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KAPOW WOW – Mia Morikawa, parures textiles

Kapow Wow Objects specializes in handcrafted neckwear. The label produces constructed textile pieces which are exquisitely organic in form and spirit. Inspired by natural structures and emotional landscapes, each piece is a labour of love.

Currently based in Lisbon, Portugal the label was formed in London/2007 by Central St. Martins graduate, Mia Morikawa.// Mia Morikawa, diplomée de la Central St. Martins school à Londres en 2007, est actuellement basée à Lisbonne

« Biff! Bam! KaPow Wow! Mia Morikawa’s quirky neckpieces really pack an avant garde punch. Handcrafted from Mia’s new studio in Lisbon, Portugal, KaPow Wow Objects are futuro Jacobean neck ruffs and elaborate scarves inspired by natural objects such as coral formations and fruit. Being that theatrical neckpieces aren’t necessarily a common accoutrement in our day and age, I wondered what kind of mastermind was behind these beautiful statement accessories. » Would you classify a KaPowWow neckpiece as being an article of clothing or a piece of jewelry? « All KaPow Wow pieces involve constructed textiles…I think of them as little wearable sculptures… Strap on art!!« 

Kapow wow collier spaghetti
« spaghetti » necklace – necklace constructed from strips of jersey fabric -(« discovered » recently…. & bought this turquoise one ! :-)

kpKapow Wow Objects - spaghetti necklace
Kapow Wow Objects - spaghetti necklaces

Kapow Wow kapow wow - mia morikawa

kapow wow – Mia Morikawa
« I read that your neckpieces are handcrafted from reclaimed textiles sourced mainly from London thriftstores. Is there a particularly interesting story involving the source of some of your fabrics that you’d be willing to share?  >> The online network, Freecycle, is a really cool and free place where I frequently source materials. I also use scraps from other designers and textile factories and buy fabric in Lisbon shops these days as the demand for KaPow Wow pieces is quite high so I’m finding it harder to use reclaimed materials all the time. » (« PublicPersønae » blog, Mia Morikawa interview)

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