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CONCOURS BKV (Bavarian Crafts Council) Prize 2010 for Young Applied Arts – deadline : 30 avril 2010

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Bavarian Crafts Council  (Bayerischer Kunstgewerbe-Verein e.V.)
Founded in 1851, The Bavarian Crafts Council (Bayerischer Kunstgewerbe-Verein or BKV) looks back on more than 150 years of history. Today, it is a professional association for the promotion of contemporary crafts with around 400 members. Located in the centre of Munich, BKV maintains a forum for ARTS + CRAFTS, which consists of the “Gallery for Applied Arts” (Galerie für Angewandte Kunst) and a spacious shop with a wide range of contemporary works of art. The Bavarian Crafts Council also participates in a number of international fairs in Germany and abroad.

BKV-Prize 2010 for Young Applied Arts
One of the main objectives of the BKV is to promote the younger generation of artists, i.e. to support the professional and artistic development of young artisans financially through publications and by means of expert assistance. The BKV-Prize was therefore created in 2006 and is awarded once a year.

The competition is aimed specifically at young artisans who have completed their professional training and are at the beginning of their careers. The competition is international and covers all areas of applied arts.

The prize is awarded to works that show excellent design based on fine craftsmanship.

•   First Prize: € 3,000.00 + Catalogue (german/english)
•   2nd Prize: € 2,000.00
•   3rd Prize: € 1,000.00
•   Additionally, all Prize winners will be honoured with a complimentary three year membership in BKV.
•  All works of the finalists and the prizewinners will be exhibited in the Gallery for Applied Arts (Galerie für Angewandte Kunst) during the award ceremony and afterwards at several trade fairs.

•   Artisans who have not yet reached the age of 35 as of the cut-off date (January 1, 2010) may participate.
•   Entrants must have completed their training and be professionally engaged in fine craftsmanship.
•  The entry must consist of at least 3 (maximum 5) pieces of work. These must not be older than 2 years as of the cut-off date of January 1, 2010. Works included in the entry must not have been awarded a prize in any other competition.

•  Entry deadline: April 30, 2010
•  Award ceremony: September 16, 2010
The award ceremony will be held at the BKV in Munich.
•  The exhibition of finalist and prize-winning entries : September 17 – October 2, 2010


prix 2009 :

Katsura Sasaki (Japan, Tokio) - kette 'Nikugoshi no kudamono' 2009 - argent, écorces de citron.jpg
Katsura Sasaki (Japan) – collier ‘Nikugoshi no kudamono’ 2009 – argent, écorces de citron (1er prix)


Contact BKV-Prize:
Dr. Monika Fahn
Pacellistraße 6-8
80333 München/Munich (Germany)
T. 0049 (0)89 29 01 47-0
F. 0049 (0)89 29 62 77
(info sur : )

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