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Catherine JACQUET à la galerie CARACTERE (CH) – électrochoc !

Colliers « court-circuits », toujours différents, toujours uniques, très légers et modulables !
pour bien démarrer
A/ sa collection
B/ la journée
C/ la saison
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CARACTERE- collier 'courts-circuits' matériel détourné, fils électriques & perlesCARACTERE- collier 'courts-circuits' matériel détourné, fils électriques & perles6CARACTERE- collier 'courts-circuits' matériel détourné, fils électriques & perles4CARACTERE- collier 'courts-circuits' matériel détourné, fils électriques & perles7

Catherine Jacquet- colliers ‘courts-circuits’ matériel détourné, fils électriques & perles

 » Livre des « Kourts- circuits », des « tangos » et des « cercles ». Installés souvent dans des pochettes plastiques ou sur des cintres, mes « bijoux » sont les illustrations volume de différents livres, ils sont aussi, recherches plastiques.., et couleurs.. Ceux-ci n’ont pas de fermeture et se passent par la tête. Je conçois et réalise, ces sculptures à porter ou à suspendre chaque pièce est unique et signée. Ces bijoux sont faciles à porter car pas clinquants, mais simplement colorés. »

CARACTERE- collier 'courts-circuits' matériel détourné, fils électriques & perles5
« Promesse d’Avenir »

ACJ – Association for Contemporary Jewellery (UK) – Conference 2010 « CROSSINGS » – 19-21 Juil 2010

Supporting & developing the voice, audience & understanding of contemporary jewellery

-groupes regionaux qui organisent des expositions, rencontres, echanges de techniques, des masterclass avec artistes invites -conferences de temps en temps
-petit magazine tous les 3 mois avec articles, revues d’expos, de livres, profils de membres, news
« findings is the ACJ magazine for members. It reviews shows, technical innovations, materials and subjects of interest to makers, collectors, galleries and museums. »


Findings – n° de juin 2009(avec 1 article sur « La manufacture » et 1 sur l’exposition « Also known as Jewellery  » !)

a convergence of ideas, materials and technologies

The conference will explore the crossing points, intersections and collaborations that feed and stimulate exchange, debate and the development of new ideas and directions within contemporary jewellery practice.
How do collaborations, partnerships, and interfaces between differing practices and approaches feed into individual practice?
How do cultural and geographical cross-overs influence ideas?
Can the material and technological constraints imposed by cross-disciplinary practice lead to new thinking and novel solutions?
What happens when disparate practices and approaches intersect?



programme of presentations and workshops :

The conference will be chaired by Stephen Bottomley, former ACJ Chair, now Head of Jewellery and Silversmithing Department at Edinburgh College of Art.
The keynote speech will be given by Wendy Ramshaw and David Watkins (UK) on their collaboration over many years
*Professor Robert Ebendorf (USA) workshops : Design on the Edge
*Philip Renato & Courtney Starrett (USA)  Remote resources – contemporary collaboration & production in a post studio age
*Cynthia Eid (USA)  workshops : Techniques for Argentium silver
*Coilin O Dubhghaill (Sheffield Hallam University)   Irogane – Japanese alloys & patination
*Susan Cross (Edinburgh College of Art) Jewellery / textiles / travel
*Roberta Bernabei - (Loughborough University) Diffusion & development of contemporary jewellery in Europe
*Jessica Turrell (University of the West of England)  Innovation in vitreous enamel surfaces for jewellery
*Bridie Lander (AUS / School of Jewellery, Birmingham) Contemporary Australian Jewellery
*Trish Woods (University of Plymouth) Integrating science, craft & industry in the colouration of pewter
*Dauvit Alexander (Scotland) workshops : Electrolytic etching for small workshops


The Association for Contemporary Jewellery (ACJ)
PO Box 37807
London SE23 1XJ (United Kingdom)
Telephone: + 00 44 (0)20 8291 4201
Fax: + 00 44 (0)20 8291 4452

CONCOURS BKV (Bavarian Crafts Council) Prize 2010 for Young Applied Arts – deadline : 30 avril 2010

Classé dans : Allemagne (DE),BVK (DE),Concours / Competition,Katsura SASAKI (JP) — bijoucontemporain @ 0:46

Bavarian Crafts Council  (Bayerischer Kunstgewerbe-Verein e.V.)
Founded in 1851, The Bavarian Crafts Council (Bayerischer Kunstgewerbe-Verein or BKV) looks back on more than 150 years of history. Today, it is a professional association for the promotion of contemporary crafts with around 400 members. Located in the centre of Munich, BKV maintains a forum for ARTS + CRAFTS, which consists of the “Gallery for Applied Arts” (Galerie für Angewandte Kunst) and a spacious shop with a wide range of contemporary works of art. The Bavarian Crafts Council also participates in a number of international fairs in Germany and abroad.

BKV-Prize 2010 for Young Applied Arts
One of the main objectives of the BKV is to promote the younger generation of artists, i.e. to support the professional and artistic development of young artisans financially through publications and by means of expert assistance. The BKV-Prize was therefore created in 2006 and is awarded once a year.

The competition is aimed specifically at young artisans who have completed their professional training and are at the beginning of their careers. The competition is international and covers all areas of applied arts.

The prize is awarded to works that show excellent design based on fine craftsmanship.

•   First Prize: € 3,000.00 + Catalogue (german/english)
•   2nd Prize: € 2,000.00
•   3rd Prize: € 1,000.00
•   Additionally, all Prize winners will be honoured with a complimentary three year membership in BKV.
•  All works of the finalists and the prizewinners will be exhibited in the Gallery for Applied Arts (Galerie für Angewandte Kunst) during the award ceremony and afterwards at several trade fairs.

•   Artisans who have not yet reached the age of 35 as of the cut-off date (January 1, 2010) may participate.
•   Entrants must have completed their training and be professionally engaged in fine craftsmanship.
•  The entry must consist of at least 3 (maximum 5) pieces of work. These must not be older than 2 years as of the cut-off date of January 1, 2010. Works included in the entry must not have been awarded a prize in any other competition.

•  Entry deadline: April 30, 2010
•  Award ceremony: September 16, 2010
The award ceremony will be held at the BKV in Munich.
•  The exhibition of finalist and prize-winning entries : September 17 – October 2, 2010


prix 2009 :

Katsura Sasaki (Japan, Tokio) - kette 'Nikugoshi no kudamono' 2009 - argent, écorces de citron.jpg
Katsura Sasaki (Japan) – collier ‘Nikugoshi no kudamono’ 2009 – argent, écorces de citron (1er prix)


Contact BKV-Prize:
Dr. Monika Fahn
Pacellistraße 6-8
80333 München/Munich (Germany)
T. 0049 (0)89 29 01 47-0
F. 0049 (0)89 29 62 77
(info sur : )

EXPO ‘Spring’ gallery Sofie Lachaert, Tielrode (BE) – 21 mars-9 mai 2010

« SPRING*«  is an exhibition with sparkling, new work of upcoming talents.
Small objects and experiments with new techniques, with unknown materials, holding a world of imagination. A glimpse of poetry and fairytales.

exposants :  Catalina BRENES – Isabel DAMMERMANN – Elinor DE SPOELBERCH – Daniela FIESELER – Anna FROHN -  Bettina GÖTSCH – Birgit HAGMANN – Isabelle HERTZEISEN – Leonore JOCK – Ting-Chun Ara KUO – Momoko KUMAI – Thanh-Truc NGUYEN – Nikolay SARDAMOV – Isabell SCHAUPP -  Munsun SCHUMACHER – Angelina TSVETKOVA – Misun WON

EXPO 'Spring' gallery Sofie Lachaert, Tielrode (BE) - 21 mars-9 mai 2010 dans Ara KUO (Taiwan) Isabell-Schaupp
Isabell Schaupp (DE) – brooch, silver, coral

Ting-Chun-Ara-Kuo dans Belgique (BE)
Ting-Chun Ara KUO (Taiwan) - Ring „brush“, pearls gold

Birgit-Hagmann dans Bettina GOTSCH (DE)
Birgit Hagmann (DE) – necklace – silver

« This work is based on drawing. Using the wire, the drawing is transformed into a three-dimensional space. Crystalline-organic structures come to life and become jewellery. » (Birgit Hagmann (Germany))

EXPO 'Spring' -gal Spphie Lachaert  -Leonor JockEXPO 'Spring' -gal Spphie Lachaert  - Bettina Götsch
Leonore Jock       –       Bettina Götsch

EXPO 'Spring' -gal Spphie Lachaert  - Elinor de ... - collier cuirEXPO 'Spring' -gal Spphie Lachaert  -Momoko Kumai
Elinor de Spoelbergh (BE) collier cuir  –  Momoko Kumai (Japan)- paper necklace

« I use tactile material to create jewellery that evokes a spectrum of memories and address inner landscapes in my mind. I fold, twist and roll paper using my hands, at times unconsciously. The uneven layers of texture emerge from light and shadow, conveying emotions of permanence to impermanence that reflect the ephemeral breath of nature with its fragility. » Momoko Kumai (Japan)

EXPO 'Spring' -gal Spphie Lachaert  - Isabell Dammermann 1Isabell SCHAUPP- Brooch Month-brooch 30 2010
Isabell Dammermann  –    Isabell SCHAUPP- Brooch

Isabelle-Hertzeisen dans Birgit HAGMANN (DE)
Isabelle Hertzeisen (CH) – Necklace rubber, silver

« Structures, accumulations, duality and tension between the different materials.« (Isabelle Hertzeisen (CH) )

Nikolay-Sardamov dans Elinor de SPOELBERCH (BE)
Nicolay Sardamov. Brooch, “The secret of the garden“, gold.

Thanh-Truc-Nguyen dans Exposition/Exhibition
Thanh-Truc Nguyen -  Brooch, silver, textiles.
« Following a fascination, personal impressions and emotions, and translate them into tangible forms. For me it is important not to merely copy already existing forms, but instead to portray my own perceptions as they are through my eyes.
While working with textiles I create new possibilities within my working process. Qualities like elasticity and translucence begin to emerge and play an important role in my work. Voluptuous shapes come to life through colour and filling, whose soft curves remind me of cherry-blossoms. The material hold an innumerable number of small pearls tightly together like a warm embrace. The forms and the sensibility of the material evoke emotions in the viewer and give the pieces sensuality and a sense of life. In the same way that one would handle a cherryblossom, the pieces should be handled delicately as the fragile objects they are« ( Thanh-Truc Nguyen (Germany))



Gallery Sofie Lachaert
st. jozefstraat 30
B-9140 Tielrode(Belgium)
T +32 3 711 19 63
closed on 2,3,4 april


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