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wire jewelry by Ines Schwotzer

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Ines Schwotzer is a jewelry and accessory designer who lives and works in the small town of Feilitzsch, Ggermany. She has worked as a freelance designer since 1995, creating her own pieces and working for the likes of fashion house chanel. Many of her works are done in stainless steel using non-tradition technique she learned through textile background. Using thin wire, Schwotzer weaves and braids the metal to create delicate works that contrast the coldness of the material.

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Ines Schwotzer wire jewelry

German artisan, Ines Schwotzer’s wire frame jewelry is like no other seen before. Her 3D jewelry stands apart from the typical wire work we see. That’s because Ines uses her own unique weaving and braiding frame style technique gleaned from her background as a textile designer. She has an interest in bobbin lace making and that is reflected in her finely wrought work.

She uses mostly fine stainless steel wire although some of her work is with gold plated silver. Stainless steel is difficult to work with so her skill with this material is astounding.

ines schwotzer wire jewelryines schwotzer

Les bijoux en métal de la designer allemande Ines Schwotzer sont assez étonnants. Elle utilise des techniques habituellement associées aux textiles, comme le tissage et le tressage. Résultat: les bijoux en métal de cette créatrice dégagent une impression de légèreté et de fragilité… des effets que l’on associe rarement à l’acier!

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