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EXPO ‘Pink years later’ Iris EICHENBERG jewelry – Galerie Louise Smit, Amsterdam (NL) 20 mars- 22 avril 2010

« Pink years later » exhibition

« ….trying to find a balance. Contradicting materials like fleshy pink plastic and gold, copper – plated silver, wool and rose-quartz, girly ribbons, panty-hose and beads.
Sexy and repulsive at the same time -you need to touch them- wear them and they transform …. being placed on the body they melt into the clothes and the body at the same time … they long for a body but also long for the person standing in front of you, triggering the voyeur in the other » (Iris EICHENBERG)

Iris Eichenberg - 'reflection of it' necklace - silver, nylons, beads, leather, mirrorIris Eichenberg - 'traenenmeer' brooch - 'pink years later' - copper plated silver, beads, nyloniris eichenberg -pink - 1Iris Eichenberg - 'far set eyes' brooch- rose gold, leather, rose quartz

Iris Eichenberg – ‘reflection of it’ necklace, silver, nylons, beads, leather, mirror
‘traenenmeer’ brooch,  copper plated silver, beads, nylon  –  pink 
‘far set eyes’ brooch, rose gold, leather, rose quartz

Galerie Louise Smit
Prinsengracht 615,
1016 HT Amsterdam (NL)
tel : (020) 625 98 98
fax : (020) 428 02 16
email :
web :

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