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Wearable Barbie Art – Margaux Lange

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« I’m an Art jeweler who « re-Members » Barbie fondly. I make jewelry out of salvaged Barbie doll parts and hand fabricated sterling silver. Barbie was immensely important in fueling my creative life as a child, and ironically continues to be such for me as an adult. My Plastic Body Series Jewelry Collection is the result of my life-long fascination with the icon, and a desire to re-purpose mass produced materials into handmade, wearable Art. » (Margaux Lange)

« My collaboration with Mattel™ continues !  6 exclusive made-to-order Margaux Lange jewelry designs are now available through the web shop (some in limited editions) « 

Wearable Barbie Art - Margaux Lange dans Margaux LANGE (US) F6427_9993_mainScreen+shot+2010-06-03+at+9.39.44+AM dans recup' / recycled
Smile earrings
cast sterling silver Pinwheel Shoe Ring

Jean+brooch2 dans SHOP

evolution d’une broche ….


Margaux lange !!!!!!!!!!

Margaux Lange !!!!!!!!!! :-)

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  1. Lara dit :

    J’adore cette artiste ! L’idée est vraiment originale et les bijoux sont réussis !

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