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EXPO ‘Stephanie Jendis & Julie Mollenhauer’ – Galerie Pilartz, Cologne (Germany) – 29 Mai-17 Juill. 2010

Gallery Pilartz are presenting works of art you can wear. They are bold, fancy, ambiguous, poetic, humorous, provocative, austere or baroque and lush. This time two jewellery artists born in Germany are exhibiting their work in Cologne


« Both artists have been born in Göttingen. It is 10 years ago, that they learned about the similarities of their jewellery. Both have been studying at renowned schools and both got several  scholarships.
Julie Mollenhauer studied at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, where she is living now. She loves to work with antique glass beads in a very simple and classical way. Her bracelets come into existence as they move perfectly with the body. Sometimes her works consist of two sides, such as two contrasting colours or materials.
Stephanie Jendis learned how to make jewellery at the School of Design of Pforzheim University, now she is living in Berlin. In her work she often combines unusual materials (bicycle bell) with gemstones – she is interested in contrasts. Her pieces range from  dark and curious to colourful and splendid..« 

Stephanie Jendis
Stephanie Jendis - brooch   &  ‘Kreuzberg’ ring in ebony set with zirconia

« I am examining differences, connecting contrasts – naturally grown and artificially manufactured materials. I am combining well-known jewellery forms with unusual materials and non-established techniques, developing hybrid forms. I am using objects from the world around me and naming them anew – rededicating them as jewellery. I am trying to establish
another kind of harmony, a different view on supposedly well known objects.
 » (Stephanie Jendis)
Stephanie Jendis - ‘New Order’. Brosche, 2008, Markasit, Silber

EXPO 'Stephanie Jendis & Julie Mollenhauer' - Galerie Pilartz, Cologne (Germany) - 29 Mai-17 Juill. 2010 dans Allemagne (DE) 114503114502 dans Exposition/Exhibition

Stephanie Jendis -ring ‘on earth’ – Uvraovit, Onyx reconstructed., Silver, oxid
Stephanie Jendis -brooch ‘castle’ – amethyst, ebony, silver, oxid  

114501 dans Julie MOLLENHAUER (DE)
Stephanie Jendis -ring – ebony, amethyst, gold

« Stones are where my work starts. I use natural stones, as well as crystalline and stone shapes, which I make from other materials like wood or plastic. My work consists of sorting and grouping-I arrange and re-arrange, create regularities, disorder and exceptions. Precious stones always possess a sense of glamour and secrecy. My jewelry is colorful but not brightly colored. Differences in colors and materials produce moods, which I have sought to capture.«   Stephanie Jendis


jmol0901 dans Stephanie JENDIS (DE)
Julie Mollenhauer – 2009 bracelet, steel, silver, enamel, azurite

TML20091007_JMO_0025 dans [Gal. Pilartz (DE)](CLOSED)
Julie Mollenhauer - bracelet, aquamarine, laboradorite, sapphire, tourmaline, coral, mother of pearl, iolite, peridot, black diamond, carnelian, turquoise, ruby, gold
Julie Mollenhauer - beaded cuffs – glass beads, rubies, sapphires and silver

« My work is often fragile and very flexible, especially those with tiny glass beads wich i use often for bracelets. I like the fact that bracelets more than other jewellry move and slip with the body.
The form is mostly simple and “classic” and it leans towards handcraft and things you can buy at the market through its time-consuming work and appearance.
 » ( Julie Mollenhauer )

Julie Mollenhauer - 2009 bracelet, glass beads, sapphire, pearls, silver, 18ct gold


Galerie Pilartz
Zeughausstraße 10
D-50667 Cologne
Tel +49 (0)221-168 268 77

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