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COUP de COEUR ! Camilla Prasch – jewelry with movement

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Camilla Prasch challenges the perception and experience of jewelry. Using lightweight commonplace materials, she creates “space consuming” jewelry with movement that becomes as much of the experience as the form.

Camilla Prasch, Bracelet, 2002

Camilla Prasch - bracelet ‘Registriert – Möbel’ – Paper pricetags, text, nylon string 2002

« I create Readymades and conceptual objects for the body out of recognizable everyday objects.
My work consists of making visible the invisible (spatial installations) as well as the forgotten and overlooked through my choice of material in my conceptual objects for the body. Space invading jewellery that takes shape and comes to life when worn on the mobile, living body.
My “craft” also exists in my head, in the conceptual materialisation of the immaterial with no predetermined bindings of material.
I register, measure and describe. In this way I decode and comprehend the world.

Camilla Prasch, Ring, 2009Camilla Prasch, Bracelet, 2004
Camilla Prasch - ring: Mega 1/7 2009 Red died snap fasteners, nylon thread, silicone discs – 31 X 11 cm Limited edition, 7 numbered pieces
Bracelet ‘Verlängert Fünf’ 2004 – Snap fasteners, nylon thread, silicone discs – From the solo exhibition « Time out Objects » which was rewarded by The Danish State Art Foundation

COUP de COEUR ! Camilla Prasch - jewelry with movement dans Camilla PRASCH (DK) 01PraschCamilla Prasch, Neckpiece, 2004
glovechain skin necklace, 2004; calfskin, thread; sewn. This piece is part of Prasch’s Angezogen (dressed) series of accessories that are between jewelry and clothing
Neckpiece ‘Handschuhkette Gummi’ 2004 – Rubber gloves, cotton thread

Armbånd ‘ Fangarm-rør’ - 2003 – Røde nylontryklåse, silikoneskiver (nylon rouge, plaquettes de silicium (?))
Camilla Prasch, Bracelet, 2004Camilla Prasch, Neckpiece, 2004
Bracelet ‘Kragenstück’ – Snap fasteners, nylon thread  2004
Neckpiece ‘Kragenstück’  2004 – Snap fasteners, nylon thread

Camilla Prasch, Necklace, 2009Camilla Prasch, Neckpiece, 2010
Necklace ‘Ineinander’ Paper pricetags, cotton strings 2009
Neckpiece ‘Nichts in Rot’ 2010 Polyester thread


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