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COUP de …. BLUES ! Sharon Lindsay Ferguson (IRL)

« My approach to working with textiles is eclectic in that I am essentially a collector and my work is a consequence of this infatuation. I collect memories, thoughts, images, snatches of conversation, colours and objects. These fragments combine to form the ideas that in turn shape my work.
During the past year I have worked in varying media to develop my applied art ranging from digital and screen printing to hand and computerised embroidery and 3D constructed textiles.
The pieces shown here are part of a series of work related to childhood stories and dreams, and how they relate to our lives and shape our imagination by influencing our subconscious with their illogical nature and meaning.« 

COUP de .... BLUES !  Sharon Lindsay Ferguson (IRL) dans COUP DE COEUR ferguson-440x440

Sharon Lindsay Ferguson ‘The Butterfly Wing Portrait’, 2007 – Neckpiece: Plastic/rubber mix base, carved, sewn together, dyed, lined and embellished with stitch and found objects. (Photo David Pauley)


Craft Northern Ireland (CraftNI)

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