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EXPO ‘Machteld van Joolingen – Fragnaments’, « Beyond Fashion » gallery, Antwerp/Anvers (BE), 11 mars – 24 avril 2010

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« Why does jewellery exist ? What does it mean to us ?
To me these are very important questions. In my work I endeavour to unveil something of the relationship between jewellery and its wearers. Notions like ritual, culture, gesture, and folklore are the sources of my work. »« The underlying basis of my work is the mystery versus known traditions and folklore. Combining past and present made me create steel jewellery with a vulnerable look  and in which a personal and universal imagery and vision is interwoven.
Inspired by different countries and cultures, patterns, textures and symbols are melted into new designs that result in jewellery with a new meaning and context. I also use images of news clips and place them in an intimate setting, in something wearable.  The work is made out of thin steel in which the ornaments or figures are etched in one or more layers resulting in a complex story of images. The pleasure in working with ornament and the technique of etching has naturally created a second series of simpler contemporary pieces called ‘Sier’ whereby the ornament or design element defines the image. » (
Machteld van Joolingen)

Machteld van Joolingen - 'little boys' mixed media pieceMachteld van Joolingen - running afgan - metal (piece
 Machteld van Joolingen – ‘little boys’ mixed media piece
running afgan – metal piece



« Beyond Fashion » gallery
Pourbusstraat 7
2000 – Antwerp (Belgium)
Tel : +3232378541

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