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Warning message from Klimt02 about « Baltic Jewelry News » Association

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Written by adam
14.01.2010 / 09:23:09 hrs.
In March of 2009 a group of contemporary jewelry artists were involved in a show sponsored by the “Baltic Jewelry News” association. Some of you may have received a similar notice for submission to the “For You” show that was held in connection with the “Amber Trip” event. The show was completed and three artists were chosen to receive three cash prizes for the work submitted, as the “For You” show was advertised as a competition. Ulla Ohola, Nathalle Perneel, and Adam Grinovich were informed via phone that they had been awarded prizes for the competition. Shortly afterwards emails were sent to each of the winners asking for bank account numbers for transfer of funds. “Baltic Jewelry News” also promised to send the work back in a quick and timely manner after the shows close. 

Problems began immediately after this point. As the work slowly started coming back several pieces were missing and/or damaged. Two works were received damaged, and three other pieces are still missing altogether. None of the artists had contact with one another, so respectively each artist felt that this was an isolated mistake. It wasn’t until an email addressed to all of the participants of the show was written that we realized that many people had damaged and missing work. Furthermore, all attempts to contact the “Baltic Jewelry News” association, whether it was by email, or phone were completely ignored by them.

One participant in particular Iris Bodemer, receive back work of a high value that was packed incorrectly and damaged beyond repair. After weeks of correspondence by mail and phone Iris finally got to the point that the “Baltic Jewelry News” association would compensate her 250 Euro for her work, a fraction of what the work was worth (1500 euro gallery price). This also took much compromise, pleading and frustration on the part of the artist. In addition Iris had to call the head of the organization Giedrius Guntorius, whom treated her with disrespect.
Another participant, Danni Schwaag, received only one of three pieces back, which, were broken as well, due to poor packaging. The other two pieces are lost. After many calls and emails, as well as a sent letter with a demand for payment, she got the answer that the association is unable to pay. Their absurd compromise was a page about the artist in their Baltic Jewellery magazine.

As of today, almost a full year after the exhibition, only one of the three winning artists have been paid.

It is our feeling, the participants of the “For You” show hosted by the “Baltic Jewelry News” association, that the organization acted in a dishonest and unprofessional manner. We strongly advise any professional artist not to submit work to the “Baltic Jewelry News” association or person connected with them.

This entire ordeal consumed many precious hours of our time and caused us an intense amount of anxiety and frustration. Our goal with this letter is not to exact a form of revenge on the “Baltic Jewelry News” association, but to prevent any practicing jewelry artist from having to go through what we have put up with for the past several months.


Adam Grinovich, Iris Bodemer, Danni Schwaag


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