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EXPO ‘Ana Cardim: Not for sale’ – Silke & the gallery, Anvers (BE) – 29 mai-26 juin 2010

 Ana Cardim : Not for sale

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« In a time when « I think therefore I exist » seems to have been replace by « I have therefore I exist », all seems to be for sale, and all seems to be monetarily valued on the “stock market of perversion” generated and managed by the existing capitalist system. This system doesn’t give due importance to the needs of the individual because the individual itself is compelled to integrate that very same materialist system to ensure his survival on the stage of useless looks, leading to suffering and sense of desperation when they cannot be achieved. The “empire of matter” is predominant, but it does not truly value the Human Being is its authenticity.
The “Human-Being” can and should predominate over the “human-Having”. It’s important for me to empathize that there are “immaterial things” that cannot be traded has products, like trust, friendship, love, memories, dreams, joy, innocence, hope, etc. They are values whose true essence ban any kind of financial valuing, but that manifest themselves as values that permit the satisfactory and genuine richness of the Human Being.
The work « Not For Sale » is born out of the analysis on the clash between the economic crisis that can now be felt globally and the growing crisis of values that accompanies it. The pieces are presented as pins (silver and gold) over photography. « 

Ana Cardim, Pin, 2007 Pin Project
Ana Cardim – ‘Garbage Pin’ 2007 Silver, plastic bags, plastic wire
The Garbage pin project : (…) The proposal consists in asking the carrier to make use of the piece in a conscious manner during 5 consecutive days. Through this period of time, s/he will experiment with it and choose the contents to put on the plastic bags according to her/his perspective and reflections originated by this project.

 Ana Cardim, Pin, 2007
Ana Cardim – pin ‘I am a Jewel’  Paper, metal, plastic  2007
 Bracelet ‘Swing Bracelet’ 2007 – Acrylic, adhesive Velcro
Pendant ‘Ice&Spicy’ 2007 – Silver, acrylic, spicy

« The concept of Contemporary Jewellery is wide and is expressed sometimes in antagonistic ways through its different manifestations. Within those, two extremes become evident: on one hand the typology of multiple adornment object managed by functional notions of design, on the other, the typology of the unique piece related to the subjective poesis of the so called author jewellery.
Nevertheless, under the same label of Contemporary Jewellery, one can distinguish another platform that nourishes itself from the previous ones adding an intervention and/or social critic role, able to trigger life mechanisms and to create occasional parallel realities that configure them as a productive platform of shared sense.
Analysing the jewel through the notion of place, we can be conscious of the potential inherent to its characteristics, independently of any subjacent typology.
Besides the jewel being itself a place – such as a painting, a sculpture or an installation –, it presents the particularity of inhabiting a mobile place: the body.
The body is its place of support; its place of communication that, at the same time, carries it to different places. In this sense, the jewel can be understood as a place of dialectic between the intimate sphere and the public sphere since whoever carries it comes from his private space showing himself with the jewel in the public space. This mobility confers the jewel with a privileged character as social communicator that, on one hand, can be presented as a symbol of belonging or identification with a determined group or social class and, on the other hand, can be presented as an expression device generator of critical speech in the public sphere.
This jewel’s potential reconverted in a sociability space and/or place of discussion – able to establish dynamic dialogs, of creating and recreating public opinion –, is the followed path in my last works. Projects as Garbage Pin, Urban Help, Clean Your Mind, Book Ring and I am a Jewel, introduce and illustrate the device jewel concept as a performing object.
In this way, I understand that the jewel could operate through transversal platforms that – without loosing its original referent – push the common borders of the Contemporary Jewellery concept, touching present dynamics in the theoretic frame and at the practices of the designated Current Art.
The most of my jewels can be reproduced in series .  » (Ana Cardim)

EXPO 'Ana Cardim: Not for sale' - Silke & the gallery, Anvers (BE) - 29 mai-26 juin 2010 dans Ana CARDIM (PT) home1

Silke & the Gallery
Steenhouwersvest 49
B 2000 – Antwerp
Telephone: +32 (0)474 78 01 32

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