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COUP de … ROUGE pour Kim Thomson

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… serait-ce la saison du rouge ??? ou moi qui « voit rouge » parce que j’ai pris trop de soleil/embruns/tramontane aujourd’hui ???
« I love to create contemporary ranges that reflect all kinds of personalities, I have works that are really bright and out there, to elegant and understated works. They all have one thing in common, they all reflect nature and are all entirely handmade. Its all made from 95% recycled materials, and I use manufacturing techniques that are simple and environmentally friendly. » (Kim Thomson, Australia)


COUP de ... ROUGE pour Kim Thomson  dans COUP DE COEUR
‘unified sundews’ – The sundews are happy and dancing in a ring!! -  anodised aluminium, sterling silver rivets, surgical steel. -



 dans Kim THOMSON (AU)
Soul bubbles – Brooch and Earring set, design inspired by the circle representing the soul, hence these works represent the interconnectedness of our souls. Anodised Alluminium, Sterling silver rivets, surgical steel.

‘the freckles in my eyes’ reflect the freckles of my world – Its great how lifes little imperfections, can kinda make the world perfect! – aluminium, laminex, knitting needles, sterling silver rivets, surgical steel.


Materials are 95% recycled and works are created using ethical manufacturing techniques.


découverte sur « Kit&Caboodle » (une MINE comme vous pouvez le constater !!! :-) )

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