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COUP de COEUR ! Pawel KACZYNSKI where textile meets metal

« pawel kaczynski : metal pleats, crinkles and wrinkles »

« Textile meets jewelry in an explosion of color and texture in this body of work.  The closures on Kaczynski’s cuffs and collars are a striking example of how an artist’s work can sing when the functional elements of a piece are incorporated into the design. I want to touch them and memorize the way they feel under my fingers.  Wrinkles have never been so sexy.«  (

quand Susan Lomuto, la rédactrice de « dailyArtMuse », dit que son site -et ses bijoux !- sont WOW!, ce n’est rien de le dire !! à voir absolument !!!

COUP de COEUR ! Vivienne Martin

Vivienne Martin, from Ireland, is a textile designer.

« Vivienne Martin’s unique approach to material manipulation and embroidery has produced high end, statement fashion accessories that are highly intricate, delicate and striking in design.
Her current collection ranges from neckpieces to braclets, rings and brooches, which are produced with non-precious fine wire, nylon, and polyester fibre. Vivienne will also be extending her collection to hair accessories in the near future. »

COUP de COEUR !  Vivienne Martin dans COUP DE COEUR
 ’Haptic 1′ necklace – wire, nylon and horsehair

 dans Irlande (IRL)
‘haptic 2′ – Non-precious fine wire, polyester

 dans techniques textiles

‘haptic 4′ – Non-precious fine wire,  monofilament
 dans Vivienne MARTIN (IRL)


 dans www KitandCaboodle


discovered at « kit&caboodle »


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