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EXPO ‘Mia Maljojoki – Fireworks’ – Silke & the gallery, Anvers (BE) – 12 juin-12 aout 2010

Mia Maljojoki - Fireworks

« I freeze moments. Fireworks take many forms to produce. They primary effects come from noise, light, color, smoke and floating materials. My work is formed by motion, mood, and play between intention and result. I cast, wash, bite, scratch, throw, scrub, break, and pour. This can last a few minutes or can be done in layers taking many months. Can’t emotion be solid ?« 

Mia Maljojoki- fireworks- 2010
Mia Maljojoki - fireworks- 2010  (photos Mirei Takeuchi)


«  In my jewellery artwork, I capture moments from my daily life in the form of physical objects that can be worn by others. I record subtle spaces in plaster. They are physical expressions of feelings and experiences with that which I use everyday. I reflect on simple common objects such as my bedpost, the doorknob of my favorite café, plastic spoons from the local ice cream shop, visits with a friend, or the touch between a mother and a child. Yet each one defines the horizon of an emotional landscape that I experience daily. I cast my own body and the bodies of friends and family. Each piece has captured a moment of my life, and has a means by which I can connect and reconnect to others.«  (Mia Maljojoki)

EXPO 'Mia Maljojoki - Fireworks' - Silke & the gallery, Anvers (BE) - 12 juin-12 aout 2010 dans Belgique (BE) 20651_317214129120_618124120_3438029_4449187_n

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B 2000 – Antwerp
Telephone: +32 (0)474 78 01 32

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