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COUP de COEUR ! Sandra KOCJANCIC (Slovénie)

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« Sandra Kocjancic was born in Koper-Slovenia. She is a jewellery designer and she use gold, silver and cooper wires in combination with precious and half precious stones, pearls, metal and other available materials (even trash material). She use a technique of crocheting that enables her to design all possible pattern combinations, which means a great variety of outstanding final creations. Her jewellery collection consists of a wide range of tipes of jewellery and her necklaces, bracelets, rings etc. are exhibited into the most known galleries, mostly in Ljubljana, Triest and Madrid. She work with some fashion designers and stylist upgradeing theirs collections with her creations. In this case the jewellery is used as an ornament, completing the suit or sewn in as a part of it. This kind of technique is useful in obtaining a great range of fashion accessories of designs styles, especially for a high fashion textile designing.« 

COUP de COEUR !  Sandra KOCJANCIC (Slovénie) dans COUP DE COEUR SK+Jewellery-7368SK+Jewellery-7363 dans metal
silver ring -  earrings

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