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EXPO ‘URBANIA’ – Luke & Eloy Gallery, Pittsburgh (USA) – 10 avril-22mai 2010

 URBANIA (The Urban Experience)

Group Show exploring how artists view, and experience urban life.

URBANIA looks to provide insight into a range of issues related to the urban environment. We are interested to explore how artists view the change that has occured in metropolitan areas over time, how they see cities and towns functioning today, and how artists would like to see challenges of the future addressed.

In Collaboration with the Associated Artists of Pittsburgh

concerning jewelry : Michael Dale Bernard (USA) (Art Jewelry) & Robert Longyear (USA) (Mixed Media Installation/Art Jewelry)

URBANIA - Michael Dale Bernard 'Metro Bus Exit Necklace'
Michael Dale Bernard – « Metro Bus Exit Necklace »

Reminds me the Belgian designer Liesbet Bussche who creates jewelry for urban space….



5169 Butler Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15201

Contact Luke & Eloy Gallery

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