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Rinaldo ALVAREZ (ES) – conversations chuchotées ….

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des bijoux « madeleines », sortis du fond de nos tiroirs, du fond de nos mémoires …
« This is my way to put the world in order.
I force, in a conscious way, those little elements (characters, structures, shapes…) that I collect (as a memory, as a photo, as an object…) to look for a dialogue among them, to create a universal speech in the language of the objects : poetry.
That conversation ends up, most of the times discovering to me things about myself that I’m too lazy to analyze in a logical, conscious, introspective way.
Jewellery is the way in which I understand how I relate myself to the world.
Sometimes I feel I could make lots of works out of the same one, just making combinations of the elements in very different ways, making them to have very different conversations among them, but something beyond the conscious myself finally chooses one combination of the elements, chooses just one conversation.
That conversation I hear, makes me feel for a moment as if everything would fit perfectly in the world. Just at that very moment I feel fine.
I hope you hear it too.
 » (Rinaldo Alvarez)

Rinaldo Alvarez - brooch 'Everyday´s doubt 2009  Rinaldo Alvarez - brooch 'Forced to be a tree when it's a bike 2008Rinaldo Alvarez - brooch 'Holly love' 2009

Rinaldo Alvarez - brooch 'Innocence' 2009  Rinaldo Alvarez - brooch 'Tempus fugit' 2009 Rinaldo Alvarez - Ring 'The Path' 2009 -

Rinaldo Alvarez - brooch ‘Everyday´s doubt 2009  Silver, gold, teeth, polymer clay, burnt wood, glass, coral, printed paper, diamond  —   brooch ‘Forced to be a tree when it’s a bike 2008 silver coral  —  brooch ‘Holly love’ 2009 Silver, mother of pearl, gold leaf, wood, plastic film, printed metal  —  brooch ‘Innocence’ 2009  Silver, gold leaf, burnt wood, printed paper whith metal, wood, pearls  —  brooch ‘Tempus fugit’ 2009 Silver, gold leaf, wood, plastic film, printed metal  —  Ring ‘The Path’ 2009 – silver, found china, pearls, coral  

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