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EXPO ‘Magpie new adventures in jewellery’ – Taupo Museum (New Zealand) – 6 mai-29 juin 2010

Magpie new adventures in jewellery celebrates a highly distinctive generation of New Zealanders who are redefining contemporary jewellery.

EXPO 'Magpie new adventures in jewellery' - Taupo Museum (New Zealand) - 6 mai-29 juin 2010  dans Exposition/Exhibition thumb_MagpieLrgList
Pauline Bern – « Mend »

29020_380179172013_174816722013_3900673_2960639_n dans Kristin D'AGOSTINO (NZ)
Kristin D’Agostino

This feast of extraordinary works showcases over 20 jewellers – from international stars such as Lisa Walker, Pauline Bern and the members of the Weeds Collective to a wave of recent tertiary graduate jewellers. What connects them is an approach to making that grows from and responds to an increasingly diverse array of materials.
A strong interest in textile traditions is a key feature but it doesn’t stop there. Plastics, felting, cockle shells, latex, postage stamps, cake tins, old coins, jigsaw puzzles and product packaging all pour forth from a veritable global cornucopia. In these jewellers’ hands discarded waste and cheap ‘$2 shop’ goods are as ‘precious’ as silver and gold.
Magpie is curated by Tim Walker, former director of The NewDowse and has been commissioned in association with Taupo Museum. Schools and community workshops will be available.

84602-55967-14 dans Lisa WALKER (DE/NZ)taupo museum magpie3
84604-55967-14 dans MUSEEtaupo museum 5


Magpie – New adventures in jewellery features : Pauline Bern, Robyn Singh, Lisa Walker, Ilse-Marie Erl, Renee Bevan, Sharon Fitness, Nadene Carr, Joanna Campbell, Mary Curtis, Fran Allison, Rachel Bell, Andrea Daly, Jennifer Braithwaite, Victoria McIntosh, Ross Malcolm, Cath Dearsley, Shelley Norton, Matthew McIntyre Wilson, Karen Michaud, Jacqui Chan, Anna Ward (Carr), Kristin Toller, Jhana Millers, Octavia Cook.

Magpie – New adventures in jewellery is on at Taupo Museum until 29th June 2010.

Jhana Millers, Charm Bracelet
Jhana Millers, Charm Bracelet

5 dans Nlle Zelande (NZ)
Lisa Walker

Lisa Walker

« Jeweller-designer Kristin D’Agostino is interested in exploring the community aspect of contemporary jewellery. Walk and talk with her around streets of central Taupo for an hour.
Working with the Magpie exhibition theme she has chosen 9 sites to correspond with the Magpie nursery rhyme « One for Sorrow », a traditional children’s nursery rhyme about magpies. According to an old superstition the number of magpies one sees determines if one will be lucky or not.

One for sorrow, two for joy,
Three for a girl, four for a boy,
Five for silver, six for gold,
Seven for a secret, never to be told,
Eight for a wish, nine for a kiss,
Ten for a time of joyous bliss.

Participants will be asked to keep a magpie’s eye out and collect objects along the way from which you will make a work of your own when you return to the museum.« 

Magpie Artist Talks
Saturday 8th May, 2pm
Sunday 9th May, 2pm

Magpie Workshops
Charm, Tiding, Murder: a Magpie view of Taupo – Kristin D’Agnostino
Saturday 8th May 12pm – 2pm
Sunday 9th May 12pm – 2pm
Contact Taupo Museum
Ph: 07 376 0414


 Taupo Museum, 4 Story Place, Taupo (NZ)


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