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EXPO ‘Walking the Gray Area’ Galeria Emilia Cohen, Mexico – 15 April-15 Mai 2010

Walking the Gray Area : A dialog on global mobility, identities and contemporary jewellery

Walking the Gray Area will premiere at Galeria Emilia Cohen in Mexico City, within the frame of the Gray Area Symposium Mexico 2010.

EXPO GRAY - Andrea Wagner Piece- Greener Grass on the Other Side 2010
Andrea Wagner Piece- Greener Grass on the Other Side 2010 – papier maché, silver, paint

Contemporary jewellery, with its exceptional ability to communicate and create associations directly connected to specific cultural and personal settings and backgrounds seems to be circumscribed to a rather westernized discourse. It has become necessary for contemporary jewellery-makers to rethink the ways they connect with others.

40 artists, from an uncertain total number of  involved countries, take a walk on the gray area and explore,  through the already ambiguous field of contemporary jewellery,  issues related to global mobility, identity and territories in dispersion and the way they perceive and have been affected by this phenomena during their rambling around the world.
Walking the Gray Area is a collective, comissioned exhibition curated by Valeria Siemelink and Andrea Wagner, that bring together 20 Latin American and 20 European jewellery makers and artists who ocationally work with jewellery as a medium, into a dialogue about jewellery, global mobility, contemporary identities and its personal and/or collective implications.

The curators of Walking the Gray Area, selected each 20 artists from their respective continents:  Latin America and Europe. The artists were individually selected based on their artistic excellence, technical abilities and creative response to various subjects. As a collective, the group was conformed based on the on the tensions between their discourses and practices, their varied and experimental approach in the use of materials and techniques and on the rich possibilities that lay on the exchange among them. There is, however, one thing that all the invited artists have in common : like the curators, they are or have all been migrants; born in one place, living, working or studying in another one.

The artists work in couples and were paired randomly: the names of the Latin American artists were written on a piece of paper, which was folded and placed in a bowl. The same was done with the names of the European artists. The curators had fun taking turns to pick a name from one bowl and pairing it with a name from the other bowl. 20 couples were formed and, for the last six months they carried out a dialogue through the pages of a weblog specially created for this purpose. The artists conducted their dialogues in ways they find interesting or relevant: exchanging conversations, stories, images and even materials. Besides their periodical postings in the blog, the artists exchanged letters and parcels through the post, organized Skype sessions, phoned and even meet in person. The weblog has allowed the artists to reach a diverse, distant and growing audience, having attracted over 10 thousand visitors from nearly 90 countries.

Through the exchange both artists and curators aimed to respond to a variety of questions: How do they respond to changing definitions of mobility, locality, globalism, migration?  How do the changing conceptions of identities relate to their being and practice? How do they reconcile their roots with their routes? What kind of exchange can take place between artists from areas of the world where contemporary jewellery is perceived and dealt with in such different ways? How can they relate to and diverse, moving, fast changing audience?

EXPO GRAY - Helena Biermann Angel- Piece- Sabor a Ti 2010 EXPO GRAY- Agnieszka KNAP- Necklace- The Grass is Not Greener on the Other Side of the Fence 2010EXPO GRAY- Alejandra Solar - piece 2010EXPO GRAY- Carolina HORNAUER - necklace 'el Coleccionista' 2010

Helena Biermann Angel-  set of pendants  ‘Sabor a Ti’ 2010 – glass vials, fruit seeds, quartz, cotton, wood box
Agnieszka KNAP- Necklace- The Grass is Not Greener on the Other Side of the Fence 2010- silver, copper, enamel
Alejandra Solar – piece 2010 – wood, print, cotton pendants
Carolina HORNAUER - necklace ‘el Coleccionista’ 2010 Hair, cotton, fresh water pearls, patina, steel, cooper, enamel, magnets, burnt wood, silver, stone

EXPO GRAY- Peter HOOGEBOOM - pi 2010' necklace- Ceramics, nyEXPO GRAY- Theri Tolvanen-  brooch 'Chenonceau'Mirla Fernandes 'Riv Anda Hit' 2010 - latex, pigments -EXPO GRAY -EXPO GRAY- Valentina Rosenthal -necklaces.jpg

Peter HOOGEBOOM – pi 2010′ necklace- Ceramics, nylon, alpaca, gold leaf
Terhi Tolvanen- Cherry wood, paint, beads, gold, silver – brooch ‘Chenonceau’
Mirla Fernandes ‘Riv Anda Hit’ 2010 – latex, pigments
Valentina Rosenthal - Silver, wood, nails, glass, porcelain, bronz, mirror, enamel necklaces 


Miguel Luciano (puerto rico) & Leonor Hipolito (portugal), Ketli Tiitsar (estonia) & Chequita Nahar (surinam), Karin Seufert (germany) & María Constanza Ochoa (colombia), Célio Braga (brazil) & Gemma Draper (spain). Carla Castaigo (portugal) & Valentina Rosenthal (chile), Francisca Kweitel (argentina) & Nelli Tanner (finland), Maria Jose Fabrega (costa rica) & Agnieszka Knap (poland), Andrea Wagner (netherlands) & Carolina Hornauer (chile), Susanne Klemm (netherlands) & Samantha Fung (venezuela), Jorge Manilla (mexico) & Christoph Zellweger (switzerland), Luzia Vogt (switzerland) &  Thelma Aviani (brazil), Terhi Tolvanen (finland) & Guigui Kohon (argentina), Helena Biermann Angel (colombia) & Hanna Hedman (sweden), Mia Maljojoki (germany) & Alejandra Solar (mexico), Mirla Fernandes (brazil) & Kajsa Lindberg (sweden), Dani Soter (brazil) & Sebastian Buescher (uk), Ineke Heerkens (netherlands) & Julieta Odio (costa rica), Walka Studio (chile) & Natalie Luder (switzerland), Eduardo Graue (mexico) & Peter Hoogeboom (netherlands), Jantje Fleischhut (netherlands) & Andres Fonseca (colombia).

Karin SEUFERT- Piece '9 Brooches'  2010- pvc, cotton, steel, silver
Karin SEUFERT- Piece ’9 Brooches’  2010- pvc, cotton, steel, silver

Gemma Draper 01
 Gemma Draper – Electroformed Copper, Enamel and Wood – 2008

Galeria Emilia Cohen
Palmas 1320
Lomas – Mexico City (Mexico)
Tel : +52 55 5281 0009
Tel : +52 55 5281 0029

EXPO ‘Charlotte Daffern : The Acid Housewife Collection’ -Luke & Eloy Gallery, Pittsburgh (USA) – 18 sept-30 oct 2010

Charlotte Daffern is a hybrid crafts practitioner based in Birmingham, UK. Since completing her jewellery and silversmithing MA at Birmingham’s School of Jewellery, she has continued to develop jewellery and costume under her own label. Recycled fabrics and findings are used wherever possible to create stuffed components for her designs. Pearls and ready-made objects are also re-used to create eccentric, wearable pieces.
Charlotte begins her design process by identifying visual symbols that can be transferred into cloth. These are deconstructed, repeated, multiplied and explored through scale and positioning on the body.
Her creations aim to invoke nostalgia of the childhood dressing up box. She hopes that when people wear her pieces their childlike sense of fun and freedom is renewed.

Charlotte Daffern- 'acid housewife' neckpiece - fabric polyester stuffing, pearls- 2009
Charlotte Daffern- ‘acid housewife’ neckpiece – fabric polyester stuffing, pearls- 2009

« My work is a multi-faceted and ambiguous realisation of my perception of culture and personal experiences.
The result is a range of creative objects that relate to questions of gender, fashion, sociology, culture and history.
I began by exploring concepts of ‘Britishness’ and its associated visual stereotypes.
My visual investigations correspond to the current nostalgia for 1950’s aesthetics, activities and traditional values.
Our current economic climate has seen the re-emergence of make do and mend through up-cycling, re-cycling and re-using.
Domestic crafts such as knitting, baking and burlesque dancing have made reappearance and are considered ‘trendy’.
Additional themes come from feminist debates in response to this resurgence and relate to issues surrounding the pursuit
of feminine fulfilment, gender role representation and experimentation.
I begin by identifying visual symbols that can be transferred into cloth to create figurative representations of the initial ideas.
The visual symbols are deconstructed, repeated, multiplied and explored through scale and positioning. Each element is intended to be a prototypical simulacrum and de-centred to cross reference contexts and explore the concepts.
I aim to present my understanding of the complexities of these ideas juxtaposed with preconceived stereotypes in an original creative format. » (Charlotte Daffern)


5169 Butler Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15201 (USA)
tel : 412.784.1919

Contact Luke & Eloy Gallery

EXPO ‘URBANIA’ – Luke & Eloy Gallery, Pittsburgh (USA) – 10 avril-22mai 2010

 URBANIA (The Urban Experience)

Group Show exploring how artists view, and experience urban life.

URBANIA looks to provide insight into a range of issues related to the urban environment. We are interested to explore how artists view the change that has occured in metropolitan areas over time, how they see cities and towns functioning today, and how artists would like to see challenges of the future addressed.

In Collaboration with the Associated Artists of Pittsburgh

concerning jewelry : Michael Dale Bernard (USA) (Art Jewelry) & Robert Longyear (USA) (Mixed Media Installation/Art Jewelry)

URBANIA - Michael Dale Bernard 'Metro Bus Exit Necklace'
Michael Dale Bernard – « Metro Bus Exit Necklace »

Reminds me the Belgian designer Liesbet Bussche who creates jewelry for urban space….



5169 Butler Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15201

Contact Luke & Eloy Gallery

Appel à candidature – OPEN CALL FOR ARTISTS ! – « Domestic Bliss » – deadline : 17 juil. 2010

DOMESTIC BLISS : Group show featuring artwork about the perceived ideal of domestic life, and artists’ views on feminine identity and gender roles.

DOMESTIC BLISS- Marissa Sahneholtz -'As she gazed off into nothingness, she successfully avoided the task at hand.'
Marissa Sahneholtz – ‘As she gazed off into nothingness, she successfully avoided the task at hand.’- copper, enamel tin,fabric,silver,found button

 Pour participer à l’EXPOSITION qui aura lieu à la « Luke & Eloy Gallery (Pittsburgh, USA) du 18 sept au 30 oct 2010

Please submit your work using the Artist Submission form in the website headline
for reference.

All 2 and 3-dimensional media are considered including video !

Please copy the artist submission form from the website (tab headline) and mail your entry by July 17, 2010
Submission deadline (Postmark): July 17, 2010
Notification by: July 30, 2010
Delivery of Artwork : August 30-Sep 4, 2010


L’EXPOSITION aura lieu du 18 sept au 30 oct 2010
EXHIBITION : Opening: September 18, 2010 11-5
Closing: October 30, 2010

5169 Butler Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15201 (USA)
tel : 412.784.1919

Concours : Prix Liliane Bettencourt pour l’intelligence de la main – deadline : 12 avril 2010

Classé dans : Concours / Competition,France (FR) — bijoucontemporain @ 1:11

édition 2010

La Fondation Bettencourt Schueller invite à concourir les professionnels des métiers dont les réalisations illustrent et mettent en évidence « l’intelligence de la main ».

Cette 11ème édition est ouverte à tous les métiers utilisant un savoir-faire exceptionnel que ce soit par sa rareté, sa qualité, sa spécificité …

Le prix est doté d’un montant de 50 000 €.

Bettencourt - talentdexception

Si vous souhaitez participer au concours, il est possible de télécharger le règlement et le dossier de candidature en cliquant sur l’icône ci-dessous :

PRIX 2010

La date limite de réception des dossiers est fixée au lundi 12 avril 2010.

Infos sur le site de la Fondation Bettencourt Schueller :

Concours – New Traditional Jewellery – thème : TRUE COLORS – deadline : 1er Juin 2010

Classé dans : Concours / Competition,Hollande (NL) — bijoucontemporain @ 0:56


New Traditional Jewellery (NL)

Starting with the fourth edition, New Traditional Jewellery (NTJ) will become a biennial event. The three preceding editions of this international design contest and the ensuing travelling exhibitions have been proof of the success of this project and its right to exist. The quality requirements as to the nature and scope of and entries for the event are becoming increasingly strict. In order to meet these requirements in a professional manner NTJ will become a biennial design contest.
The next edition will be in 2010. For the design contest and exhibition 2010 the technical jury of New Traditional Jewellery (NTJ) has chosen the theme ‘True Colours’ because literally as well as figuratively this theme offers considerable scope for inspiration.

The 2010 theme: ‘True Colours’
Showing your true colours means that you show what your real attitudes and qualities are. You can approach True Colours from a social perspective; society is full of topical colour coding. Other examples may be found in heraldry, folklore and science.
True Colours refers to colours and pigments. Over the centuries the palette of art history has been determined by precious mineralogical and biological pigments that were obtained from ground semi-precious stones, processed metals, and earth, seeds and plants – materials that did not always bear the test of time; in the course of time white lead e.g. turned black.

The link between the theme ‘True Colours’ and contemporary jewellery design is obvious. From time immemorial the significance and appreciation of jewellery have pre-eminently been determined by colour.

From the use of gold or silver to enamels and mineralogical and biological stones : colour is a language. In the seventies and eighties it became manifest how rich this language is. The application of textiles and Perspex in jewellery led to a new form language and use of colour – an important stage in the emancipation of contemporary jewellery design.

True Colours is about the history, meaning, value, magic and power of the language of colour.  »
  A technical jury selects fifty to seventy designs which are on show in an exhibition during the SIERAAD fair, where the winners of NTJ are also officially announced.


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