avril 2015

from the coolest corner

  13 March / 10-15 h « Re-public Jewellery« .
Seminar produced by Martina Kaufmann, Prof. Ingjerd Hanevold and Prof. Anders Ljungberg, lectures: Yuka Oyama, Liesbet Bussche, Nanna Melland, Helen Carnac
Registration required. Max-Joseph-Str. 4, 80333 Munich Tel. +49 89 5119 296/298
events during Schmuck 2015 connected to the Nordic project From the Coolest Corner: Exhibition, Seminar and Jewellery Stunts. More information about the seminar program on NB! You need to register with the Handwerkskammer to participate at the seminar.
  15-17 h/ « Please sign here« 
Mobil Location: stunts in public space by ALLA, Emil Kristoffer Gustavsson, A 5 and Anna-Maria Saar and Nils Hint.
  • Die Neue Sammlung –The International Design Museum Munich, Pinakothek der Moderne

13.March / 19h « Anton Cepka – Kinetischer Schmuck » – 14.March.->7.June
 cf during SCHMUCK 2015 – EXPO ‘Anton Cepka – Kinetischer Schmuck’ – Die Neue Sammlung /International Design Museum, Munich (DE) – 14 Mars-7 Juin 2015

ANTON CEPKA – KINETIC JEWELRY (Anton Cepka – Kinetic Jewelry – brooch)

« Harebutai. A grand occasion. The Hiko Mizuno College of Jewelry Tokyo zu Gast in der Neuen Sammlung, Hiko Mizuno College invited by Die Neue Sammlung »
14.->22. March – Di.-So. 10-18, Do. 10-20 h
Harebutai.  The Hiko Mizuno College of Jewelry TokyoHarebutai.  The Hiko Mizuno College of Jewelry Tokyo
15.March / 11 h
« Toni Greenbaum: MAG to SNAG: American Studio Jewelry, 1940-1970 » (lecture)
Barerstr. 40, 80333 Munich Tel. +49 89 2727250, +49 89 23805360
  • Bayerischer Kunstgewerbeverein e.V., Galerie für Angewandte Kunst

26.February / 18.30 h
« Doerthe Fuchs –Schmuck-Handlun »
« Meet the Artist“ with Doerthe Fuchs on 13.March., 16-18 h and 15.March., 14-15 h
27.February.->18.April., Mo.-Sa. 10-18 h
Pacellistr. 6-8, 80333 Munich Tel. +49 89 2901470

  Doerthe Fuchs Schmuck-Handlung -  Doerthe Fuchs

  • Villa Stuck

12.March / 17-19 h
GlAmour“, »GlAmour Empfang », Giampaolo Babetto, Robert Baines, Gabi Dziuba, Karl Fritsch, Daniel Kruger, Gerd Rothmann, Philip Sajet, Robert Smit, Lisa Walker.
Curated by Olga Zobel Biró
7.March->6.April, 12.3., 17-19 h
Prinzregentenstr. 60, 81675 Munich Tel. +49 89 4555510
www.villastuck.decf EXPO ‘glAmour’ – Villa Stück, Munich (DE) – 7 Mars-6 Avril 2015

  • MaximiliansForum – Passage für Kunst und Design

18-22 h / « On the elementary power of jewellery oder Schmuck als Urgewalt“, Eine mediale Rauminstallation von Gisbert Stach mit Videoarbeiten von Pavol Prekop/Jana Minarikova und Gisbert Stach. Eröffnung mit der Aktion « Wurfmesser » von Gisbert Stach Unterführung Maximilianstr./Altstadtring
12.March. -> 25.April. – 24 h window display
Tel. +49 89 23324382

  At Munich (Other events – by date)  
Monday, 9. March 2015
11 h / Galerie Biró Junior zu Gast bei Galerie Jordanow
« GBJ Projekt 3« , Catarina Hällzon, Heejoo Kim, Réka Lörincz, Nolia Shatki,Flóra Vági
9->21 March, Mo.-Sa. 11-18, So.11-15 h
Zieblandstr. 19, 80799 Munich Tel. +49 163 2547079
galerie Biro junior "GBJ Projekt 3"
Tuesday, 10. March 2015
10-18 h /  Galerie Wittenbrink
Einzelausstellung: Hermann Jünger – Zu Ehren von Hermann Jünger“ (with catalogue)
10.->17.March., Di.-Sa. 10-18 h, Do. 10 -20 h.
Türkenstr. 16, 80333 Munich Tel. +49 89 25541933
18 h / Akademie Galerie
« Ich bin keine Vase« ; Jing Yang
U-Bahn U3/U6, Station Universität Zwischengeschoss
11.->17.March., Mi.-Sa. 11-18 h, So. 12-18 h
Tel. +49 176 32458058
- Jing Yang Pendant: Ich bin keine Vase, 2014 Jing Yang Pendant: Ich bin keine Vase, 2014
19-21 h / Super + Centercourt Gallery
« paper-plastic-metal-stone« , Emi Fukuda, Clementine Edwards, Gillian Campbell Deery, Katie Jayne Britchford
9->17.March., Mo.-Fr. 12-17 h, Sa./So. 14-17 h
Adalbertstr. 44, 80799 Munich Tel. +49 72130537088
19-22 h / Kunsthaus Maximilian
« Zeichen der Zeit – Timeperception« , Hatara-project, Annea Lounatvuori & Christine Jalio
Maximilianstr. 54, 80538 Munich
10->14.March., Mi.-Fr. 10-19 h, Sa. 11-16 h
Tel. +49 89 215524310
19 h / kunstarkaden Ein Kunstraum der Stadt München
« Schmuck/Objekte/VideoMartin Papcùn, Merlin Klein, Pedro Sequeira, Junwon Jung
Sparkassenstr. 3, Munich
11.March->11.April., So.15.March. 16-20 h, Di.-Sa. 13-19 h
Tel. +49 89 23320947
19 h / Maurer Zilioli – Contemporary Arts zu Gast bei Kunstbüro reillplast
« Quodlibet« , Christiane Förster, Norman Weber
Amalienstr. 21, 80333 Munich
10.->15.March., 14-19 h Tel. +49 157 73362236
Maurer Zilioli - QUODLIBET invitation
Wednesday, 11. March 2015
Diana Dudek
Theatinerstr. 14, 80333 Munich
11.->17.March., Mo-Sa. 10-19 h Tel. +49 89 25541933
11-19 h / Galerie Artefakt
« Porzellanschmuck« , Silke Trekel
Hans-Sachs-Str. 13, 80469 Munich
11.->21.March., Mo.-Fr. 11-19 h, Sa. 11-15 h Tel.+49 89 2603108
15-22 h / GalerieGEDOKmuc
« Black Box« , Susanne Elstner, Susanne Holzinger, Christiana Jöckel, Kirsten Plank, Monika Vesely
Schleißheimer Str. 61, 80797 Munich
11.->15.March., Do. 11-22 h, Fr.-So. 11-19 h, Tel.+49 171 1762705, +49 89 24290715
Kirsten Plank, "Genzgang – lila Wolken sehen"Kirsten Plank
16-20 h / Steinstr. 59
« Blanco« , Aaron Patrick Decker, Anke Huyben, Steven Gordon Holman,Christie Schellings, Babs Zwanink
Steinstr. 59, 81667 Munich
11.->15.March., Do.-So. 11-17 h Tel. +31 613507975
16 h / Vintage Design M. Müller
« aire negro« , Alejandra Solar. Introduction by Brigitte Betz
Fraunhoferstr. 41, 80469 Munich
11.->17.March., 11-19 h, Tel. +49 176 28635638
16 h / Walking exhibition « MAD exhibitionists« ,
master students of the MAD-Faculty, PXL, Hasselt
Students: Charlotte Gilissen, Konstanze Prechtl, April Dace, Hannelore Smout, Zoe Parry-Evans, Sarah Regensburger, Pia David, Emma Tratt, Anja Metzger, Moana Andreani, Auguste Sniokaite, Mia Maichen, Lara Ceuterick, Leah Orford, Nicole Waniowska, Gert-Jan Vandezande, Aelita Pliuskyte, Alessa Joosten
And times on facebook: MAD exhibitionists  Tel. +32 478 833106
17 h / Türkenstr. 78, RGB, 1. Stock
« Winner Winner Vertical Dinner« , Samira Götz, Nadine Kuffner, Janina Stübler
80799 Munich,
12.->15.March., Do. 11-21 h, Fr. 11-19 h, Sa. 11-15 h, So. 11-18 h
Tel. +49 176 22767661
18-21 h/ Sommer-Solheim
« Is this my place? », Arkivet group : Hilde Dramstad, Elsie-Ann Hochlin, Camilla Luihn, Putte Helene Dal, Heidi Sand
Gaßnerstraße 21, 80639 Munich
Thursday March 12th -> Sunday March 15th from 12-18.
Is this my place?
18-20 h / Antiquariat Zipprich
« Yesterday’s Papers«   by Volker Atrops special guest: Manon Van Kouswijlk
Zieblandstr. 2, 80799 Munich
12.->20.March., Mo.-Fr. 11-13/14-18 h, Sa.11-13 h
Tel. +49 157 73443578 +49 89 52059553
18 h / Francoise Heitsch
This is so contemporary ’’, Joohee Han, Naama Bergman, Shachar Cohen
Amalienstr. 19, 80333 Munich
12->16.March., Do-Mo. 12-19 h Tel. +49 (0)89 481200
18-21 h / Galerie P 13 bei Carl Weishaupt
Farbige Preziosen“, Historischer Emailschmuck (Story of the enameled jewelry)
Promenadeplatz 13, 80333 Munich
12.March.->13.June., Di.-Fr. 11-18 h, Sa. 11-16 h Tel. +49 89 229314
18 h / Micheko Galerie
« Möbius« , Akiko Kurihara, Misato Seki
18.30-19 h performance by Japanese drummer group TAMPOPO japanische Trommel-Musik und Tanz
Theresienstr. 18, 80333 Munich
11.->21.March., 11-20 h Tel. +49 89 38169388
  Möbius Akiko Kurihara & Misato Seki  Micheko Galerie
18.30 h / Gallery Kobeia
« Bubble Land« , Bench 886 with exploration hunts of history, present, fantasy and jewellery by ten islanders
Luisenstr. 49, 80333 Munich
12.->15.March.,Do.-So. 11-17 h Tel.+49 89 18921101
19-22 h / Galerie Weltraum
« Mythen/Myths 2015 » A contemporary insight in precious Greece
Rumfordstr. 26, 80469 Munich
11.->17.March., Mi.-Mo. 14-20 h
Myths 2015 / Mythen 2015 Sofia Zarari  Piece: The Prince of Fields, 2014
19 h / Berliner Fenster
« Schmuck-Objekte-Seezeichen« , Susanna Kuschek, Julika Müller, Ludwig Menzel
Aventinstr.11, 80469 Munich
11.->15.March., Do.-Fr. 14-18, Sa.-So. 12-18 h,
Tel +4915777787838, +49 176 29961332
19 h / Tschechisches Zentrum   (Munich Czech Centre)
« Schnitt/Incision« , Stanislava Grebeníčková, Kateřina Matěchová, Pavel Opočenský, Jana Střílková, Jiří Šibor, Karel Votipka
Prinzregentenstr. 7, 80538 Munich
12->15.March. 10-18 h, 16.3.-3.4., 10-17 h
Tel. +49 89 21024932
 Karel Votipka _broz (brooch ?)_nefrit_nerez) czech centre Karel Votipka  brooch 
19 h / Elisabethstr. 16 Rgb.
« HANG« , Adam Grinovich, Heejoo Kim, Hyorim Lee, Nora Rochel, Julia Walter
Elisabethstrasse 16 Rgb, 80796 Munich
12.->15.March., Do.-Fr. 10-20 h, Sa.-So. 10-18 h
Tel. +49 176 32916054
Thursday, 12. March 2015
10-17 h / Geschäft
« Conglomerate« , Laura Deakin, Doris Betz, Mielle Harvey, Henriette Schuster
Rothmundstr. 6, 80337 Munich
13.->15.March., Fr.-So. 10-17 h Tel. +49 174 3263647
11-20 h / Schmuck in Gern Renate Scholz
« Welcome to Steinerberg« , Claudia Steiner + Ingrid Berg
Klugstr. 162, 80637 Munich
13.-14.March., Fr.-Sa. 11-18 h
10-12 h / Studio Gabi Green
« SENSEability« , 14 artists: Drew Markou, Elin Flognman, Helena Johansson Lindell, Josefine Rønsholt Smith, Kirsty Pearson, Laura Rose, Lena Lindahl, Libby Ward, Lore Langendries, Olivia Monti Arduini, Panjapol Kulpapangkorn, Ria Lins, Rachel Darbourne, Victoria Pearce
Gollierstr. 17, 80339 Munich
12.->15.March., Do. 10-20 h, Fr. 10-18 h, Sa./So. 9.30-18 h
Tel. +44 7931 226806
Studio Gabi Green "SENSEability"
11 h / Saffeels
« Equilibrium« , Babette von Dohnanyi
Barerstr. 63, 80799 Munich
12.->15.March., Do.-Fr. 11-19 h, Sa. 10-18 h, So. 10-17 h
Tel. +39 3381581209
11-17 h / Bowling Alley (Kegelbahn) at the Theresa, Grill *Restaurant * Bar
Bowling for SuccessAndrea Coderch Valor, Anja Eichler, Beate Eismann, Silke Spitzer, Gabi Veit, Zindzi Wijminga
Theresienstr. 29, 80333 Munich
12.->14.March, Do./Fr. 11-17, Sa. 10-13 h
Tel.+49 177 2381869
11-18 h / Atelier von Gierke-Berr
12.->15.March, Do.-So. 11-18 h
* Microphilia, Carina Chitsaz-Shoshtary, Annamaria Leiste
Schraudolphstr. 16, 80799 Munich
Tel. +49 171 3696009
* Adansonia digitata, Arnaud Sprimont, Silke Fleischer, Carine van Landeghem, Peter Vermandere
Schraudolphstr. 16, 80799 Munich
Tel. +32 486759470
12 h. 14 h. 16 h. / Windfall GmbH
Amalienstr. 81a, 80799 Munich
12.->15.March., 11-17 h, Tel. +36 302215534
The Postcon Project:  Do You Speak Jewellery? Manuel Vilhena, Flora Vagi
18-20 h/ Deutsches Jagd- Und Fischereimuseum
Trophies // In the Reign of Coyote. Cameron Andersen, Jane Dodd, Aliyah Gold, Steven Gordon Holman, Akihiro Ikeyama, Lore Langendries, Märta Mattsson, Kerianne Quick, Anna Talbot, Tanel Veenre, Mallory Weston.
Neuhauser Strasse 2, .
March 11->16 – Wed 9:30 – 15:30, Thu 9:30 – 21:00, Fri – Mon 9:30 – 17:00
19 h / 84 GHz
« Consequence« , Hibernate, Helena Lehtinen, Eija Mustonen, Tarja Tuupanen
Georgenstr. 84, 80799 Munich
13.->15.March., Fr.-So. 12-20 h Tel. +49 89 30637911
20 h / Galerie Biró
Zieblandstr. 19, 80799 Munich
13.->15.March., 11-18 h, Sa.-So. 11-15 h Tel. +49 892730686
Something New and Something Old by Daniel Kruger   Daniel Kruger 
21-3 h / Lost Weekend, Book Store + Café
Schellingstr. 3, 80799 Munich
13-19 h / Adalbertstr. 11
« Union« , Jose Bravo, Nelly van Oost
Adalbertstr. 11, 80799 Munich
12.->15.March., 11-19 h Tel. +32 485620313
Nelly Van Oost - UNION -
14 h / Internationale Handwerksmesse München,
« Handwerk & Design« , Halle B1, Aktionsbühne
Vorträge von: Andreas Fabian, Ma´ayan Pesach, Beate Leonards
Tel. +49 176 52109080
Symposium: T "usable - unusable".
15-18 h / Zu Gast in der Hefnerstrasse 11
« Answering Pravu« , David Clarke, Fredrik Ingemansson, Henrik Brandt, Karen Pontoppidan, Magnus Liljedahl, Miro Sazdic, Pravu Mazumdar, Tobias Birgersson
Hefnerstr. 11, 81541 Munich
12.->15.March., Do. 15-18, Fr. 10-17, Sa. 10-12, So. 13-18 h
Tel. +49 89 2021511
15-19 h / Margaritifera
« am um in« , Studenten aus Düsseldorf Halle, Hildesheim, München, Pforzheim
and Wismar :
Samira Götz, Annamaria Leiste, Carla Mayerhofer, Kvetoslava Flora Sekanova, Nelly Stein, Martina Singerová, Sarah Schuschkleb, Lea Klein, Elisa Sophia Herrmann, Sophie Baumgärtner, Julia Bergmann, Maria Konschake, Isis Maurer, Stefan Pejunk, Annika Heilmann, Luisa Fastabend, Katharina Hetzelein, Marie Grewenig, Julia Krämer, Niklas Link, Jannik Löffler, Franziska Behlert-Pohl, Linda Gehrig, Katharina Tannous
Meindlstr. 4, 81373 Munich
12.->15.March., Fr.-So. 11-18 h
Tel. +49 89 76754565
15-19 h / 3stations
« Fault Line » Inyanim Group, Aviv Kinnel, Dana Seachuga, Deganit Stern-Schocken, Edda Vardimon-Gudnaon, Gregory Larin, Kobi Roth, Michal Oren, Rory Hooper, Shirly Bar-Amotz
Welserstr. 15 UG, Fr.-Sa. 10-18, So. 10-14 h
Tel +972 508356414
 gregory_larin_fault_line Gregory Larin fault_line
« Work », Students of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design Bratislava
Welserstr. 29-31
3stations  - WORK
« A Touch of Steel« , Students of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp
Welserstr. 11 UG, 81373 Munich
12->15 March, Do. 15-19, Fr./Sa. 10-18, So. 10-14 h
A Touch of Steel   Students of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp
« Oscure Sacrifice« , Jorge Manilla and Jonathan Hens, Dimitar Stankov
Welserstr. 11 UG, 81373 Munich
12.->15.March., Do.15-19 h, Fr./Sa.10-18 h, So. 10-14 h
Oscure Sacrifice – Jorge Manilla,
16 h / Institut Cervantes
« En Tránsito« , EASD Valéncia, Escola Massana Barcelona
Alfons-Goppel-Str. 7, 80539 Munich
11.->15.March., Mi. 10-18 h, Do. 10-19, Fr./Sa. 10-18, So. 10-17 h,
Tel. +49 89 2907180
16-19.30 h / Windfall GmbH
« Other deLights » Flora Vagi
Amalienstr. 81a, 80799 Munich
12.->15.March., 11-17 h, Tel. +36 30 221 4434
  "Other deLights" Flora Vagi
16-19 h / Web up Media
« Looking for Michael« , Kinga Huber, Orsolya Kecskés, Krisztina Stomfai, Fanni Vékony
Kreuzplätzchen 6, 81669 Munich
12.->15.March., Do.-So. 11-18 h
Tel. +36 30 2883431
Web up Media "Looking for Michael",
16-19 h Almstadt Schmuck Nicole Schuster
Reichenbachstr. 25, 80469 Munich
12.->14.March., Do.-Sa. 11-19 h
Tel. +49 89 12555761
16-20 h Schmuckgalerie tal20
Tabea Reulecke, Danni Schwaag
Tal 20, Radlsteg, 80331 Munich
12.->16.March., Mo.-Fr. 11-19, Sa. 10-16 h
Tel. +49 89 24231491
Galerie tal20 -  Tabea Reulecke and Danni Schwaag
16-21 h Kunstpavillon
« Lux is the Dealer« , Alexander Blank, Kiko Gianocca, Stefan Heuser, Melanie Isverding, Jiro Kamata, Noon Passama
Sophienstr. 7a, 80333 Munich
12.->16.March., Fr. So. Mo. 11-18 h, Sa. 11-16 h
Tel. +49 176 62072099
Kunstpavillon - Kunstpavillon "Lux is the Dealer",
17-20 h / HUIJ
« Hypnostone I₄ O« , Yiftah Avraham, Pia Groh, Typhaine le Monnier, Stephanie Morawetz, Katja Köditz
Westendstr. 49, 80339 Munich
12.->15.March, Do.-Sa. 14-19 h, So. 14-16 h
Tel. +49 1785496312
Hypnostone i4o1
17-21 h / Galerie Spektum
« Terra Mutantica“, Attai Chen & in the windowcase “Jenseits der Bücherwand/Beyond the wall of books“, Marianne Schliwinski
Theresienstr. 46, 80333 Munich
12.March.->25.April., Di.-Fr. 13-19, Sa. 11-14 h
Tel. +49 89 284590
Galerie Spektum "Terra Mutantica“, Attai Chen Attai Chen
17- 21 h / ARTikel 3 Galerie ARTikel 3
« Falling into Place« , Despo Sophocleous
Luisenstr. 68, 80798 Munich
12.->15.March., Fr. 11-18, Sa. 11-16, So.11-18 h
Tel. +49 176 89269438
17-19 h / Schlegelschmuck
« Zabo Paradise« , Akademie der bildenden Künste, Nürnberg
Nordendstr. 7a/ Adalbertstr., 80799 Munich
12.->15.March., Fr.-Sa. 11-19 h, So. 14-16 h
Tel. +49 89 2710071
schlegelschmuck - ZABO PARADISE
17-20 h / BCA Friday Gallery
« Objection« , Zoe Arnold, Inderjeet Sandhu, Laurie Schram, Mariko Sumioka
Frauenstr. 18, 80469 Munich
12.->16.March., Do. 17-20, Fr./Sa. 11-20, So. 11-18, Mo. 11-14 h
Tel. +44 7818255710, +44 7884151468
17-21 h / Nr.10
« km 609« , Sofia Beilharz, Maren Düsel, Claudia Lassner, Lynne Philippe
Schraudolphstr. 10, 80799 Munich
12.->14.March., Fr./Sa. 14-19 h
18-21 h / Ingo Maurer Showroom
Heller WahnsinnHelen Britton
Kaiserstr. 47, 80801 Munich
12.-14./ 17.March., Di-Fr 11-19, Sa 11-16 h
Tel. +49 89 38160691
18 h / Kleines Spiel with 84 GHz
« The Light Side » Dialogue Collective ‘In The Spotlight.’
Petra Bishai, Isabelle Busnel, Sophie Hall, Buddug Wyn Humphreys, Vicky King, Maarit Liukkonen, Rachel Terry, Timothy Information Limited, Deborah Werbner, Anet Wrobel
Neureutherstr. 12, 80799 Munich
13.->15.March., 12-20 h Tel. +49 89 30637911
 THE LIGHT SIDE, Dialogue Collective 'In The Spotlight.'
18-21 h / Atelier Sunkler
« Beloved Stangers« , Nicole Beck
Neureutherstr. 15, 80799 Munich
12.->15.March., Fr. 12-18, Sa. 12-16, So. 12-18 h
Tel. +49 176 23112592
Nicole BeckNicole Beck
18 h / Büro Hermann
« Salto Mortale« , Judith Pschibl, Nicola Scholz, Barbara Schrobenhauser
Heßstr. 27, 80798 Munich
13.->14.March., Fr.-Sa. 11-18, So. 10-15 h,
Tel. +49 176 23568016,+49 179 8223311
19-20 h / Café Clara
« Ojalá » 20 h Tombola/raffle, Alejandra Koreck, Patricia Gallucci, Sabina Tiemroth
Isabellastr. 8, 80798 Munich
10.->17.March., 10-19 h,
Tel. +49 176 26555475
19 h / Munikat Projekte
« What Misses Names« , Rebekka Kraft, Linda Lenssen, Mirei Takeuchi
Gabelsbergerstr. 26, 80333 Munich
13.->15.March., Fr.-So. 14-19 h,
Tel. +49 177 6776890, +49 179 6725201
Friday, 13. March 2015
15-18 h / Atelier Diana Dudek
« Silber aus dem See« , Robert Kis and Diana Dudek Wörthstr. 23/I.St., 81667 Munich
Fr.-Sa. 15-18 h  – Tel. +49 89 12193230
15-19 h / MaximiliansForum – Passage für Kunst und Design
15h / « Wurfmesser“ von Gisbert Stach
17 h / « Happy Hour“, Réka Lörincz
Unterführung Maximilianstr./Altstadtring Tel. +49 89 23324382
16 h / Internationale Handwerksmesse München, « Handwerk & Design »
Aktionsbühne Silber-Sommer-Galerie Tafelgerät – Zeitgenössiche Positionen, « usable – unusable« , Vorträge von: Tobias Birgersson, Simone ten Hompel Messegelände, Munich
Tel. +49 176 52109080
16 h / Aperitivo Maurer Zilioli – Contemporary Arts zu Gast bei Kunstbüro reillplast
« Quodlibet« , Christiane Förster, Norman Weber
Amalienstr. 21, 80333 Munich
9.->15.March., 14-19 h Tel. +49 157 73362236
Maurer Zilioli - QUODLIBET invitation
17 h / Aperitivo Maurer Zilioli – Contemporary Arts
« Robert Smit – Schrittmacher« 
Luisenstr. 45/I, 80333 Munich
Eröffnung 25.February., 18.30, Mi.-Fr. 14-19, Sa.11-16 h
Maurer Zilioli  - Robert Smit - invitation
17h / Lot62 with 84 GHz
« Objects, continued (From my Microwave with love) » Enrica Prazzoli
Schleißheimerstr. 62, 80333 Munich
12.->15.March., Do., Sa., So. 12-20 h
Tel. +49 89 30637911
Objects, Continued From My Microwave With Love
18 h / Kunstgießerei München with 84 GHz
« Nature Morte« , Ketli Tiitsar, Kristi Paap,
Schleißheimerstr. 72, 80797 Munich
14.->15.March., Sa./So. 12-20 h
Tel. +49 89 30637911
18-21 h / Galerie Isabella Hund, Schmuck
« The nature of structure« , Jacqueline Ryan
Frauenplatz 13, 80331 Munich
14.March.->4.April., Di.-Fr., 11-14/15-19 h, Sa. 11-16/18 h
Tel. +49 89 29160717
Galerie Isabella Hund,
19-22 h / iRRland
« Arbeitsgruppe Oblomow« 
Bergmannstr. 8, 80339 Munich
13.->17.March., Fr. 19-22 h, Sa./So. 16-22 h, Mo./Di.
Tel +49 1634262118
Saturday, 14.March 2015
11 h / Münchner Residenz, Einsäulensaal
Returning to the juwel, is a return From exile, Nr. 8”, Robert Baines,Karl Fritsch, Gerd Rothmann
Residenzstr. 1, 80333 Munich
Sa./So. 11-18 h
Tel. +49 89 2730686
12 h / MaximiliansForum – Passage für Kunst und Design
12 h / »Lightning Jewellery »,  Pavol Prekop
15-19 h / Aktion „Wurfmesser“, Gisbert Stach
Messegelände München, Halle B1
17 h / Herbert-Hofmann-Preis-Verleihung 2015
17 – 20h /Art Jewelry Forum 2014 award followed by Shows and Tales –Buchpräsentation
19 h / Goldschmiedetreffen
21-22 h /Sasebo Konzert
Arnulfstr. 52, 80335 Munich
Augustinerkeller Tel. +49 89 595584
20 h / Glockenbachwerkstatt with 84 GHz
“Live!“, Punk Music by Scrotum Clamp Jewellery From The Dialogue Collective
Blumenstr. 7, 80331 Munich
Tel. +49 89 30637911
scrotum Clamp
Sunday, 15. March 2015 
11 h / Neue Sammlung – The International Design Museum Munich, Pinakothek der Moderne Lecture Toni Greenbaum: MAG to SNAG: American Studio Jewelry, 1940-1970 Barerstr. 40, 80333 Munich
Tel. +49 89 2727250, +49 89 23805360
10-15 h / Galerie Handwerk
Max-Joseph-Str. 4, 80333 Munich
Tel. +49 89 5119296/298
14-15 h / Bayerischer Kunstgewerbe-Verein e.V., Galerie für Angewandte Kunst
Meet the artist « Doerthe Fuchs – Schmuck – Handlung« 
Pacellistr. 6-8, 80333 Munich
Tel. +49 89 2901470

  Outside Munich City 

17 h / Galerie Anna Pirk Anuschka Walch-Kunze
Saturday, 7.March
Seestr. 24, 83700 Rottach-Egern am Tegernsee
10.->21.March., Di.-Sa. 11-19, So. 15.March., 14-18 h
Tel. +49 8022 1884222

15 h / Buchheimmuseum
Sunday, 15.March
Meet the artist « JAC & Friends auf dem Promenadendeck »
Am Hirschberg 1, 82347 Bernried
16.November.->22.March., Di.- Fr. 10-17 h
Tel. +49 89 664600
Willy Brandt Allee 1




Bonjour & WELCOME ! :-)

Classé dans : Arcangelo BUNGARO (IT),nacre/coquillage,Non classé — bijoucontemporain @ 4:22

Passionnée de bijoux, admirative de tout ce savoir-faire, à défaut de savoir créer moi-même, je souhaiterais mieux faire connaître les créateurs de bijoux contemporains, partager mes coups de coeur, transmettre l’information quant aux expositions, lieux où rencontrer « du bijou » (galeries, magasins…), les « bouquins » à voir (en ce qui concerne les LIVRES sur le Bijou, voir mon « board » Pinterest )

(Jewelry BOOKS board on Pinterest)

Books graphics

La France n’est pas très « amie-amie » avec les créateurs de bijoux ! Elle a la « Place Vendôme », et puis ….

Comme le dit joliment « Quibus31″, un créateur de bijoux, sur le site de La Manufacture « en France ….il y a la cour des grands, la verroterie …. et le désert de Gobi entre les deux…. »

Il faut déjà savoir que lorsqu’on parle « bijou » il y a trois grands domaines : la joaillerie (or, diamants et pierres précieuses pour schématiser), la « bijouterie fantaisie » (généralement fabriquée en masse) et enfin le « bijou de création », fait, lui, à la main et en séries limitées. De plus le « bijou de création »peut être fait à partir de n’importe quel matériau, l’or, le diamant si l’on veut, mais aussi le papier, les plastiques, tissus, objets de récupération, etc etc  ….

Ici, c’est du « bijou de création » que je souhaite parler !

Peu développé et peu connu en France, parce que peu de galeries, à priori pas de formation spécifique « création bijoux » (parce que, tout simplement, à la base, il n’est pas défini, identifié, dans la liste officielle des Métiers d’Arts, ce qui implique beaucoup de choses : pas de statut, pas de formation, pas de Syndicat ou d’Association nationale, etc etc … on tourne en rond !)  pas de grande « messe » annuelle, pas de presse spécifique, et même dans la presse dite « féminine » il est rarissime de trouver mention de créateurs de bijoux !

donc, ta-taaam ! me voilà !!! :-) )

Marianne Gassier

Arcangelo BUNGARO -bague - 2002Arcangelo BUNGARO -bague coquillage

(bague d’Arcangelo Bungaro (Italie) – coquillage et … nooon pas crustacés ! perles & argent)


Si vous pensez que mon blog outrepasse vos droits d’auteur pour la publication de photos ou d’infos, dites-le moi ! je cherche juste à communiquer l’information !

If you think that my blog abuses your rights with photographies & informations posted, please let me know ! I only want to share information ! :-)

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pour laisser un MESSAGE
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at the bottom of each post, click on « Pas de commentaire«  …. and leave your message : I will receive it directly on my mail box …..

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Quelques idées de recherches …. / Some SEARCH suggestions …

Classé dans : Arek WOLSKI (PL),Non classé — bijoucontemporain @ 2:01

Hors les noms de créateurs, de galeries, d’expositions, etc …. parfois j’ai un « petit délire » …. :-)
Voici quelques-uns des thèmes de recherche (à taper avec les guillemets) :

(some suggestions of searches, other than on name, gallery, exhibition …. to type with the double quotes !)

Arek Wolski, Brooch, 2011Arek Wolski - brooch 2011

* les « PIEDS » …. hé oui ! quelques »portraits en pieds » de créateurs …. et les mains aussi : « HANDS … * « MAINS …. MANI …. MANOS …. »
* « Concrètement, vous avez quoi ? » (bijoux en ciment/ jewelry with concrete)
*question/jewels with a HOLE : « BIJOUX with a HOLE …. » & « Des P’tits trous, encore des p’tits trous …. »
* « bien surveiller les/ses ARRIERES !!«  (behind ?)
* « Prier pour tous ces SEINS » …. (nipples’ jewelry)
* « Cheveu un bijou !!! » (HAIR jewelry…)
* « Enfoncer le CLOU » (jewelry with nails)
* « Dans 5 secondes votre bijou s’autodetruira …. » (vivre & laisser mourir ….autodesctruction)
* « se faire un FILM »
* « cochon«  (piggy …)
* « bijoux érotiques«  (erotica … AH !)
* « La vie en rose«  (pinky)
* « ….. et plonger dans le grand BLEU !«  (got the BLUES !)
* la « ROUILLE«  (rusty things)
* « Allez ! DU GALET !«  (pebble jewelry)
* « CIGARETTES«  (smoke or not smoke ?)
* Pour les « bijoux-nourritures-terrestres » (« feeding » jewelry …) voir les articles :  « Ah le joli temps des colliers de pâtes !…« , « TOUT est bon dans le COCHON !!« , « MIAM ! des bijoux ! « , «avoir la PATATE»…..
* « Asian Menu« 
* « Nature Jewelry« 
* « la religion ??????« 
* « Nos amis les bêtes » ou « au poil !«  (animals fur)
* « atout coeur«  (heart)
* « BLANC BLANC BLANC«  (white)
* « ANATOMY » ou « CORPS en morceaux«  (body/anatomy)
* « COUP de … ROUGE«  (RED)
* « Flower Power« 
* « Linge de maison«  (jewelry with linen)
* « Virus de la COMPARAISON« 
* « CACALAND«  (poo-land ….)
* « l’ECRITURE«  (writing …)
* « Avoir la PATATE«  (potatoes)
* « Bijoux empaquetés« 
* « Mon truc en PLUMES«  (feathers)
* « SOLITAIRE look« …………………. (not only diamonds …)


EXPO ‘Arritmia’ – Amaranto Joies Galeria, Barcelona (ES) – 5 Mars-4 Avril 2015

Borax08001 welcome you to join us for the opening of Arritmianext Thursday March 5th, from the bottom of our hearts.  This exhibition has a special meaning since it’s an ideal occasion to meet once again in Barcelona, the city that watched us develop as jewellers and as a collective, almost five years ago. This show will be hosted by Amaranto Joies, a true example of a gallery committed to contemporary artistic jewellery and its dissemination.

Exhibition from the 5th of march till the 4 of April 2015.


Durante una Arritmia  el corazón puede latir demasiado rápido, demasiado despacio o de manera irregular.
Entender como una Arritmia el proceso creativo es una metáfora que nos acerca a la realidad que el colectivo Bórax08001 ha experimentado desde sus inicios.
Con Arritmia, el colectivo busca reflejar estos distintos estados a través de una selección de joyas, creadas en este último tiempo. Siendo una muestra que da a conocer el ritmo de los latidos creativos y las variaciones en la frecuencia que va haciendo que cada uno de los miembros se destaque por su impronta personal.
 During an arrythmia the heart can beat too fast, too slow or in an irregular manner. Understanding the creative process as an arrythmia is a metaphor that brings us closer to the reality that the Bórax08001 collective has experienced since its beginnings. With Arritmia the collective wishes to reflect these diverse states, through a selection of jewels created in recent times. Being an exhibition that displays the rhythm of our creative beats and variations in frequency which make each member shine by their own personal imprint.

 Nelly-Van-Oost  Nelly Van Oost - brooches

 Aline Berdichevsky Light vessels 1  Aline Berdichevsky – Light vessels 1

Andrea Nabholz Andrea Nabholz

Gaston RoisGaston Rois

Trinidad ContrerasTrinidad Contreras

Bórax08001 - Cristina Marti Mato _ SwingersCristina Marti Mato _ Swingers

Bórax08001 - Carolina Martinez LinaresCarolina Martinez Linares


Amaranto Joies Galeria
Sant Domènec 23
08012 Barcelona


DECOUVERTE at SCHMUCK 2015 : Kimiaki Kageyama – Not only cherry blossom trees in Japan …

Classé dans : Gal. DeuxPoissons (JP),Japon (JP),Kimiaki KAGEYAMA (JP),SCHMUCK — bijoucontemporain @ 20:46

Kimiaki Kageyama, selected for SCHMUCK 2015

Il n’y a pas que des cerisiers en fleurs au Japon ……

Kimiaki Kageyama is Professor and Head of the Department of Metal at Hiko Mizuno Jewelry College in Tokyo, Japan

« The work of Kimiaki Kageyama, represented by gallery Deux Poissons, is a case in point. His iron rose brooch seems impossibly detailed and is a unique use of a base metal and resin to create a slightly decayed appearance. » (JapanTimes)

Kimiaki Kageyama -  Rose, 2006, Brooch, Iron, gold 65 x 40 x H130mm Kimiaki Kageyama -  Rose, 2006, Brooch, Iron, gold 65 x 40 x H130mm

Kimiaki Kageyama is one of the most important Japanese Master Goldsmiths. He did a workshop at Alchimia school about « Japanese traditional copper alloys and coloring‘ (2013). In Japan, coloring metals has been experimented since 4th~5th century.  Direct coloring began around the end of the Heian period (794-1185) but it is during the Muromachi period (1330-1568) that the development of various kinds of copper alloys suitable for coloring flourished.

Kimiaki Kageyama, shibuichi, ironKimiaki Kageyama,   Japanese Maple Leaves, 2012 – Iron, poly-urethane resin paint, silver – 65 x 10 x H90mm

Gold and silver, iron, ivory, such as a variety of materials are used, such as the production method of sword fittings and armor ancient in Japan, while also based on traditional techniques, working on a number of contemporary jewelry production out of the box there.

Kimiaki Kageyama : Mountain Plum Blossom, 2010, Brooch, Iron, baroque akoya pearls, gold, deep-sea coral 120 x 35 x H75mmKimiaki Kageyama : Mountain Plum Blossom, 2010, Brooch, Iron, baroque akoya pearls, gold, deep-sea coral 120 x 35x H75mm

Kimiaki Kageyama - "Japanese plum blossoms" Brooch - iron 1 natural akoya baroque pearl 18KYG W95×H125×D45 2010Kimiaki Kageyama - « Japanese plum blossoms » Brooch – iron 1 natural akoya baroque pearl 18KYG - 2010

Kimiaki Kageyama Bamboo Grass, 2013 Iron, Poly-Urethane Resin Paint, Gold 55 x 50 x 140mm Copyright The ArtistKimiaki KageyamaBamboo Grass, 2013 Iron, Poly-Urethane Resin Paint, Gold 55×50x140mmKimiaki Kageyama : Mountain Cherry Leaves, 2010, Brooch, Iron, gold, natural baroque akoya pearl, deep-sea coral 60 x 40 x H100mmKimiaki Kageyama : Mountain Cherry Leaves, 2010, Brooch, Iron, gold, natural baroque akoya pearl, deep-sea coral 60 x 40 x H100mm

 Kimiaki Kageyama.  'Mountain Cherry Blossoms'.  Brooch Iron, pearls, coral, yellow gold.Kimiaki Kageyama.  ‘Mountain Cherry Blossoms’. 2010 Brooch – Iron, baroque akoya pearls (2 natural, 2 cultured), gold, deep-sea coral 65 x 40 x H165 mm

Kimiaki Kageyama Ring: Stone of Kamo River 1, 2014 Urushi, Spessartine, Cinnabar, Gold, 18 K yellow gold 3 x 2 x 2 cm Photo by: Kimiaki KageyamaKimiaki Kageyama Ring: Stone of Kamo River 1, 2014 Urushi, Spessartine, Cinnabar, Gold, 18 K yellow gold 3 x 2 x 2 cm Photo by: Kimiaki Kageyama


Mars 2015During SCHMUCK 2015 – EXPO ‘Union’ – Adalbertstr.11, Munich (DE) 12-15 Mars 2015

Classé dans : Allemagne (DE),Exposition/Exhibition,GALERIES,Nelly VAN OOST (FR),SCHMUCK — bijoucontemporain @ 0:09
 « Union » ,Jose Bravo,Nelly van Oost
Photography meets jewellery / Jewellery meets photography
Vernisage 12 Mars  2015  13-19 h
Nelly Van Oost - UNION -

Each of us forges links with someone, it is hard to explain how, yet the experience sounds so simple, natural. Between Nelly Van Oost and Jose Bravo, it just clicked, the connection was immediate: an artistic and human love at first sight. As if their paths were meant to cross. Working together sounded obvious to them. Their universes of creation complement each other and make them crossing their artistic limits.

UNION was born from this need to work together. Since August 2012, they have been exchanging, building up dialogues between photography and contemporary jewellery. Each of them, through their own specialty, values this connection. For «RENCONTRES», their first project, Jose Bravo spent 10 days capturing moments of Nelly Van Oost’s everyday life and from these pictures and time spent together, Van Oost created jewels.  In June 2014, the Spanish photographer once more entered Nelly’s universe in order to carry out the project «INSTANT». The process reversed since the latter invited him to take an artistic look at some moments of exchange during which jewels are transformed through a physical (and human) exchange between two people.

For this new step in their collaboration, Nelly Van Oost and Jose Bravo want to make the most of a place and give the opportunity for the public to discover their work. Their exhibition will be articulated around several modules, unveiling their common as well as their personal work. The theme of union will be explored to the full extent. 


Nelly Van Oost - With Feelings - 2014 - gold, new silver - Photo: Louise Bonnave Nelly Van Oost - With Feelings – 2014 – gold, new silver – Photo: Louise Bonnave
Nelly Van Oost -  Instant13 - 2014 - new silver, paint, steel  Photo: Lotta Duse
Nelly Van Oost -  Instant – 2014 – new silver, paint, steel  Photo: Lotta Duse
Nelly Van Oost -  Instant8 - 2014 - new silver, paint, steel  Photo: Lotta DuseNelly Van Oost -  Instant8 – 2014 – new silver, paint, steel  Photo: Lotta Duse
 Nelly van Oost - "Rencontre", duo exhibition with Jose Bravo | at Ds Gallery (Bruxelles, B)Nelly van Oost - « Rencontre », duo exhibition with Jose Bravo | at Ds Gallery (Bruxelles, B) –

Adalbertstr. 11 
80799 Munich
Tel. +32 485620313
11-19 h

DECOUVERTE at SCHMUCK 2015 : Anne-Marie Rébillard

Classé dans : Anne-Marie REBILLARD (CA),Canada (CA),Gal. Noel Guyomarch (Qb),SCHMUCK — bijoucontemporain @ 0:02

Anne-Marie Rébillard from Canada has been selected for SCHMUCK 2015
« COLLECTION TRACE : Anne-Marie Rébillard propose une réflexion sur nos considérations environnementales, sur ces nouvelles empreintes que nous laisserons aux futurs anthropologues. L’image puissante de nos déchets de plastique a insufflé à Anne-Marie un élan créatif et mutin pour produire cette actuelle collection. À ces matières synthétiques, elle intègre le bois flotté, ce bois rejeté par la Nature, en le juxtaposant et l’organisant en de petites et sensuelles sculptures portables.
Anne-Marie Rébillard a suivi sa formation à l’École de joaillerie de Québec de 2001 à 2004. En 2007, elle y enseignera à temps partiel, tout en prenant part à des stages de perfectionnement. En 2010, elle s’inscrit au Labo, une série d’ateliers de recherches et d’expérimentation dirigé par Noel Guyomarc’h à Montréal. En mai dernier, son travail était sélectionné pour deux expositions importantes à Toronto. Depuis 2012, elle consacre son temps à sa passion. » (Galerie noel guyomarch)

 Anne-Marie Rébillard  Broche, Trace #16, 2014  Bois flotté, plastique, époxy, pigments, corde  9 x 10 x 4.5 cmAnne-Marie Rébillard  Broche, Trace #16, 2014  Bois flotté, plastique, époxy, pigments, corde  9 x 10 x 4.5 cm 

« Anne-Marie Rébillard remporte le Prix Émergence en métiers d’art 2014 pour l’originalité et l’innovation de l’ensemble de ses créations en joaillerie, pour sa maîtrise technique, sa qualité d’exécution, la richesse des matériaux qu’elle utilise et la cohérence de sa démarche artistique. Ce prix souligne l’excellence d’un artisan créateur en pratique depuis moins de 10 ans dans les régions de Québec et de Chaudière-Appalaches.
La pratique artistique d’Anne-Marie Rébillard s’inscrit dans une approche contemporaine de la joaillerie. Elle déjoue les fonctions communes du bijou, qu’elle revendique comme un médium d’expression à part entière. Mue par la volonté de décloisonner les différentes pratiques en métiers d’art, elle articule son travail autour de l’exploration de différents matériaux non traditionnels en joaillerie. Depuis le début de sa pratique en 2006, elle a travaillé non seulement les métaux précieux, mais aussi de nombreux autres matériaux, notamment le textile, le plastique et le bois. La recherche et l’expérimentation, par le dessin, mais aussi directement dans la matière, occupent une large place de son processus créatif. Elle aborde la technique librement, privilégiant l’intuition et la découverte de résultats inattendus. » (MMAQ)

Anne-Marie Rébillard  Broche, Trace #13, 2014  Bois flotté, plastique, époxy, pigments, corde  4.5 x 11 x 4 cmAnne-Marie Rébillard  Broche, Trace #13, 2014  Bois flotté, plastique, époxy, pigments, corde  4.5 x 11 x 4 cm

 Anne-Marie Rébillard  Broche, Trace#15, 2014  Bois flotté, plastique, époxy, pigments, corde  6.5 x 10 x 4 cmAnne-Marie Rébillard  Broche, Trace#15, 2014  Bois flotté, plastique, époxy, pigments, corde  6.5 x 10 x 4 cm

Anne-Marie Rébillard: Collier / Necklace 2012 Argent sterling, plastique, peinture, fil de coton / Sterling silver, plastic, paint, cotton thread Anne-Marie Rébillard: Collier / Necklace 2012 Argent sterling, plastique, peinture, fil de coton / Sterling silver, plastic, paint, cotton thread


DECOUVERTE at SCHMUCK 2015 : Nils HINT – à couteaux tirés ….

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Nils HINT, a talented blacksmith from Estonia, has been selected for SCHMUCK 2015 .

A étudié à Estonian Academy of Arts, promotion 2010

« Nils Hint transforms iron tools and everyday objects into caricatures and shadows of themselves. His combinations of these form humorous, surrealist narratives that are open to interpretation. »

Nils Hint  Crown: Extraordinary piece No.2  Forged ironNils Hint  Crown: Extraordinary piece No.2  Forged iron – « Triumphator » 2011 / Photo shoot with Annika Kedelauk and Rainer Kaasik-Aaslav


Nils Hint -- Neckpiece "Scissors II"Nils Hint – Neckpiece « Scissors II » 2011 / Forged iron, ready-made

Nils Hint - Neckpieces 2011 / forged iron, ready-madeNils Hint – Neckpieces 2011 / forged iron, ready-made

"Better than your neighbour" Nils Hint - scissors neckpieceNils Hint  « Better than your neighbour » – scissors neckpiece – 2013 / Forged iron, ready-made

Neckpieces "Jugend"Nils Hint Neckpieces « Jugend » 2013 / Forged iron, ready-made

Nils Hint -- Brooches / Pendants - 2014 / Forged iron, ready made  Nils Hint – Brooches / Pendants – 2014 / Forged iron, ready made -
Work presented in Gallery Ra, Amsterdam, solo exhibition 24.05.14 – 12.07.14

Nils Hint -  Conceptual neckpiece No.1 (forged iron, ready made) 2014Nils Hint -  Conceptual neckpiece No.1 (forged iron, ready made) 2014

Nils Hint ( Estonia) Conceptual neckpiece No.2 (forged iron, ready made)Nils Hint - Conceptual neckpiece No.2 (forged iron, ready made) 2014


During SCHMUCK 2015 – EXPO ‘From the Coolest Corner – Nordic Jewellery’ – Galerie Handwerk, Munich (DE) – 6 Mars-18 Avril 2015

From the Coolest Corner – Nordic Jewellery

Galerie Handwerk 

Inauguration 5 March 2015 – 18.30 hAusstellungseröffnung Donnerstag, 5. März 2015, um 18.30 Uhr

from the coolest corner  (Lilian Eliassen Necklace: Every Road Is Just Another Way Home, 2012 Casting clay, silver)

 AND SEMINAR « Re-Public Jewellery« 
Freitag, 13. März 2015, von 10 bis 15 Uhr in der Galerie Handwerk.
Die Teilnahme ist kostenfrei.
Anmeldung erforderlich bis zum 5. März 2015 über oder über die Telefonnummer 089 5119-296. Nähere Informationen unter .
The seminar Re-public Jewellery will be held at Galerie Handwerk Friday 13 March. Four international speakers will analyze different aspects of social potential in contemporary jewellery: Liesbet Bussche (B), Helen Carnac (GB), Nanna Melland (N), Yuka Oyama (N/D). The seminar is produced by Martina Kaufmann, Prof. Ingjerd Hanevold and Prof. Anders Ljungberg at Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Metal and Jewellery Department in collaboration with The National Museum of Art, Design and Architecture and the Norwegian Association for Arts and Crafts.
The presentations made in this seminar will moderated by Sofia Bjørkmann and Prof. Anders Ljungberg. Together with the speakers and the panel-participants they will investigate strategies to convey and communicate jewellery art in public space.
Time: Friday 13 March 2015, 10 – 15
Place: Galerie Handwerk, Max-Joseph-Straße 4, Munich (map)Registration: The seminar is free of charge, but requires a registration with the Galerie Handwerk. Please register via email galerie[at] or phone
+49-89-5119-240 or -296.
Maximum number of participants are 90 people.
Full program in pdf

From the Coolest Corner: Nordic Jewellery presents an exciting and broad range of the contemporary studio jewellery created in the Nordic countries. From the Coolest Corner: Nordic Jewellery has a three-fold aim: to present the newest and most advanced contemporary Nordic jewellery, to intensify the discourse on today’s jewellery and strengthen the knowledge about this field, and to consolidate Nordic jewellery’s position in national and international arenas.
Jewellery will be presented in 3 different ways: a touring exhibition, a comprehensive book and an international Seminar Re-Public Jewellery, all shedding new light on the importance of this art. Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden will be the main collaborators in this project.
The touring exhibition From the Coolest Corner was opened at The National Museum – The Museum of Decorative Arts and Design in Oslo in January 2013. It then travelled to The DesignMuseum Finland in Helsinki, The Designmuseum Danmark in Copenhagen, The Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design in Tallin, The Röhsska Museum of Design and Applied Arts in Gothenburg and The Lithuanian Art Museum in Vilnius.
During “Schmuck 2015” it is shown at the Galerie Handwerk in Munich.
This main exhibition presents 159 works by 61 artists from the Nordic countries including five invited honorary artists and a selected group of artists from Estonia.
The international seminar Re-Public Jewellery will take place on March 13th at the Galerie Handwerk, 10:00-15:00.
To strengthen the interest in and knowledge of art jewellery, artistic tendencies and research within the field will be presented both in the seminar and in the book.
All these different presentations of Nordic studio jewellery together, aim at contributing to reinforce the image of contemporary Nordic Jewellery as expressive, reflexive and “cool”.
The project is a result of a cooperation between the three Norwegian partners (The National Museum –The Museum of Decorative Arts and Design in Oslo, The Norwegian Association for Arts and Crafts and Oslo National Academy of the Arts) and their associated organizers in the Nordic museums of design and decorative arts, the Nordic crafts associations and the national colleges of art and design as well as, of course, our sponsors Nordic Culture Point, Nordic Culture Fund, Arts Council Norway.
The exhibition is sponsored by the Nordic Culture Point, the Nordic Culture Fund, the Arts Council Norway and Galerie Handwerk of the Bavarian Chamber of Crafts

From Dänemark : Julie BachKim BuckAnnette DamKaori Juzu — Marie-Louise Kristensen — Thorkild Harboe Thøgersen — Josephine Winther

  Julie Bach    Julie Bach  -bracelet

  Josephine Winther Josephine Winther Necklaces: Ding, 2011 45 bells, bronze, silver, gold, copper, porcelain, amber,agate

From Estland : Julia Maria KünnapKadri Mälk — Maarja Niinemägi — Kristi Paap — Anna-Maria Saar — Tanel Veenre

  Julia Maria Kuennap    Julia Maria Kunnap  Brooch: From the Middle of a Dream, 2010 Obsidian, gold

  Kadri Mälk Kadri Mälk

From Finnland : Ami Avellán — Aino Favén — Clarice Finell — Janne Hirvonen — Sirja Knaapi — Mervi Kurvinen –  Helena Lehtinen — Mirja Marsch — Anna RikkinenJanna Syvänoja — Monica Wickström

 Janna Syvaenoja Necklace: Untitled I, 2012 Paper, steel wire Janna Syvänoja Necklace: Untitled I, 2012 Paper, steel wire

 Helena Lehtinen  Helena Lehtinen

From Island : Hildur Yr Jónsdóttir — Hulda B. Ágústsdóttir — Helga Ragnhildur Mogensen — Orr-Kjartan Örn Kjartansson & Ástpór Helgason

Helga Ragnhildur Mogensen, ICL Nackstycke "The Red Thread", 2010, drivved, garn, silver. Helga Ragnhildur Mogensen,   Nackstycke « The Red Thread », 2010, drivved, garn, silver

From Norwegen : Liv BlåvarpSigurd Bronger – Linnéa Blakéus Calder — Lillan EliassenElise Hatlø –  Anne LégerKonrad MehusAnna Talbot — Gunnhild Tjåland

Liv Blåvarp: Red Drop, 2011. For this piece Blåvarp was awarded Bayerischer Staatspreis 2012. Photo: Liv BlåvarpLiv Blåvarp: Red Drop, 2011. For this piece Blåvarp was awarded Bayerischer Staatspreis 2012. Photo: Liv Blåvarp

  Anna Talbot (NO) Anna Talbot

From Schweden : Tobias Alm Sara Borgegård ÄlgåBeatrice BroviaNicolas ChengÅsa Elmstam –  Daniela HedmanHanna HedmanKarin Johansson Jenny KlemmingAgnieszka KnapAgnes LarssonKajsa LindbergPaula Lindblom Åsa LocknerMärta MattssonLena OlsonLina PetersonAnnika Pettersson — Margareth Sandström — Sanna SvedestedtTore SvenssonAnna Unsgaard — Peter de Wit — Annika Åkerfelt

  Agnes Larsson  Agnes Larsson

 Märta Mattsson   Märta Mattsson


Galerie Handwerk 
Max-Joseph-Straße 4
Eingang Ottostraße
80333 München
Tel. 089 5119-296/240
6 March ->18 April  (Di.- Mi.- Fr.)  10-18 h., Do. 10-20 h. – 14-16 March 10-15 h.



DECOUVERTE at SCHMUCK 2015 : Jim BOVE – The Drawing series

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sélectionné pour SCHMUCK 2015

Jim Bové - drawing series - 3 brooches 2014Jim Bové - drawing series – 3 brooches 2014

Jim Bové is a practicing artist and educator living just outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He is an Associate Professor at California University of Pennsylvania. Jim has organized and curated several international exhibitions and lectures between the United States and Japan, including the cross-cultural exchange, Metalsmiths Linking.
In 2011 Jim’s artwork was selected for Metalsmith magazine’s Exhibition in Print. His artwork has been featured in several books, including Lark Book’s 500 series, Humor in Craft by Brigette Martin and most recently in 500 Art Necklaces. His artwork resides in collections in the United States, Japan, the Dominican Republic, and Malaysia.

Member of SNAG

 Jim Bové - Ring I - drawing series 2011Jim Bové – Ring I – drawing series 2011

« The search for spontaneity in my artwork has brought me back to the sketch. Pages of drawings have been produced as I searched for new ideas to create in metal. When I looked at those drawings, my eye caught on the impression of the pen, the gesture of the pencil and the weight of the stroke. I wondered how to re-create that immediacy in wearable art.
This new series of work employs a surface that allows me to work more spontaneously. Sometimes the piece evolves from a page in my sketchbook, at other times the metal is prepared and the small canvases can be carried with me so I can work the surface as I am inspired.
The work is minimal and abstract. I have grown even more appreciative of abstract expressionism and artists like Robert Irwin and Antoni Tapies, especially the thought Irwin puts behind his creations. maybe because I teach design theory classes, I have come to enjoy the search for the perfect line in the perfect place. Something so simple can occupy so much effort. »

Jim Bové drawing series broochDrawing Series: Brooch – Awarded Honorable Mention, Cheongju International Craft Biennale, Cheongju, South Korea. 2013 Industrial auto paint on die formed copper with patina. 2012

« Color satisfies the eye, line satisfies the mind »  

« The Drawing Series expresses my love for line, shape and the mark of a tool on a surface.  Inspired by minimalism and abstract expressionism, the shaped, wearable canvases allow me to explore composition.  Many of the shapes are rooted in observation.  Shadows, light, architecture, all of these become subjects to reinterpret, simplify and incorporate into my work. The pieces are intentionally un-named. They are pure composition and exist only as part of a series of drawings. By using a strong, industrial primer on formed metal I can sand and prepare the surface to a smooth, satin finish, almost silk-like to the touch.  The strength of the paint allows me to carve through, as well as draw on, the surface. A chemical patina enhances the contrast. »

 Jim Bové (USA) necklace 2012Jim Bové (USA) necklace 2012 – drawing series

Jim Bové - Drawing Series Industrial auto paint on copper. Ink and patina 2012Jim Bové - Drawing Series – Industrial auto paint on copper. Ink and patina 2012

Jim Bové (USA) ring 2012Jim Bové - ring 2012 – drawing series

Jim Bové (USA) ring 2012Jim Bové – ring 2012 – drawing series

Jim Bové - Fold1 necklaceJim Bové – Fold1 necklace - Necklace. Industrial auto primer on copper with patina and black rubber cord. 2013

« The technique
The Drawing Series is a unique process that I developed.  By using an industrial auto primer, the same used in auto body shops, I create a canvas on a shaped, copper base.  The strength of the paint allows me to carved or sand through the surface.  Using the ancient technique of silver and gold point, I can draw on the surface.  A simple patina enhances the colors of the metal.  Silver turns a warm French gray, gold becomes a cool gray and copper ranges from black to brown. The pieces are very lightweight and durable. Once cured, the paint is hard, resistant to damage and easy to clean. »

« First the copper metal is shaped. This is done using various fabrication techniques. I start by sawing the shape out. If the piece needs to be shaped, I use sinking, hydraulic die forming or folding techniques.  After the piece has been formed, I solder on any pin backs, accents or hanging hardware.  Once soldering is complete and the piece has been cleaned, I prepare auto paint by mixing a hardener and an extender into the paint. The mixed paint is applied by spray gun.  After the paint has hardened and set, each piece is wet sanded until the finish is satin in texture. Sharp scribes and chisels are used to carve through the surface.  Gold, silver and copper wires are used to draw on the painted surface.  Finally a patina is applied to enhance the color of the metals. « 

 Jim Bove  -  - Fold1 necklace - Society of North American GoldsmithsJim Bove  -  – Fold1 necklace 

Jim Bove - squarespace necklace   Jim Bove - squarespace necklace

EXPO ‘glAmour’ – Villa Stück, Munich (DE) – 7 Mars-6 Avril 2015


Exhibition « glAmour », Villa Stück, Munich, D.
7.3-6.4 2015


Par une nuit d’été sur le toit d’une vieille maison, dans le petit village de Latour-de-France, s’est tenue une discussion avec des artistes. Nous avons parlé de l’actuelle omniprésence du phénomène du glamour – comme si ce terme était applicable au monde d’aujourd’hui. Philip Sajet a tout de suite rappelé le mot amour qui se cache dans glamour. Une idée d’exposition était née.
Afin de mettre l’amour en relief, nous avons décidé d’utiliser dans notre contexte la lettre ‘A’ en majuscule. Il ne doit pas s’agir d’un simple jeu de mots, mais de l’expression de ce sentiment profond qu’est l’amour. Quelle que soit l’interprétation que l’on puisse lui donner, l’amour occupe une place importante dans cette exposition.Par Olga Zobel Biro, commissaire d’exposition.
(Extrait du catalogue).
En présence de  Robert BAINES –  Giampaolo BABETTO Peter CHANGGabi DZIUBA –  Robert SMIT Daniel KRUGERKarl Fritsch –  Gerd ROTHMANN –  Lisa WalkerPhilip SAJET  
 Giampaolo BabettoGiampaolo Babetto brooch
gerd rothmann's 'four finger bangle' (1982)Gerd Rothmann‘s ‘four finger bangle’ (1982)
Daniel Kruger, Brooch, 2014Daniel Kruger – Brooch: Untitled, 2014 – Silver, acrylic glass, mirror, pigment
Robert Baines, broche - exposition glAmourRobert Baines, broche « Teddy »
EXPO GlAmour - broche peter Chang - plastique Peter Chang - broche – plastique
Prinzregentenstraße 60,
81675 München, Allemagne
Tel: +49 (0)89-45 55 51-0
Fax: +49 (0)89-45 55 51-24