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PORTES OUVERTES JUIN 2010 – AFEDAP (Paris) – 25-26 juin 2010

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L’AFEDAP, association pour la formation et le développement des arts plastiques, vous présente sa promotion 2010.

afedap portes ouvertes juin 2010

Au cours de cette année d’apprentissage intensif, des idées ont pris formes et sont devenues bijou.
L’exposition des 25 et 26 juin vous invite dans les univers de nos diplômés 2010 :
Les Bijoutiers Métier d’Art, les Designer Bijouterie Joaillerie et les Bijoutiers Créateurs Contemporain
Seront présentés également les travaux de nos stagiaires de 1ère année.
Les cursus sont ouverts à tout public à partir de 18 ans, jeunes, adultes en reconversion, mais aussi professionnels désirant approfondir leurs compétences.
L’AFEDAP depuis 1993, participe activement au renouveau du bijou contemporain en France, dans sa mission d’enseignement et de développement des métiers de la bijouterie.


15 rue Henri Murger
75019 – Paris (FR)
Tél. : 01 42 02 04 14
contact pour information : Caroline Poincignon

COUP de COEUR ! Soyeon KIM – révolution polie

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Soyeon‘s Graduate works while pursuing MFA degree in Metal/Jewelry at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign during 2007 – 2009.
She is currently teaching Introductory and Advanced Metals classes to undergraduate students, gaining experiences in teaching in hopes to become an educator at the university level.  She is also focusing in her body of work for thesis, which will be exhibited at the Krannert Art Museum in April 2010.  

Flower Pot Rings, 2005 by Soyeon Kim.
Soyeon Kim- Flower pot rings – 2005 -  sterling silver, hollow constructed

Sensual Elegance, 2009 by Soyeon Kim.
Soyeon Kim- ‘Sensual elegance’ 2009 fine silver, glass beads, coral beads

Sponge Blue, 2008 by Soyeon Kim.
Soyeon Kim- Sponge blue – 2008 – sponge, porcelain, enamel, 24k gold lustre, sterling silver

j’hésite pour cette pièce entre les morceaux de sucre ou des petits carrés de pain de mie … mais le résultat final, ce bleu-nuit profond à coté, m’attire inmanquablement …. à chaque fois que je vois cette photo, sur le net, je clique dessus pour aller voir ….. il y a des affinités, comme ça ….

Urbanity IV, 2009 by Soyeon Kim.
Soyeon Kim- ‘Urbanity IV’ – 2009 – (necklace pendant) – porcelain, copper oxides, clear glaze, 24k gold lustre, sterling silver, lichen, polyester resin

Lace Black, 2009 by Soyeon Kim.
Soyeon Kim- ‘Lace Black’ 2009 – collected lace, glass beads, porcelain, sponge, sterling silver

Lace Flesh, 2009 by Soyeon Kim.Lace Ice Pink, 2009 by Soyeon Kim.
Soyeon Kim- ‘Lace Flesh’ 2009 – sterling silver, glass beads, lingerie lace
Soyeon Kim- ‘Lace Ice Pink’ 2009 sterling silver, glass beads

lichen and mica, 2009 by Soyeon Kim.
Soyeon Kim- Lichen and mica – 2009 lichen, mica, tree bark (collected in Penland, North Carolina) sterling silver

Hoops, 2009 by Soyeon Kim.
Soyeon Kim- ‘Hoops’ 2009 – collected orphan earrings, fake gold, pre-owned necklace chain.
(have a look at the « one lost earring project » !! LOL )

COUP de COEUR !  Soyeon KIM  - révolution polie dans COUP DE COEUR
Soyeon Kim- Urbana, Ill – red earrings 2010 Glass and Silver

Ces bijoux me donnent une sensation de doux, de calme, de délicat, de policé….  pour tout dire, un cliché de « l’asiatique » ….  et sous cette douceur et ce calme -des formes, des matières, des couleurs- une ébullition sous-jacente -d’idées, de mises en forme, d’associations de matériaux- une révolution faite en douceur, révolution dans le sens où l’on a fait le TOUR de la question ….


COUP de COEUR ! Sandra KOCJANCIC (Slovénie)

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« Sandra Kocjancic was born in Koper-Slovenia. She is a jewellery designer and she use gold, silver and cooper wires in combination with precious and half precious stones, pearls, metal and other available materials (even trash material). She use a technique of crocheting that enables her to design all possible pattern combinations, which means a great variety of outstanding final creations. Her jewellery collection consists of a wide range of tipes of jewellery and her necklaces, bracelets, rings etc. are exhibited into the most known galleries, mostly in Ljubljana, Triest and Madrid. She work with some fashion designers and stylist upgradeing theirs collections with her creations. In this case the jewellery is used as an ornament, completing the suit or sewn in as a part of it. This kind of technique is useful in obtaining a great range of fashion accessories of designs styles, especially for a high fashion textile designing. »

COUP de COEUR !  Sandra KOCJANCIC (Slovénie) dans COUP DE COEUR SK+Jewellery-7368SK+Jewellery-7363 dans metal
silver ring -  earrings

n623746066_501390_2885 dans Sandra KOCJANCIC (SI)

n623746066_994180_8065 dans Slovenie (SI)7135_140439991066_623746066_2498796_7530982_n dans techniques textiles




EXPO ‘Teach us to outgrow our MADNESS’ -Platina Gallery, Stockholm (Suede) 27 Mai- 19 juin 2010




EXPO 'Teach us to outgrow our MADNESS' -Platina Gallery, Stockholm (Suede) 27 Mai- 19 juin 2010 dans Exposition/Exhibition Miro

«  Karen Pontoppidan (DK) is currently a professor at Konstfack, the University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm.
Miro Sazdic´ was born in former Yugoslavia, but moved to Sweden at an early age. She was educated at Konstfack in Stockholm, and has for some time now been teaching there. The title of the exhibit, « Teach us to outgrow our madness« , is borrowed from the Japanese author, Kenzaburo Oe. It refers to transition, the desire to evolve into a state of wisdom, but touches also on our need for others to help us learn.
Both of these artists are in the midst of life and they cast their gazes both forward and backward in time. They both look back on childhood, with its intuitive games and the non-learned attitude to the world that a child possesses.
The exhibit is divided into two rooms, illustrating childhood and the transition into the adult world.

miro-5 dans Gal. Platina (SE)Karen_Pontoppidan1 dans Karen PONTOPPIDAN (DK)Karen_Pontoppidan dans Miro SAZDIC (YU)
Miro Sazdic – 1976
Karen Pontoppidan – « Family portraits’ (I et II)

The first room places us in childhood. The floor is covered in feathers that move fleetingly in accord with the movements of the visitors. Who hasn’t, as a child, followed a feather’s peaceful journey through the air and been amazed at its path?
And Karen Pontoppidan adds,
« If the room has been deserted after a pillow fight or if it reminds us of a dreamlike childhood wish, this we leave to the visitor to decide. »
Miro Sazdic´ is showing works that she, resembling a child at play, has tried to create intuitively, without the already learned, which can create more walls than open fields. She focuses on creativity as a meditative process, where time and space is forgotten in favor of the freedom of here and now. Like the young child, still uninfluenced by the age in which he/she lives and before entering into the teenager’s fear of being ostracized from the group. The jewelry she shows is not like anything we have seen before, either. The pieces she calls « 1976 » initially appear to be large, lumpy pieces of jewelry, but if we look closer we see an endless number of stitches and seams and realize at once that lots of time and strong emotions have been the prerequisites for these pieces. « Gate keepers » is a series of amulets. They represent hope and the potential of being rediscovered and are intended to be worn inside one’s clothing.
Karen Pontoppidan centers her work, « Family Portraits« , around the family we are born into – to a life we have not chosen, but been assigned to; people with different personalities who are securely linked together generation after generation. She illustrates family structures and portrays in her jewelry images of people who, close beside each other, mirror the family we know or do not know.
« The portraits used in this work are not of real, existing human beings. The drawings are representing different personalities. I have used them to illustrate different family structures », says Karen Pontoppidan.

miro-7 dans Prix/AwardsKaren_Pontoppidan3 dans Suede (SE)
Miro Sazdic - ‘phantom Limb’
Karen Pontoppidan – ‘Home’

When we enter the second room of the exhibit, we step into the adult world. This room differs from the first one and produces an entirely different atmosphere.
On the floor, we can read a text that will be erased during the exhibit, caused by the movements of the visitors through the room. Like a story and a memory that slowly diminishes as time passes. As adults, we now have the opportunity to reflect upon the choices we’ve made, simultaneously accepting the fact that others dictate our actions.
In the series, « Home« , Karen Pontoppidan looks forward in time, at the homes we humans create in order to thrive and feel secure on an everyday level, the ways we want to feel and situations in which we feel we belong. Home consists accordingly of not only a physical place, but even of the feeling of being at home that we can experience in the material world and our relationships with other people.
The material she uses is pewter from melted down heirlooms. By destructively melting down old objects, she illustrates the artistic process of passing something on, to create a new home for the objects that were inherited for generations.

Miro Sazdic´ shows here a series she calls « Phantom Limb« . She says that we are born as original, individual beings and, as teenagers and adults, we are molded to fit into a group. If that which is individual in each child falls outside of the framework for the group’s consensus, it is regarded as a negative trait and the child risks being expelled.
« What is regarded as being deviant for the group is for the individual unique. And what is generally accepted for the group becomes then deviant to the individual, for it then demands the elimination of something basic, individual and self-evident », Miro Sazdic´ adds.
The pieces she is showing are like bandages, wrapped several times around emptiness. It is as if she has fostered the phantom emotions that can haunt our minds, resembling the presence of ghosts in the otherwise so perfect world, which we grown-ups try in vain to create. » (Sofia Björkman Platina, May 2010)


Platina Gallery
Gallery, Shop and Studio for contemporary jewellery Since 1999
Odengatan 68,

Stockholm, Sweden,
+46-8-300 280
Open Tuesday – Friday 11-18, Saturday 11-15


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