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EXPO ‘Georg Dobler & Margit Jaschke new jewelry’ – Mobilia gallery (USA) – 12 mars-24 avril 2010

 Georg Dobler & Margit Jaschke : New Jewelry

« The jewellery of Margit Jäschke exemplifies different, mutually inspiring artistic genres. Combining materials of different “value” from gold and silver to papier-maché, corals, rubber and glass, Margit Jäschke’s jewellery coalesces to ornamental pieces bearing an archaic touch or strangely symbolic works that are all governed by the ideal of “veracity”. With an eye for the detail, sensuous poetry and smiling irony, Margit Jäschke creates jewellery that tends to surprise, attracting attention and unfolding into fantastic idiosyncrasy »
Margit JaschkeMargit Jaschke  2
Margit Jaschke  3Margit Jaschke  4
 Margit Jaschke (DE) – brooches & necklace

Georg DOBLERGeorg DOBLER 2Georg DOBLER broochgeorg Dobler_StagBeetle-shadow brooch
Georg Dobler (DE) brooches
Georg Dobler  - »Stag Beetle-shadow » brooch

« Georg Dobler … is a designer of wearable objects of an experimental character. In all his work one can see signs of his reflections on nature, art, and design. With great persistence he constantly examines these three components, the ways that they interconnect, and also their autonomy from one another, tending sometimes more towards the one pole or to the other, and occasionally emphasizing a point in a highly provocative way. Apart from a sheer delight in experimentation, he has always succeeded in expressing his unconfined pleasure in creating beautiful items of jewelry. » (Eva Maria Hoyer, Georg Dobler: Schmuck 1980-2000)

 » beautiful items of jewelry« : oh oui ! coup de coeur pour cet artiste, son travail des couleurs, des formes, son travail des pierres :-)


Mobilia Gallery
358 Huron Avenue
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138 (USA)
Phone: 1-617-876-2109


Eva Maria Hoyer, Georg Dobler: Schmuck 1980-2000
Verlag: Schliwinski u. Eickhoff (2000) – 96 pp
ISBN-10: 3924494134
ISBN-13: 978-3924494131
a l’air très …. épuisé (cité uniquement sur – aucune photo de couverture …

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