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Découverte – Maria GOTI – « Asturias…a natural pasadise »

El viejo balancín by MaRía GoTi.
María Goti -  bague de la série ‘El viejo balancínque j’ADORE tout particulièrement !
Plata oxidada y texturizada de 925 milésimas, Oro de 18 kt y Perlas Cultivadas

« My passion for jewelry is due to my restless personality and my love for art, promoted from childhood by my family. My collections are very diverse because of this concern so I feel totally identified with the work I do. I live in Asturias, which is defined as a natural pasadise, so my inspiration comes from the environment around me: nature, sea, mountaions… Starting from a classical jewelry learning I try to evolve into new forms of artistic expression, experimenting with new techniques and finishes. Many times the material itself inspires me and shows me the way to create. Above all I love working with and for unique stones. » (Maria GOTI)

Broche El Viejo Balancín by MaRía GoTi.Pendientes El Viejo Balancín by MaRía GoTi.
María Goti - brooch ‘El viejo balancín‘ – Oxidized silver, gold and pearls  2010
pendientes El viejo balancínPlata Oxidada, Oro y Perlas / Oxidized Silver, Gold and Pearls.écouverte - Maria GOTI -
María Goti - necklace ‘Metal Naïf‘ 2010 Oxidized silver and drusy quartz & ring

très jolie série “métal naïf” également …. bref, à voir ! -)
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