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EXPO ‘A nadie le amarga un dulce…’ – « Dulcería de Celaya », Mexico city – 17 avril-5 mai 2010

A jewellery exhibition by Felieke van der Leest & Laura de Alba

EXPO- dulce

(Felieke, van der Leest – Brooch ‘Lolo Pop’ Textile, crystal beads, metal)

EXPO 'A nadie le amarga un dulce...' -

« Traditional Mexican candies are as mestizo as Mexicans themselves. Milk and bread came from Europe to meet the native fruits, nuts, berries and flowers, such as chocolate and vanilla, pumpkin, cactus fruit or amaranto seeds. Over 120 varieties of sweets born from the marriage are still sold at Dulcería de Celaya: camotes or  yams mashed into little tubes, glazed and individually wrapped; tepopozte, made from hominy, cinnamon, aniseed, brown sugar and sage leaves; nogada, walnut-based chocolate nougat made with sugar, eggs and butter; muéganos, hollow flour balls coated with caramel, then sprinkled with nuts and palanqueta – peanut brittle.
For the past century-and-a quarter, the place to stock up on such classic Mexican candy both for locals and foreign has been Dulcería Celaya at the Historic Center of Mexico City.  The shop opened in 1874 and, since 1900 it has been located at the Art Nouveau building at the bustling  street of Cinco de Mayo. Originally located at Calle de Plateros (or Street of the Silversmiths), the orated interiors of Dulcería de Celaya could not serve as a better scenery for the meeting of two jewellery artists: Mexican Laura de Alba and Dutch Felieke van der Leest.
Felieke van der Leest is a story teller, who has brought the use of textile art to a new dimension, crocheting impossible animals and fantastic characters. Laura de Alba is a textile artist whose ideas often end up turning into frolicking ornaments. Together, they converse about history, tradition, color, textiles and jewellery and present a small exhibition of their work that, for two weeks will coexist with the cheerful and capricious forms of Mexican sweets. »

Felieke van der Leest, Rings, Laura de Alba, Necklace,
Felieke van der Leest - rings « Candy Rabbit » Textile
Laura de Alba - necklace « Mascara I » Textile, found objects, candy

DSC_9856-560x371 dans Exposition/Exhibition
Laura de Alba - necklace « Mascara I » during exhibition – Textile, found objects, candy 

DSC_9855-560x371 dans Felieke van der LEEST (NL)
Felieke, van der Leest – Brooches ‘Lolo Pop’  during the exhibition – Textile, crystal beads, metal

DSC_9854-560x371 dans GALERIES
Felieke, van der Leest 



Evenements parallèles à « Walking the Gray Area« 


Dulcería de Celaya, Mexico City
Avenida Cinco de Mayo 39
06000 – Mexico City (Mexico)
Telephone: +52 55 5521 1787

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