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Mirla FERNANDES, Bresil – latex jewelry

PARTICIPE actuellement  à  l’ EXPO ‘Walking the Gray Area’ Galeria Emilia Cohen, Mexico – 15 April-15 Mai 2010  (cf article)

Mirla FERNANDES- necklace - 'FE-Pluto' serie
Mirla FERNANDES- necklace – ‘FE-Pluto’ serie - latex, pigments

« Contemporary Jewelry is to me an excellent media such as painting, drawing or sculpting are. It is an art form.
When I am working I engage in a process. I chose to work with a minimum of tools: most of my work has been done using my bare hands: molding and painting the pieces. I create for the body and with my body, so I let traces of my moves appear in the pieces.
«  (Mirla Fernandes)

Mirla FERNANDES- Brazil - Heranca Necklace (latex, paint, porcelain)
Mirla FERNANDES- Brazil – Heranca Necklace (latex, paint, porcelain)


« …… I came in contact with Mirla’s work several years ago when I showed her work in a small exhibition on design from countries of the southern hemisphere. I was very impressed by a small and very simple piece: a pendant formed by a single line of silver and latex. It was hard to tell where the silver ended and the latex started. I later learned that latex was her material of choice. Its paint-like qualities allows her to work between two disciplines: painting and jewellery. When working with silver, Mirla doesn’t cast, smith or bend; instead she applies direct fire to the silver, as a brush in a melted metal painting.
Mirla Fernades has a background in biochemistry and visual arts, which enables her to develop techniques that push the possibilities of the materials to the limits. She works with a minimum of tools; molding and painting her pieces by hand to get the maximum from the most pure way of production. She produces highly wearable ornaments, but does not pursue the virtuous techniques of traditional jewellery. Instead, she uses a much more gestural approach, allowing a subtly fierce expression to take over each piece. Her highly conceptual work often deals with matters related to the historical past and the social reality of her birth country which she represents in a poetic and plastic manner.
Furthermore, Mirla has devoted her time and energy to the promotion and education of contemporary jewellery in Brazil. Her project Nova Joia aims become a bridge between jewellery artists from Brazil and the rest of the world.
Through her work as an artist, jeweler and cultural promoter, Mirla Fernandes is a great contributor to the international landscape of contemporary jewellery. » (Valeria Vallarta Siemelink (Otro Diseno Foundation The Netherlands, February 2010))

Mirla Fernandes 'Riv Anda Hit' 2010 - latex, pigments -EXPO GRAY -Mirla FERNANDES- necklace 'Pluto' 2009- Latex, paintMirla Fernandes- Fe 2008 -necklace - latex, mineral pigments
Mirla Fernandes ‘Riv Anda Hit’ 2010 – latex, pigments -(EXPO Gray Area)-
necklace ‘Pluto’ 2009- Latex, paint
Fe 2008 -necklace – latex, mineral pigments

Mirla FERNANDES - Ring- Longing for the body 2004 - latexMirla FERNANDES- 'FE-Pluto' serie - ring 'FE' 2008 - latex, mineral pigmentsMirla FERNANDES- ring 'Pluto' 2009- Latex, paint
Ring- Longing for the body 2004 – latex
‘FE-Pluto’ serie – ring ‘FE’ 2008 – latex, mineral pigments
ring ‘Pluto’ 2009- Latex, paint


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