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Daniel KRUGER – a surprising twist to the familiar

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« Born in South Africa and living in Germany, Daniel Kruger has exhibited extensively since 1980 and has taught around the world.
‘His transformative eye as a goldsmith converts jewellery traditions into new revelations and awakens our thinking to alternative jewellery stories. Banal jewellery types become exalted by a freedom to simplify, decorate and conjure the unpredictable. The formal language of an earlier era is given new meanings in found objects, to convey courtly and personal themes.’ » (RMIT)

Daniel KRUGER - a surprising twist to the familiar dans COUP DE COEUR 364

366 dans Daniel KRUGER (DE)

« Daniel Kruger is a versatile artist. Not just his disciplines – he makes both ceramics and jewellery – but the variety of his ideas and themes. Much of his inspiration is from historical and ethnic sources. Sometimes his work sticks closely to the original, but Daniel’s approach is always from the position now, giving a surprising twist to the familiar. His work has a typical Daniel Kruger signature which is unmistakably contemporary.
In recent years, Daniel has focused on necklaces. Prominent, powerful and bold. They connect with the personality of the wearer. I can imagine that this is jewellery which you would wear the rest of your life …  » (Paul Derrez)

Daniel Kruger - necklace 2004 – Silver, pearls, silk

Earrings 2006 – silver, silk, coral 

15 dans Gal. DeuxPoissons (JP)
Brooch 2001 / silver, jasper, onyx

1.2 dans Gal. Funaki (AU)
Ear studs 2006 -  750gold, coral, lapislazuli  – 750gold, coral, turquoise

Ring 2003 – silver, malachite, mountain coral
Ring 2003- silver, jasper, onyx

galeries FUNAKI, Deux Poissons

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