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COUP de COEUR ! Catherine Clark Gilbertson neckpiece

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Je rechignais à présenter l’expo « chased + repoussé » : beaucoup d’objets autres que des bijoux, et puis les photos annonçant l’expo ne m’emballaient pas …. mal ! mal !!!!

Après quelques recherches …….. WOW !!!!!

Catherine Clark Gilbertson (US) - Akanthos -fine silver
Catherine Clark Gilbertson (US) – Akanthos – fine silver


« I use ancient metalsmithing techniques of chasing and repoussé to create jewelry and sculptural forms in precious metals that examines the origin of ornament. Starting with the decoration of architecture, sculpture and painting, this series of wearable sculptures is inspired by botanical specimens significant in the history of ornamentation such as acanthus leaves and sunflowers. Expanding on ideas of the wearable, my work examines interactions between the body and ornamentation of the body. However, instead of using these symbolically rich botanicals in miniature, as the basis of ornamenting a traditional form of jewelry, I have developed a life size form for my pieces firstly, from the plant itself–the original source of the centuries-old ornamentation—and secondly, from the shape it necessarily must take as a piece worn on the human body. .. » (Catherine Clark Gilbertson)


EXPO ‘Chased + Repoussé’ – Velvet da Vinci gallery, San Francisco (USA) – 17 mars – 18 avril 2010

Velvet da Vinci in San Francisco presents: Chased + Repoussé, an exhibition shown in conjunction with the release of the recent publication, Chasing and Repoussé, Methods Ancient and Modern, by Nancy Megan Corwin.

This exhibition includes work from twenty-one contemporary artists who share a passion for these ancient metalworking techniques, many of whom have work included in Corwin’s book. The twenty-one artists reflect a range from traditional roots to modern approaches to the practice of chasing and repoussé. Dating back to antiquity, the technique has been used to add embellishment on armour, large scale sculpture, and gold and silver jewelry. The Statue of Liberty was formed from a sheet of copper using chasing and repoussé, as was the mummy mask of King Tutankhamen.

« Chasing and repoussé are methods of metalworking in which the metal is embossed from both front and back, creating a three-dimensional form from a two-dimensional sheet. Repoussé is a French word meaning « to push up or forward. » It refers to a family of techniques that form sheet metal. Repoussé can be thought of as focusing on the creation of volume, while chasing is work done to the front such as planishing, lining, matting, and making crisp edges on forms that were raised from behind.
The techniques of chasing and repoussé are traditionally used to add detail to the surface of a piece of hollowware or jewelry. Sheet metal, hollow-formed metal, flatware, and sculptures can all be chased (textured and refined from the front with steel tools called chasing tools and using a chasing hammer), and worked from the back with soft-faced steel tools (repoussé).
The work is held steady in a material called pitch (wood-based resin combined with wax and plaster), and hammered with fine steel tools. Pitch can be held in a heavy metal bowl, spread on a piece of wood or poured into the hollowware piece that is being chased. The versatility of this material is what gives chasing its sculptural and detail possibilities. Contemporary metalsmiths continue to apply these techniques in both traditional and non-traditional ways. What makes these techniques contemporary is the freedom that many artists experience in terms of content and aesthetic
. »

Candace Beardslee, Jessica Benzaquen, Davide Bigazzi, Kate Case, Yuyen Chang, Nancy Megan Corwin, Christina Gebhard, Catherine Gilbertson, Catherine Grisez, Komelia Hongja Okim, David Huang, Cheri Lewis,  Keith Lewis, Charles Lewton Brain, Jackeline Martinez, Joe Meunch, Liza Nechamkin, Miel-Margarita Paredes, Linda Kindler Priest, Suzanne Pugh, Greg Wilbur.

EXPO repoussé- Catherine Clark Gilbertson 'Spiral' earringKeith Lewis 'Descent' brooch - silver, gold, limoges & basse-taille enamel (back)EXPO repoussé- Linda Kindler Priest- brooch 'dreams of the Big Cheese' gold,citine slice, orange saphires.jpgEXPO repoussé- Nancy Megan Corwin 'White and Black' broochEXPO repoussé- Yuen Chang brooch - orifice series- silver
Catherine Clark Gilbertson ‘Spiral’ earring
Keith Lewis ‘Descent’ brooch – silver, gold, limoges & basse-taille enamel (back)
Linda Kindler Priest- brooch ‘dreams of the Big Cheese’ gold,citine slice, orange saphires
Nancy Megan Corwin ‘White and Black’ brooch
Yuyen Chang brooch – orifice series- silver


Velvet da Vinci
2015 Polk Street
CA 94109 – San Francisco (USA)
Tel : 415.441.0109
Fax : 415.386.2492

BOOK :  « Chasing and Repoussé, Methods Ancient and Modern« , by Nancy Megan Corwin.

Chasing and Repoussé book

EXPO ‘Karl Fritsch’ – « Gabi Dziuba Fine Jewels », Berlin (DE) – 9 mars – 9 avril 2010

« I´m fascinated by jewellery and by the fact that every person owns and wears ornaments of one kind or another. This universality impresses me and stimulates me to make jewellery which I would like to see people wearing. Those people could be my aunts or anyone else. » (Karl Fritsch)

Karl Fritsch, born in Sonthofen, Germany in 1963. Currently living and working in Island Bay, New Zealand.

Merveilleuses bagues, bagues de merveilles : pouvant être intensément « intellectuelles » (on « sent » toute la réflexion qui se « cache » derrière) mais en même temps d’une intense joie de vivre, bonbons, cailloux, bandes de réglisse, diamant qui joue au « vilain petit caillou » brut …. un régal toujours recommencé !

EXPO karl Fritsch

Gabi Dziuba Fine Jewels
Rosa – Luxemburg Strasse 25
10178 – Berlin (Germany)
Tel : +49 30 2462 5280


BOOK :  ‘Die Ringe des Karl Fritsch’


EXPO ‘Machteld van Joolingen – Fragnaments’, « Beyond Fashion » gallery, Antwerp/Anvers (BE), 11 mars – 24 avril 2010

Classé dans : Belgique (BE),Exposition/Exhibition,GALERIES,Machteld van JOOLINGEN (NL) — bijoucontemporain @ 21:48

« Why does jewellery exist ? What does it mean to us ?
To me these are very important questions. In my work I endeavour to unveil something of the relationship between jewellery and its wearers. Notions like ritual, culture, gesture, and folklore are the sources of my work. »« The underlying basis of my work is the mystery versus known traditions and folklore. Combining past and present made me create steel jewellery with a vulnerable look  and in which a personal and universal imagery and vision is interwoven.
Inspired by different countries and cultures, patterns, textures and symbols are melted into new designs that result in jewellery with a new meaning and context. I also use images of news clips and place them in an intimate setting, in something wearable.  The work is made out of thin steel in which the ornaments or figures are etched in one or more layers resulting in a complex story of images. The pleasure in working with ornament and the technique of etching has naturally created a second series of simpler contemporary pieces called ‘Sier’ whereby the ornament or design element defines the image. » (
Machteld van Joolingen)

Machteld van Joolingen - 'little boys' mixed media pieceMachteld van Joolingen - running afgan - metal (piece
 Machteld van Joolingen – ‘little boys’ mixed media piece
running afgan – metal piece



« Beyond Fashion » gallery
Pourbusstraat 7
2000 – Antwerp (Belgium)
Tel : +3232378541

ObjectFETISH – online gallery – après-midi de SHOPPING !

With over 100 art jewelers from more than twenty countries, ObjectFetish is committed to educating the word about art jewelry. Whether you call it schmuck kunst, bijoux d’art, monili di arte, joyeria del arte, or art jewellery – from custom wedding rings to cuffllinks, you will find work at ObjectFetish that is no where else.

Bon, …. alors je me suis dit chic chic chic, qu’est-ce que je vais bien pouvoir m’offrir ? il doit bien y avoir une « fête » bientôt, les grand-mères, les secrétaires, la saint-glin-glin, la fête de la « meilleure blogueuse » emoticone emoticone  …. non ??!!?

ObjectFETISH- « my cart » :

ObjectFETISH- my cart-  Emiko OYE - 'The Duchess' necklace- 3275$ObjectFETISH- my cart- Amy Tavern -700$.jpgObjectFETISH- my cart-  Alidra Alic 'poppy' ring - 2100$ !!
Emiko OYE – ‘The Duchess’ necklace–  Amy Tavern, necklace –  Alidra Alic ‘poppy’ ring –
ObjectFETISH- my cart- Asa Lockner - necklace made from 925 sterling silver, partially oxidised- 1550$.jpObjectFETISH- my cart- Joanne Haywood - Big Red Neckpiece- 2ObjectFETISH- my cart- Sarah Hood-  Grass Necklace sterling silver and model railroad 'field grass' 1200$
Asa Lockner – necklace 925 sterling silver, partially oxidised-
Joanne Haywood – Big Red Neckpiece –
Sarah Hood-  Grass Necklace sterling silver & model railroad ‘field grass’

total du « panier »  : « que » 11.525 $ ……. :-(   plus les frais de port …. bon, va falloir étudier à combien est le kilo de patates pour les mois à venir ……. ;-)


Galerie virtuelle regroupant visiblement des galeries vendant des bijoux ….
si on cherche par pays, à France …. il n’y a RIEN ! emoticone

EXPO ‘All wired up’, SDC Gallery, London (UK) 16 mars- 4 avril 2010

Joanne Haywood exhibits :  « I am showing new works at the SDC Gallery in London. There are twenty different makers involved, showing a range of innovative basketry, wire sculptures, jewellery and ceramics, all of which are centred around the theme of « All Wired Up« . »

EXPO Joanne Haywood-  All Wired Up   - 16mars-24avril 2010 - SDC Gallery London

en ce qui concerne les bijoux (about jewelry ) : Clara Breen,  Elizabeth Willis textile jewelry, Jan Truman Wire Jewellery & Sculpture, Joanne Haywood Textile Jewellery, Mette Jensen wood jewelry, Samantha Queen,  Sarah Keay, Tania Clarke Hall Leather Jewellery

EXPO 'All Wired Up'-  Mette JensenEXPO 'All Wired Up'- Clara BreenEXPO 'All Wired Up'- Sarah KeayXPO 'All Wired Up'- Tania Clarke Hall Leather JewelleryEXPO 'All Wired Up'-Joanne Haywood
Mette Jensen (DK) –   Clara Breen(FR) –  Sarah KeayTania Clarke Hall (leather) –  Joanne Haywood

SDC Gallery
24 Rivington Street
EC2A 3DU  London (UK)
tél : 020 7613 3886
mail :


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