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COUP de COEUR ! Rosanna Raijevic Ceglar – irregularly patterned knitting wires

… irregularly patterned knitting,  sparkling,  colourfulness ….

« Rosana Raljevič Ceglar (also known as Niiro, her brand’s name) is a jewellery designer located in Slovenia. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, and during her studies she worked and gained experience working at a Murano glass factory, where her job was to create traditional techniques with contemporary design. With a broad knowledge in her pocket she moved back to Slovenia in 2000 and started her own graphic and design studio. On her return she started experimenting with knitting wires in order to create jewellery pieces; what inspired her was the nature around her, the organic structures and the micro-cosmos within each piece of nature she could find. This is how her first collection named ‘Entangled’ started coming together. Her work soon evolved into using more and more irregular shapes, the applied techniques improved and gave her the possibility to develop something never seen in jewellery design. “My enthusiasm about the fact that you can create jewellery statement pieces by using a very irregular and random looking knitting process to create pieces which seem so perfect and neat, just as nature itself,” she tells NJAL. Rosana’s tells us that even though we live in a chaotic world, nature’s perfection is the solution and no matter how simple the things you work with are, in every piece of nature there is a en enormous potential. » (« Not Just a Label » interview)

new piece from the Niiro summer collection by N I I R O.

COUP de COEUR !  Rosanna Raijevic Ceglar - irregularly patterned knitting wires dans COUP DE COEUR 35754_401467984562_179241589562_4356051_7862498_n

36104_401469354562_179241589562_4356136_736824_n dans fibres / thread

36104_401469409562_179241589562_4356142_6948903_n dans Notjustalabel

« Niiro » Jewellery (brand) website

and more works on Flickr

to SHOP at « Not Just a Label« 

« Not only the design, but also the structure is inspired by natural forms and textures, which gives the jewellery an impression of a tidy chaos. The supple copper wire maintains the form and imbues the pieces with a sophisticated extravagance « 


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