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EXPO ‘STFZ.EKO’ – Legnica (Pologne) – 3rd weekend May 2010 (15-16 mai 2010)

Goldsmithing Artists’ Association Exhibition

« An idea that has been in preparation for two years, and finally is ready : an exhibition called « STFZ. EKO. » Premiere during the Silver Fair in Legnica, on the third weekend in May 2010.
The reason such a theme of the competition was an observation that « in the projects and works presented by goldsmith artists at galleries and museums it is easy to notice that the natural world, animals, plants and humans has been an inspiration for a lot of us. » Indeed, the submitted works are a kind of mine of ideas taken from nature, associated with nature, or providing an idea for successful recycling. The last group includes such objects as a scourer, fish tin, or a necklace made of both primary recycled elements. In other categories there was a really wide variety: spelt, cinnamon, felt, honeycomb, walnut, wood, stones found on a beach, leaves, insects, birds, dried fruits, organic partridge eggs, flowers, coffee, tea, and of course, amber. The products were combined, in surprising ways, with silver, steel, copper, glass, plexi or acrylic. Altogether 57 works were submitted by 31 contestants – the Goldsmithing Artists’ Association members.
Wojciech Rygało, an exhibition curator said: « We were surprised with high attendance, which means the topic is interesting and catchy. We were also very impressed with the variety of the work submitted – although all the works were kept around the « ecological » theme, yet the technical solutions and combinations of materials were really impressive. I am convinced that a really interesting exhibition will be created of these works, and it will be shown in different places in Poland: first off, in Legnica, and then in a few other interesting places. » » (Anna

Jewellery of Elżebieta i Tomasz Szupienko
Elżebieta i Tomasz Szupienko – amber jewelry

«  Exhibition STFZ.ECO presents works of members of the Goldsmithing Artists’ Association, which took part in the discussion about status and condition of world of nature. They show by the forms of jewellery its beauty and excellent composition, but also destructive human activity. It is the constructive, sometimes critical or even aggressive, sometimes gentle and subtle, but above all very authentic voice.« 

EXPO 'STFZ.EKO' - Legnica (Pologne) - 3rd weekend May 2010 (15-16 mai 2010) dans Agnieszka BRUZDA (PL) Anna_GawlowskaWojciech_Rygalo dans ambre / amber
Anna Gawłowska      —     Wojciech Rygało

Hanna_i_Jacek_Zdanowscy dans Exposition/ExhibitionMichal_Majewski dans Gal. Legnica (PL)
Hanna i Jacek Zdanowscy     —    Michał Majewski

Marta Bogusz i Eugeniusz Gowkielewicz, Agnieszka Bruzda (honourable menton of STFZ), Jacek Byczewski (honourable menton of the Gallery of Art), Danuta Czapnik, Maryla Dubiel, Anna Gawłowska (honourable menton of the Gallery of Art), Marek Huculak, Joanna, Tadeusz Jaworscy i Sylwia Żebrowska, Paweł Kaczyński, Stanisław Kędzierski, Joanna Kilanowicz-Bosek, Zofia i Witold Kozubscy, Ryszarda i Tomek Krzesimowscy, Oliwia Kuczyńska, Wojciech Lach, Michał Adam Majewski, Zbigniew Michałowski (honourable menton of STFZ), Joanna Mirecka – Szuleta, Mariusz Pajączkowski (honourable menton of STFZ), Jacek Paluchowski, Jan Pomianowski, Kamilla Rohn, Ewa Rudowska, Wojciech Rygało, Wojciech Skowron, Magdalena Stajszczak, Tomasz Stajszczak, Elżbieta i Tomasz Szupienko, Jerzy Szymula, Radosław Szwed (honourable menton of STFZ), Marcin Tymiński, Urszula Wasilewska (honourable menton of STFZ), Jan Wiszniewski (honourable menton of STFZ), Anna Wojdan, Tadeusz Ziętara, Hanna i Jacek Zdanowscy 

(THANKS to Gallery Sztuki for information & pictures !)

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