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Ode to F. – Hommage de Mona Wallström à sa grand-mère

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J’ai une « crise_vaisselle_blanche » en ce moment, entre les expo céramique de la galerie Helène Poréeet celle de la Fondation Bernardaud à Limoges ….. ;-) et j’ai trouvé émouvant cet hommage de Mona Wallström à sa grand-mère ………

Ode to F. - Hommage de Mona Wallström à sa grand-mère dans ceramique ode_to_f_titel

plus_0_a dans COUP DE COEUR looking_at_you dans Mona WALLSTROM (SE) fjellerup dans Suede (SE)
looking_at_me plus_0_b hawkeye



« F. was my grandmother. She was a strong, active and very central person in my family. I loved her very much. She had lived through hard times, many sorrows as well as joy, and still had a good life. Her home was a meeting place for people in the village and there was always someone hanging around, sometimes as a long-term stay but also just coming by to say hello. F. was a dedicated social democrat and loved Olof Palme and has their sign, the rose, on her tombstone.
F. liked to redecorate her home, but she only had things that were useful. Things that were given to her she really tried hard to find use for, but if it didn´t succeed she gave them away.
When we were shopping she was concerned about everything she was buying. Looking at china she was always looking at the bottom side to check the quality.
When she died there only left the things she used for her everyday life – no nostalgia, nothing gathered and left.   » (Mona Wallström)

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