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COUP de COEUR ! COULEUR(s) ! Joanna Gollberg

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I just CAN’T resist to Joanna Gollberg prong settings jewels !!
necklace -malachite, fluorite, blue topaz, green amethyst, sterling silver - ROYAL !!

COUP de COEUR !  COULEUR(s) ! Joanna Gollberg dans COUP DE COEUR n36079846467_1445172_7181
ring – prong series – fabricated. oxidized sterling silver, amethyst, pink tourmaline
sunny brooch
Joanna Gollberg- metal ring and pendant
stacked caged necklace

moss & coral ring by joannagollberg.2 moss ball brooches by joannagollberg.
moss & coral ring
2 moss ball brooches- coral, fake moss, diamond, sterling



COUP de COEUR ! pour une ….. Sou Brette !

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« Sou Brette was conceived in 2005 by Muqliza Imroni, in Jakarta, Indonesia.
Inspirations for Sou Brette grow out of everything and find their way into Muqliza’s senses. What she sees, hears, feels, and touches are then translated into an intimate yet tangible recognition of these abstract reverie.
She believes a piece of jewellery is timeless and protean. Whether the person is just starting to bloom or getting along in years, going for lunch with friends or out to an evening dance, a piece of jewellery will find its way in.
Currently 24 years of age, Muqliza has been working independently and collectively in a multitude of media: fashion, illustration, textile, to name a few. Despite this collection of interests, her distinctively bizarre, eclectic, and self-indulgent touches have been consistently evident. »

« Sou Brette’s newest collection, Runic, was inspired by tales of an apocalyptic future. Narratives so destructive that color had become a memory of the past. Most of the materials used in Runic were drawn by that concept: cotton ropes, polished metal, safety pins, and Sou Brette’s staple element, resin.
Runic is meant to symbolize humanity’s desire to make the best out of any situation, to embody the beauty in despair, and to empower the beauty from within. The future is ancient. »
« Puramis » necklace
‘Plus ça change ‘ necklace- Pinifix plastic cross with encased safety pins on metal chain necklace

‘Triple Puramis’ – plastic, silver and fabric choker



découvert grâce au blog « Come Una gazza ladra » (très bonnes sélections !)

à shopper on line chez Kabiri !

bijoux de France, bijoux « bonbec » en résine

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bijoux de France, bijoux

« Elles sont faites à la main à Chantenay. Dans la boutique du Museum of modern art de la Grosse pomme, les bijoux des Pingouins racontent un peu de Nantes.
On en mangerait ! Couleurs acidulées, formes tendres, toucher velouté, ces bijoux ressemblent à des bonbecs. Bracelets, bagues, pendentifs, broches naissent dans l’atelier des Pingouins à Chantenay.

Blandine Berthelot et Matthieu Rébillard sont deux Pingouins créateurs de bijoux made in Chantenay.< /> » width= »377″ height= »249″ /></p>
<p><font size=Créée en 2004, la petite entreprise de Blandine Berthelot et Matthieu Rébillard ne connaît pas la crise. « Nous en vivons tous les deux mais on ne roule pas sur l’or pour autant ! », sourit Blandine, ancienne étudiante en design. Leurs créations épurées, accessibles, habillent aussi bien les élégantes des bords de Loire que celles d’Anvers, Tokyo ou San Francisco. « La boutique du Moma à New York est un de nos meilleurs clients. » Un bon filon, ces échoppes de centres d’art contemporain que le duo voudrait développer, à travers notamment sa participation aux grands salons européens.
Tout part de cette résine polyester, achetée liquide et translucide en fûts de 220 kg. « Lors de son dernier stage, Matthieu a travaillé la résine. À l’époque, j’étais très branchée bijoux, je planchais sur la couleur, je me suis dit que la résine offrait d’énormes possibilités. » Brillante, mat, translucide, cette matière permet de jouer à l’infini sur les textures. Dans leur atelier, près des chantiers de l’Esclain, la résine passe entre les bras de machines très spécialisées. Moulée, durcie, poncée, elle devient parure multicolore. « Moins dure que le verre, elle se raye plus facilement mais est moins cassante. » Dans leur collection cohabitent des modèles d’origine plébiscités, accessibles (entre 20 et 30 €), et des produits « sur lesquels on se lâche un peu plus en création », plus chers, comme les colliers Paula.
En septembre, le nouveau site internet des Pingouins permettra la vente en ligne. D’ici là, rendez-vous avec Blandine et Mathieu à la boutique du musée des Beaux-arts de Nantes à la fin du mois. » (Magali GRANDET –

paula_01_BD dans Les Pingouins (FR)paula_03_BD dans plastiquespaula_06_BDpaula_07_BDpaula_08_BD7935_134178301171_134159431171_2660435_6408658_n
gamme ‘polair’ 


Les Pingouins, vente directe à l’atelier, du lundi au vendredi, 23, boulevard de Chantenay. Téléphoner avant au 02 40 58 60 23. Collection des Pingouins à voir sur :


23 boulevard de Chantenay
44100 NANTES

EXPO ‘Arline Fisch : Creatures from the Deep’ – Bellevue Arts Museum, USA – 22 juin-11 oct 2010

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For almost forty years, world-renowned jeweler Arline Fisch has pioneered the application of textile techniques in the creation of jewelry, but she has rarely forayed outside this realm. Creatures from the Deep, originally commissioned by Racine Art Museum in 2008, challenged the artist to bring her work to a grand scale, using knitting and crocheting techniques to create ‘families’ of jellyfish out of her signature color-coated copper wire.

Arline Fisch, Creatures from the DeepCreatures from the Deep
Arline Fisch – ‘Creatures of the Deep’, 2008 – Coated copper wire

Each of Fisch’s ‘families’ in the installation varies dramatically in form and color, suggesting different species of jellies. A series of corals and sea anemones rest below, all fabricated in the same very small gauge of wire through hand and machine knitting and hand crochet.

Fisch first explored jellyfish in her silver work in the mid-1960s, fascinated by their many forms and brilliant colors, and then revisited the form in a necklace based on the Lion’s Mane Jellyfish in 1999. For this commission, she again chose the creature as her theme, inspired by Racine Art Museum’s proximity to the waters of Lake Michigan. The larger-than-life sea creatures in Fisch’s installation, now traveling for the first time, seem right at home in the Puget Sound. Suspended in air and swaying together in the galleries, they submerse visitors in a captivating and otherworldly undersea environment.

Arline Fisch is a perennial figure in the metals community and author of the book Textile Techniques in Metal, published in 1975, 1996 and 2001. She currently holds the title of Professor of Art Emerita at San Diego State University.

Arline Fisch, Corals (detail)Arline Fisch, Orthocannas (detail)
Arline Fisch – ‘Corals’ (detail), 2009 Coated copper wire
Arline Fisch – ‘Orthocannas’  (detail), 2008 Coated copper wire  (Photos:  William Gullette)

Arline Fisch: Creatures from the Deep is organized by the Racine Art Museum, Racine, Wisconsin. This exhibition is made possible by Racine Art Museum


Bellevue Arts Museum (BAM)
510 Bellevue Way NE 
Bellevue, WA 98004  (USA)
tel  425.519.0770

EXPO ’2nd annual “Earrings Galore” group show’ – Heidi Lowe Gallery, US – 22 mai-6 juill. 2010

The second annual “Earrings Galore” group show at Heidi Lowe Gallery will showcase dozens of artists this year. From 6-9 p.m. Saturday, June 12, the gallery will host an opening reception in conjunction with Rehoboth Beach’s “Mosaic” art walk.
“Last year, ‘Earrings Galore’ was one of our most successful shows,” gallery owner Lowe said. “This year I am finding a new, fun, and unexpected way to display the earrings. The type of earring someone wears can say a lot about the person. So, I am displaying a lot of different styles to appeal to as many women as possible. The display will only enhance the earrings’ ‘cool factor’.”
The complete show will be on display until July 6 and features artists from across the United States as well as London. A partial display will be on display through September.

EXPO '2nd annual “Earrings Galore” group show' - Heidi Lowe Gallery, US - 22 mai-6 juill. 2010 dans Allyson BONE (US)
Melissa Borrell

Anya Kivarkis earrings

35805 dans Amy TAVERN (US) dans Anya KIVARKIS (US)
The Opulent Project- Costume Costume: Ring-Top Earrings -2010 -Enamel Painted Brass, Silver
Eliana Arenas Orange Earrings – 2010 – Mixed Media

 dans Colleen HEINEMAN (US)
Soyeon KIM – White and Pink Earrings -2010 – Pearls, Glass and Silver

 dans Eliana ARENAS (MX) dans Exposition/Exhibition
Yevgeniya Kaganovich - Pearl and Rubber Earrings-2010 -Pearls, Rubber,  Silver

 dans Gal. Heidi Lowe (US)
Mary Pearse – Crowning Earrings – 2010 – Silver
Lynette Andreasen earrings
Lynette Andreasen – more earrings  !!

ARTISTS : Lynette AndreasenEliana Arenas — Megan Auman — Jill Baker Gower — Arden Bardol — Thyra Bessette — Kristine Bolhuis — Allyson BoneMelissa Borrell — Brenda Bregman — Ashley Buchanan — Laura Buckland — Raissa Bump — Analya Cespedes — Jim Charles — Susannah Fitz — Christina Goodman — Colleen Heineman — Annie Hinkes — Sarah Holden — Janet Huddie — Chris Irick — Yevgenia Kaganovich – Janis Kerman — Soyeon Kim — Kristin Lora — The Opulant Project Jimin ParkMary Pearse — Beth Pohlman — Shella Robinson — Alice Roche — Jessica Rosenkratz — Hyseung Shin — Amy Tavern — Jennifer Theokary — Stephanie Tomczak — Katja Toporski — Karola Torkos — Ben Ulsh — Veleta Vanza — Stephanie Voegele — Sadie Wang — Stacey Webber


35891 dans Jill BAKER GOWER (US)
Karola Torkos (UK) – Cluster Hoops -2010 -plastic, silver

35912 dans Jimin PARK (KR)

Stephanie Voegele -Lime Green Chandelier Earrings- Plastic, flock, paint, epoxy, nickle silver – 2010




Heidi Lowe Gallery
Innovative Jewelry Studio
328 Rehoboth Avenue
Rehoboth Beach, Delaware (DE) 19971

EXPO ‘Addition and Subtraction’ – Heidi Lowe Gallery, US – 19 juin-13 aout 2010

« Two new collections of jewelry will be exhibited at Heidi Lowe Gallery as part of the Rehoboth Beach art loop from 6-9 p.m. Saturday, July 10. The opening of “Addition and Subtraction” by Sarah Loertscher and Gayle Friedman will be on display through Aug. 13.
“This show contrasts two women jewelry artists who are dissimilar in many ways but are harmonious in others,” gallery owner Lowe said. “The juxtaposition of Sarah’s complex yet specific shapes with Gayle’s free-form pieces showcases the broad spectrum of styles that fall under the umbrella of ‘art jewelry’. Despite this, they both use similar materials and techniques to reach two different conclusions.”
For those who cannot attend the Saturday opening, Heidi Lowe Gallery will host an opening for locals from 6-9 p.m. Tuesday, July 13. Tuesday was selected because there is less traffic and more parking than during the weekend.
Seattle-based artist Loertscher received a bachelor’s degree in metalsmithing from Ball State University in Muncie, Ind. Friedman is from Washington, D.C., and uses unexpected materials in her jewelry. »

EXPO 'Addition and Subtraction' - Heidi Lowe Gallery, US - 19 juin-13 aout 2010 dans Exposition/Exhibition
Sarah Loertscher (US) -  Structure Jewels Earrings – 2010 – Sterling Silver

 dans Gal. Heidi Lowe (US)
Gayle Friedman (US) -  Earrings – 2010 – Silver



Heidi Lowe Gallery
Innovative Jewelry Studio
328 Rehoboth Avenue
Rehoboth Beach, Delaware (DE) 19971

COUP de COEUR ! Jesse Mathes : « Elizabethan » neckpieces

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« An early interest in beaded jewelry led to a focus on Jewelry and Metalwork courses where Jesse Mathes was encouraged to create work outside the realms of traditional body adornment, and to unite craft with fine art. She spent a semester studying abroad at the University of Dundee in Scotland where she became interested in the clothing of Queen Elizabeth I.  Upon returning from this experience she began studying costume design, and started creating work inspired by historical clothing.  She entered the graduate program in Jewelry and Metalsmithing at Indiana University in 2001 where she was encouraged to continue exploring unconventional body adornment.   After completing a Masters of Fine Arts degree in  2004, she opened Gallery Mathes in Terre Haute, Indiana which featured contemporary jewelry and fine craft.« 

COUP de COEUR !  Jesse Mathes :
Ruff - Copper, Prismacolor

perspace08 dans Jesse MATHES (US)
‘Rebato’ - Aluminum

perspace02 dans USA
Elizabethan Collar, Two - Copper, Prismacolor


Jesse Mathes, featured in the David CollectionJesse Mathes, featured in the David Collection
Sphere Necklace, silver.-
Crotched green copper wire disk Necklace (
both The David Collection)


COUP de COEUR ! Andrea Janosik, silver & leather jewelry

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Andrea Janosik, Slovaquian, is a graduate from Parsons School of Design & Eugene Lange College, New York, with a BA/BFA in product design/metals and creative writing. After graduating, she continued her education at the New York Studio School of Painting and Sculpture and the Lern Ort Studio, and later at the School of Fine Arts in Düsseldorf, Germany. Ms. Janosik has exhibited at “SOFA” in both New York and Chicago, and many other galleries And museums in the US and Germany. In 2008 she exhibited in a juried craft show at the Smithsonian in Washington, DC.

 » Andrea Janosik has become a specialist in working with leather. Using a variety of leathers, including cords and flat pieces, she created very sculptural pieces. Many pieces are made rolling the leather into shapes, such as the cones in the necklace above, or other techniques of folding or bunching the leather. Her work is very laborious as she spends hours precisely cutting and shaping the leather pieces. »
Andrea Janosik, Orange bracelet, 2007, oxidized sterling silver, rolled suede leather

Schermafbeelding 2010-03-15 om 21.14.01

COUP de COEUR !  Andrea Janosik, silver & leather jewelry dans Andrea JANOSIK (SK) Andrea-Janosik_Red_Spike_Bracelet-e1274410229981
Andrea Janosik, Red spike bracelet, 2008, stacked leather and oxidized sterling silver, tied with leather cord
blue necklace


Blue Brooch - sIlver and suede - 2007

« The Brooklyn based artist was born in Slovakia and as a child lived in both Africa and Germany before coming to New York to continue her education. Janosik, the AJF’s 2007 Emerging Artist Award winner, is clearly influenced by her rich cultural experience, offering a variety of combinations ….«
Andrea Janosik, Yellow cone necklace, 2009, rolled leather, leather cord, and oxidized sterling silver

cord bracelet – 2006



Find an interesting interview of Andrea Janosik on the blog « For the love of jewels »


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