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EXPO ‘Blooming Fantasies …’ – Craft2eu, Hamburg (Germany) – 12 Mai-16 Juil. 2010

Craft2eu – Agency and Gallery for European Craft & Design

EXPO 'Blooming Fantasies ...' - Craft2eu, Hamburg (Germany) - 12 Mai-16 Juil. 2010 dans Claudia WESTHAUS (DE) 42_bluehende_Fantasien_webteaser

« Blooming Fantasies …
…are at play. They recycle plastic and transform it into delightful objects, let precious metal blossom, create ceramic picture puzzels and trickle glassy colours. In the wonderland of tiny and great objects stories full of humor and poetry are told. Put them on your finger, drink your tea from them, fill them with flowers and go on spinning them into your own flowering fantasies.« 

Juen_do_you_have_01 dans Exposition/Exhibition
Lisa Juen – brooch ‘do you have a map because I’ m lost in your eyes’ – Steel, fake nails, nail varnish, enamel, gold leaf, silver leaf, Cubic Zirkonia, glass, polyester, cotton, fresh water pearls, LEDs, fabric, plastic, light switch – 2009 – from  serie Yesterday Is a Different Day’
Nora Rochel (DE) – necklace ‘Secret Garden Collier’ 2009 whitened silver

rochel_Ring_01 dans Gal. Craft2EU (DE)
Nora Rochel - ring

Westhaus_VomBalkon_01 dans Lisa JUEN (CN)
Claudia Westhaus - brooch ‘Vom Balkon’ Silver moving elements 2008


content-and-container-cup-with-ring-01 dans Nora ROCHEL (DE)content-and-container-necklace-two-01 dans Pia PASALK (DE)
Pia Pasalk - object ‘Coffe Cup AND Ring while drinking’ Porcelain 2009
The concept-based designs ignore the boundaries between jewellery, product design & fashion

04ba2ac06a dans www Klimt02
Kathie Murphy – bangle


Nora Rochel,  Melanie Nuetzel, Lisa Juen, Andrea Borst, Claudia Westhaus, Antje Dienstbir, Rebecca Wilson, Pia Pasalk, Caroline Saul, Solenne Morigeaud… among others.


Craft2eu – Agency and Gallery for European Craft & Design
Eppendorfer Weg 231
20251 – Hamburg (Germany)
Telephone: 0049-(0)40-480 928 22/24
Fax: 0049-(0)40-480 928 22/24

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