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COUP de COEUR ! 2ROSES jewelry – recycle your electronic components !

Les 2ROSES ??? iconoclastes joyeux, « testeurs d’assemblages nouveaux » ! réjouissant !
d’ailleurs (et ça ne m’étonne pas !) ils étaient présents à l’exposition « Humor in Art & Craft » à la Luke & Eloy Gallery (USA)

2-Roses is a life long collaboration between Corliss Rose and John Lemieux Rose. Each is a master craftsman in their own right, and together they encompass a formidable range of expertise across a wide range of mediums


« We just hate to throw anything away. So there we were looking at a huge stack of old computer floppy disks. What a marvelous material this turned out to be. The disk part itself is a very tough and durable polyvinyl film that has an incredible reflective quality. This is the first design using this material, and we’re just getting warmed up. » (bracelet « Flipity Floppity » exposé à « paper or plastic » (Luke & Eloy Gallery) et qui m’a fait découvrir les « 2roses »)

COUP de COEUR ! 2ROSES jewelry - recycle your electronic components ! dans 2Roses (US) brac19

bracelet « Flipity Floppity » – computer floppy disks

brac04 dans COUP DE COEUR
  »Bubble » bracelet – Acrylic, Bubble Wrap, Fine Silver Ribbon

neck27 dans
« Hi Tek Mosaic » necklace- Sterling Silver, 24kt Gold, Circuit Board, Electronic Components

« Recycled electronic components (ie resistors, diodes, chip sets etc) combine to add color and texture to this necklace. Components are set on tubes of varying diameters and length. This necklace demonstrates what your cell phone, toaster, computer or CD player looks like when its turned inside out. « 

neck38 dans Gal. Luke & Eloy (US)
« Resistor » Necklace  - Necklace of electrical connectors, gold accents & sterling silver with silver clasp

« This is the initial piece in the Hi Tek series, and the result of a grant we received from a large electronics manufacturer. The concept behind this piece addresses the transitory nature of value. The components used in this piece have a combined value of well over $10,000. Because they had been deemed « non-conforming » (they don’t meet specification) their value immediately became zero. By using the components in a piece of jewelry value is reinstated. Its all in how you look at it. »

On en revient au grand questionnement du bijou contemporain : quelle est sa valeur ? quelle est son rapport avec la/une valeur ???

neck37 dans plastiques
« Polyvinyl Nouveau » Necklace – Recycled Plastic, Sterling, Bronze, Fabricated

« This was created while on a quest to making the ultimate macaroni necklace (!!). You know, taking the lowest material you can find, and doing something inappropriately extravagant with it. In this case, it is the ubiquitous white it is the ubiquitous white plastic grocery bag. The bags were cut and woven onto a sterling chain. This took a LOT of bags and about three months to complete. The black « thingys »(I believe that is the correct technical term) are copper wire coated with plastic dip. The centerpiece is cast bronze. Its a very comfortable piece to wear, but you gotta be ready for a lot of attention. » (and I suppose, a lot of sweat ! ;-) )


vous pouvez voir leur travail sur Flickr
ils vendent également leurs bijoux sur …. mais pas toutes ces belles pièces !!! :-( ((

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