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COLLECT 2010 – annual fair for contemporary craft – Saatchi Gallery, London (UK) 14-17 mai 2010

Relaunched at the Saatchi Gallery in May 2009, COLLECT has an enviable reputation as a premier, annual fair for contemporary craft. Through its presentation of work from the best international applied artists, COLLECT has become a prestigious event in the international cultural calendar gaining the respect and support of many private collectors, museum curators and galleries.

COLLECT 2010 - annual fair for contemporary craft - Saatchi Gallery, London (UK) 14-17 mai 2010 dans Arek WOLSKI (PL) collect_logo

This year over 400 artists will exhibit work at COLLECT, represented by galleries from the UK and Ireland, Central Europe and Scandinavia as well as the United States, Japan and Australia. First-time exhibitors for 2010 include the Netherland’s Flatland Gallery and London’s Galerie Besson. COLLECT 2010 is also delighted to welcome back Swedish gallery blås&knåda, London-based Cockpit Arts, Ruthin Craft Centre from Wales and Liverpool’s Bluecoat Display Centre. COLLECT 2010 will cover all disciplines including ceramics, glass, jewellery, silver and fine metalwork, textiles, and wood and furniture.

COLLECT 2010 exhibiting galleries:
Alternatives Gallery, Italy | blås&knåda, Sweden | Bluecoat Display Centre, UK | Bullseye Gallery, USA | Clare Beck at Adrian Sassoon, UK | Cockpit Arts, UK | Collection Ateliers d’Art De France, France | Contemporary Applied Arts, UK | craftscotland, UK | Cultural Connections CC, UK | Dovecot Studios, UK | Electrum Gallery, UK | Flatland Gallery, Netherlands | Flow, UK | Galerie Besson, UK | Galerie Louise Smit, Netherlands | Galerie Marzee, Netherlands | Galerie Ra, Netherlands | Galerie Rob Koudijs, Netherlands | Galerie Rosemarie Jäger, Germany | Galerie S O, London | Galerie Sofie Lachaert, Belgium | Galleria Norsu, Finland | Galleri Format, Norway | Gallery Kunst1, Norway | Glass Artists’ Gallery, Australia | Joanna Bird Pottery, UK | Katie Jones, UK | Lesley Craze Gallery, UK | Marsden Woo Gallery, UK | National Craft Gallery, Ireland | Ruthin Craft Centre, UK | Sarah Myerscough Fine Art, UK | Terra Delft Gallery, Netherlands | The Scottish Gallery, UK | Yufuku Gallery, Japan

29145_394281933908_729948908_3882181_2884565_n dans Benjamin LIGNEL (FR)
Mette Saabye – « Ocean of Birds » Necklace 2010


Jeweller members of Klimt02 present at Collect 2010
Tobias Alm, Fabrizio Tridenti, Mari Ishikawa, Hanna Hedman, Lina Peterson, Christa Lühtje , Helen Britton, John Iversen, Benjamin Lignel, Arek Wolski, Mette Saabye, Terhi Tolvanen, Doris Betz, Estela Saèz Vilanova, Ralph Bakker, Beppe Kessler, Iris Eichenberg, Iris Bodemer, Sara Borgegard, Willemijn de Greef, Ruudt Peters, Philip Sajet, Lucy Sarneel, Julia Walter, Karl Fritsch, Constanze Schreiber, Bettina Speckner, Peter Hoogeboom, Gemma Draper, Ted Noten, Katja Prins, Felieke van der Leest, Francis Willemstijn, Sebastian Buescher.

fdb650a2 dans Beppe KESSLER (NL)
John Iversen – « joint effort » bracelet – silver, 18k yellow gold


Saatchi Gallery
King’s Road
SW3 4SQ – London (UK)
Telephone: +44 (0) 207 806 2500
Fax: +44 (0) 207 837 6891

EXPO ‘Manon van Kouswijk : Hanging Around, the Pearl Chain Principle’ Galerie Ra, Amsterdam (NL) – 22 Mai-19 Juin 2010

 Manon van Kouswijk : Hanging Around, the Pearl Chain Principle

EXPO - Manon van Kouswijk- Hanging Around, the Pearl Chain Principle

« Making archetypal bead necklaces runs like a red thread through my work. In this exhibition a new series of porcelain necklaces are on show plus a selection of my bead necklaces from the last fifteen years.
As well as making bead necklaces, I’ve always gathered visual material of all types of phenomena in which I can trace the idea of a bead necklace. This material is just as non-hierarchical as my interest in this jewellery phenomenon. Various aspects of this material come to the fore: the thread, the knots, the beads, the repetition, the necklace as a system, as a language, the bead as a particle and the ‘visual synonyms’ – all kinds of things in which the principle of a bead necklace is recognisable, but which, in fact, are not necklaces. Over the years this making and collecting of material have become increasingly more obsessive.
Based on photos of my necklaces and my visual archive, I’ve put together an artist book in collaboration with Uta Eisenreich and Esther de Vries.
By showing the collected images alongside my own necklaces, each bead necklace becomes an all-embracing piece of information played out on all kinds of levels – from a supernova in the universe to the smallest particle of tangible matter. » ( Manon van Kouswijk)


Galerie Ra
Vijzelstraat 80
1017 HL – Amsterdam
Telephone: 020 6265100
Fax: 020 6204595

Warning message from Klimt02 about « Baltic Jewelry News » Association

Classé dans : www Klimt02 — bijoucontemporain @ 2:27
Written by adam
14.01.2010 / 09:23:09 hrs.
In March of 2009 a group of contemporary jewelry artists were involved in a show sponsored by the “Baltic Jewelry News” association. Some of you may have received a similar notice for submission to the “For You” show that was held in connection with the “Amber Trip” event. The show was completed and three artists were chosen to receive three cash prizes for the work submitted, as the “For You” show was advertised as a competition. Ulla Ohola, Nathalle Perneel, and Adam Grinovich were informed via phone that they had been awarded prizes for the competition. Shortly afterwards emails were sent to each of the winners asking for bank account numbers for transfer of funds. “Baltic Jewelry News” also promised to send the work back in a quick and timely manner after the shows close. 

Problems began immediately after this point. As the work slowly started coming back several pieces were missing and/or damaged. Two works were received damaged, and three other pieces are still missing altogether. None of the artists had contact with one another, so respectively each artist felt that this was an isolated mistake. It wasn’t until an email addressed to all of the participants of the show was written that we realized that many people had damaged and missing work. Furthermore, all attempts to contact the “Baltic Jewelry News” association, whether it was by email, or phone were completely ignored by them.

One participant in particular Iris Bodemer, receive back work of a high value that was packed incorrectly and damaged beyond repair. After weeks of correspondence by mail and phone Iris finally got to the point that the “Baltic Jewelry News” association would compensate her 250 Euro for her work, a fraction of what the work was worth (1500 euro gallery price). This also took much compromise, pleading and frustration on the part of the artist. In addition Iris had to call the head of the organization Giedrius Guntorius, whom treated her with disrespect.
Another participant, Danni Schwaag, received only one of three pieces back, which, were broken as well, due to poor packaging. The other two pieces are lost. After many calls and emails, as well as a sent letter with a demand for payment, she got the answer that the association is unable to pay. Their absurd compromise was a page about the artist in their Baltic Jewellery magazine.

As of today, almost a full year after the exhibition, only one of the three winning artists have been paid.

It is our feeling, the participants of the “For You” show hosted by the “Baltic Jewelry News” association, that the organization acted in a dishonest and unprofessional manner. We strongly advise any professional artist not to submit work to the “Baltic Jewelry News” association or person connected with them.

This entire ordeal consumed many precious hours of our time and caused us an intense amount of anxiety and frustration. Our goal with this letter is not to exact a form of revenge on the “Baltic Jewelry News” association, but to prevent any practicing jewelry artist from having to go through what we have put up with for the past several months.


Adam Grinovich, Iris Bodemer, Danni Schwaag


EXPO ‘Helfried Kodré : Jewellery & Sculpture’ – Galerie Slavik, Vienne (Austria) – 4 Mai-12 Juin 2010

Helfried Kodré
« After a 18 year long break, (Kodré a graduated Art Historian with a strong love for Italian architecture, and was teaching at the University of Vienna for ten years), he started to create again in the early 1990ies. With new forms, a completely new approach, having learned and being trained with a new, broad and analytic vocabulary, but in his familiar artistic language. He never stops, he always goes on, improving, refining, contouring, shaping – and bounding himself to be consequent. He still chooses the materials he always preferred, and his sculptures, too, show the extraordinary skill of a self-trained perfectionist. »
Helfried Kodré - jewelry

Helfried Kodré, Brooch, 2008Helfried Kodré, Brooch, 2008
 Helfried Kodré - brooches – Silver, glass  &  Silver, turquoises

Helfried Kodré, Brooch, 2008Helfried Kodré, Pin, 2008
Helfried Kodré - brooch, silver, amazonite –  ring, silver, turquoises

EXPO 'Helfried Kodré : Jewellery & Sculpture' - Galerie Slavik, Vienne (Austria) - 4 Mai-12 Juin 2010 dans Autriche (AT) 102210Helfried Kodré, Bague
Helfried Kodré - ring, silver, lapislazuli – ring, gold, silver, turquoise, bronze, 2007

Helfried Kodré - brooch


Galerie Slavik
Himmelpfortgasse 17
A-1010 – Vienna (Austria)



‘Helfried Kodre: Vedere L’invisible’ - by Ellen Zilioli – Arnoldsche Verlagsanstalt GMBH (2007)(english text)- 96pp.

EXPO ‘Boris Bally & Seth Papac ‘ – Velvet da Vinci Gallery, San Francisco (USA) – 1 Mai-14 Juin 2010

EXPO ballypapac affiche

Seth Papac, Chatelaine, Seth Papac, Neckpiece,

Seth Papac - chatelaine with removable necklace, pendants and objects – Sterling silver, brass, aluminum, enameled steel, plastic,fiberglass, glass, rubber, paper, resin, powdered enamel
Seth Papac - neckpiece with removable necklace, pendants and objects, redblackleopard – silver, acrylic, plastic, mirrored mylar, glass, rubber, black and white ebony, leopard fur, resin, powder coated steel, silver leaf

All images from Seth Papac at Velvet da Vinci Gallery, All images from Seth Papac at Velvet da Vinci Gallery,
Seth Papac « leopardantlers » brooch  –  Seth Papac « redlamp » brooch

Seth Papac‘s fascination with 17th century European parures, a matching jewelry set comprised of modular components, influences his current work. Papac’s work transforms and disassembles from one piece into another; necklaces become bracelets and earrings, chatelaines contain removable necklaces and objects. His broad range of materials, from traditional metal and enamel to found objects, wood, string, and leather, become narrative works of wearable jewelry or objects.

« My interest in jewelry as a medium of art is its site – the body. Much as the function of architecture is to house, to display and protect paintings and sculpture, the body acts as a literal, metaphorical and conceptual structure for jewelry. Placed on this site, jewelry acts as a personal signifier of taste, attitude, belief and history.
The formal and compositional focus is targeted at an investigation and interpretation of parures, a term from Old French for a set of various items of matching jewelry, which rose to popularity in early 17th century Europe. Cleverly the parure was modular and could be disassembled into different parts or easily remade to stay fashionable. An inherent narrative is created through this interchangeability. How does a collection of objects interact? How does this change when the collective group is disassembled? How does this disassembly affect the overall narrative?
Jewelry for, about, reflecting on a character provides the conceptual focus of the work. Through materials, processes, color, form and specific constructs of these variables my work describes settings/interiors/environments that impart a specific taste or style that then in turn speaks of a particular kind of character or personality.
 » (Seth Papac)

Boris Bally brooches

Boris Bally transforms recycled street signs, weapon parts, and a wide variety of found materials into objects for reflection. He rivets and forms the hand-selected signs, which he purchases from cities. These pieces celebrate raw American street-aesthetic in the form of objects, often useful, for the home and the body.


Velvet da Vinci
2015 Polk Street
CA 94109 – San Francisco
United States
Telephone: 415.441.0109
Fax: 415.386.2492


EXPO ‘bloß keine Steine – no gems, please’

Exhibition at the Galerie GEDOK (Munich), during SCHMUCK 2010
« bloß keine Steine, no gems, please « 


artists : Kerstin Becker, Susanne Elstner, Monika Jakubec, Michaela Köppl, Kristina Kundt, Gabriele von Miller-Lehsten, Daniela Osterrieder, Renate Schmid, Renate Scholz, Ines Schwotzer, Gottlinde Singer, Monika Vesely, Hanni Weber.

Susanne Elstner, Brosche
Susanne Elstner, brosche


galerie GEDOK
Elisabethstr. 13 RG,
80796 München (DE)
pour voir les oeuvres exposées :


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