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COUP de COEUR ! Mariana Sammartino – plissages de métal

Former industrial designer Mariana Sammartino fashions jewelry by manipulating metal into delicate, organza-like layers..

Superbes plissés de métal qui rappellent très justement, comme le suggère le titre d’un de ses bracelets : « Miyake », les plissés textiles du couturier Issey Miyake.

« I grew up in Argentina, and I’ve spent most of my adult life living, studying, working, and traveling in several different countries. I currently reside in the United States.
In search of my own identity against the backdrop of shifting settings and diverse cultures I’ve become a keen observant and critic of my surroundings.
I’m deeply provoked by the clashing and intersecting between the natural and the man-made in urban environments, a relationship that can be simultaneously contradictory and complimentary. In their interaction I discover abstract spatial relationships that I perceive as still images, yet as hardly static. Those framed formal compositions are altered by the observer’s view point, preconceptions, and disposition.
I’m interested in exploring the dynamism of the object relative to the perception and interpretation of those who engage in it: the maker, the viewer, and the wearer.
In my work I translate the coexistence of conflict and harmony by bringing together dissimilar materials to rely upon each other. Modern, industrial, tough, austere stainless steel in the form of mesh cloth becomes a pliable, sensuous, graceful component supported by minimal and geometrically severe silver or gold structures downplaying their opulence and preciousness.
I’m inspired by the inherent characteristics of stainless steel mesh. I’m intrigued by the possibilities it offers for exploration and expression. I enjoy removing it from its original context and assigning it a new purpose, letting the material respond to or resist my ideas. I transform an industrial commodity into a prized object by making thoughtful design, intuitive material manipulation, and thorough process integral to the entire concept.
My jewelry reflects the constant mélange, disparity, and contradiction that occurs within myself and my surroundings, and it’s the product of my need to create harmony assembling different elements that merge in a balanced whole.
While my background in architecture and industrial design has helped shape my current work, in the metalsmith’s studio is where I’m able to develop both as a designer and maker, being in complete control of the piece from conception to realization. I’ve been a full time studio jeweler for the past five years producing one of a kind and custom work. «
Mariana SammartinoAvenida Atlantica’ bracelet-Stainless steel mesh, gold, diamonds (Photo: David Katz)
« Sonora » brooch
« Cruz del Sur » Bracelet    —   « Miyake » Bracelet
    « City of Lights » Brooch 

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