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EXPO/POP-UP SHOP ‘Micro-techniques’ – London (UK) – 19-31 juill 2010

Horse Hair Jewellery by Chilean Designers


EXPO/POP-UP SHOP 'Micro-techniques' - London (UK) - 19-31 juill 2010 dans Amerique Latine

Join us in our POP-UP SHOP at CARNABY from 19-31 July !


19 – 31 July 2010 Open daily, 11am-7pm

Come along and visit our pop-up shop in Carnaby Street and discover beautiful jewellery made with the micro technique of weaving with horsehair produced by Chilean designer-makers.

Designer-makers: Acllahuasi | DamaJuana | Daniela Gloger | Manuela Tromben | Monoco | Paula Leal | Rosalía Jorquera | Walka

Accompanying events:

WORKSHOPS: Try your hand in our workshops and learn the basis of weaving with horsehair. Saturday 24 & 31 July, 11:00am-1:00pm, £10, all materials included. Book your place at (limited availability).

LATE TALK: Enjoy a fascinating conversation along with basketmaker Mary Butcher (artist in residence at V&A) about the origins of weaving with horsehair and how it relates to basketery. Thursday 22 July, 7-9pm. Book your place at (limited availability).


Where? 1.11 Kingly Court, Carnaby,  London, W1B 5PW 

COUP de … ROUGE … Belge cette fois-ci ! des larmes de sang

Classé dans : Barbara DERIEMAEKER (BE),Belgique (BE),COUP DE COEUR — bijoucontemporain @ 0:52

Barbara Deriemaeker

« When I was a child, my parents where looking every day the news on television and I was asking my mother why these women are crying and shouting hysterical. My mother answered that these people are living in the Middle East and they are always fighting there. What an impact these images had on me as a child and even now 20 years later I still see women crying and shouting hysterical. It is unbelievable that probably my child is going to ask me: Why are they crying? This pain, suffering and tears of this innocent people, men and women with children in war in the Middle East is the base for my work.  A mass of tear drops on a thin red cotton rope that is cutting the skin of your neck because of the weight of the tears, referring to the pain, suffering and heaviness of every tear drop. »

COUP de ... ROUGE ... Belge cette fois-ci ! des larmes de sang dans Barbara DERIEMAEKER (BE) thumb420
Barbara Deriemaeker ‘ Tear Drops’ necklace – Porcelain, Cotton Rope

thumb418 dans Belgique (BE)


On « I Care a lot » online exhibition :

What were the main reasons for choosing the materials, shapes or technique in your work?

« The materials I have worked with are porcelain clay and red cotton rope.
Porcelain is a very fragile/delicate material when it is not baked in the oven, ones in the oven, it is hard and strong. I choose for a thin cotton rope because cotton is strong and the thin lines are cutting your skin because of the weight of the tear drops. Red is for me a very strong color referring to blood, life/dead, love..

COUP de … ROUGE pour Kate Barton !

Classé dans : COUP DE COEUR,Kate BARTON (NZ),Nlle Zelande (NZ) — bijoucontemporain @ 0:50

« I am inspired by structures, building plans, diagrams, underground pipes and wires, sparkling gems, Morse code, semiotics, secrets and machines.
Working from home in Waitakere City I use low tech methods to build up geometric structures that remain aesthetically fragile; the haphazard placement of prism shapes along a chain, flickering holographic boxes, and sliver constructions with a hundred slightly different angles glinting.  » (Kate Barton, New Zealand)

COUP de ... ROUGE pour Kate Barton ! dans COUP DE COEUR
3D Plan for ‘Oh, It’s Just a Pattern’ – Colour pencil on graph paper, wire, 2006

 dans Kate BARTON (NZ)
New Structure Brooch – Oxidised stg, 9ct Y gold, wood, paint, 2009

About the New Structure Brooch Series : « The painted wooden forms made from model making matchsticks play at construction and take their inspiration from some of the largest structures in our self made environments. Made from simple modular parts using low tech methods the oxidised silver wire references building plans pulled into 3D. These miniature structures lay their foundations in warm winter coats claiming the body as a new landscape.« 

New Structure Brooch 01
New Structure Brooch – oxidised stg, 9ct Y gold, wood, glue, paint, 2009

 dans Nlle Zelande (NZ)
‘Something Else’ – Morse encoded necklace, wood, paint, glass beads, electrical wire, paper, nylon monofilament, 2006

Oh, It's Just a Pattern
‘Oh, It’s Just a Pattern’ Morse encoded neckpiece – glass beads, monofiliament, stg, 2006

« Morse code has  been given a tangible three dimensional form. ‘Oh, It’s Just a Pattern’ is the literal translation of what has been encoded into the patterned structure of this neck piece. The reading of its self-referential name creates a conversational game that dissects the material nature of language. -2006 Unitec 4th Year Bachelor of Design  »

Stick Stack Brooch back - wood, glue, paint, stg, 2006
Stick Stack Brooch back – wood, glue, paint, stg, 2006

Stick Stack Brooch - wood, glue, paint, stg, 2006
… and front – Stick Stack Brooch – wood, glue, paint, stg, 2006

découverte sur « kit&caboodle« 

virus de la COMPARAISON …….. ? … petit tour par la GRECE (suite)

ici, j’avouerais, une série de COMPARAISONS qui ne m’a pas …. ravie ….

inspiration ?????????????????? mouais …

je ne prononcerai pas l’autre mot auquel je pense très fort …. trop c’est trop ….. et ce qui m’a peinée, c’est que c’était dans mes recherches sur les créateurs de bijoux Grecs …. suis tombée sur cette Galerie, « Occhi Concept Store » ….. réalisent-ils ce/qui ils exposent ? dommage !

PS : ce n’est pas que je ne trouve pas certaines pièces sympathiques ou jolies, non (au demeurant, « meet the cat » comme « psarokokalo » font de très jolies choses !), je me désole juste de ce « déjà vu » ou « copié-collé » ………………

virus de la COMPARAISON ........ ? ... petit tour par la GRECE (suite) dans COMPARAISON necklaces_0017
Kate Kusack zipper jewelry

 by "Meet the Cat" ( Ioanna Koulouri) meet the cat

at « Occhi Concept Store » : Accessories by « Meet the Cat » ( Ioanna Koulouri) …. « 
Meet the cat » who met … Kate Cusack !!

at « Occhi Concept Store » :  Psarokokalo‘ neckpieces
Kapow Wow’ ( Mia Morikawa) fabric ‘spaguetti’ necklace

« Psarokokalo » (GR) :  « I have studied BA interior design , and MA public art at Chelsea college of art and design London, worked for a couple years as an interior designer specialized in shoe shop interiors for the Camper brand, then worked for the Olympic ceremony of 2004 as a special technician and made the costumes that where made from thermoplastic material such as Kouroi, the following years i worked for theatres making the props and special costumes.
During my pregnancy i started designing dolls and accessories, being a full time mom has intrigued my imagination in character design and fiber art so here i am making ….
 » (Maria ….)
see more of my work on flickr

28140_389975587946_674757946_4220659_2879967_n dans Grece (GR)28140_389975597946_674757946_4220660_6556490_n dans KAPOW WOW/Mia Morikawa
at « Occhi Concept Store » :  Lego accessories by « 2D  » …….. aaaah la vague du Lego !!!!

heureusement que les bijoux de M C P- Maria Christina Papaleontiou sauvent cette sélection !!

24821_378978957946_674757946_3946644_5011014_n dans Kate CUSACK (US)
M C P- Maria Christina Papaleontiou  wood necklace

PS : à part ces « copiés-collés », le reste de ce qu’ils font est très sympathique !!

Occhi Concept Store
35 Sarri street, Psirri
10554 Athens, Greece
tel : +30210.3213298

Monica Lombardi : bijoux, doudous, choux, très doux ….

Classé dans : COUP DE COEUR,Gal. Caractere (CH),Monica LOMBARDI (CH),Suisse (CH),textile — bijoucontemporain @ 0:33

« Monica Lombardi transfère ses propres dessins sur coton, en fait des coussinets qu’elle assemble en bijoux, de vrais doudous! enlève-le et il te manque déjà!  » (Galerie Caractère)

Monica Lombardi : bijoux, doudous, choux, très doux .... dans COUP DE COEUR 34175_1388601592875_1167130470_30955874_5677759_n
bracelet – coton imprimé

31107_1352402327916_1167130470_30860155_3946684_n dans Gal. Caractere (CH)
bracelet – coton imprimé

30907_1357358211810_1167130470_30873126_5858735_n dans Monica LOMBARDI (CH)
collier – coton imprimé

35210_1388602592900_1167130470_30955877_2785294_n dans Suisse (CH)
bracelet – coton imprimé

expo_mamo dans textile
(exposés à la galerie ANNICK ZUFFEREY en 2006)



Galerie CARACTERE (Neuchatel, Suisse)
Av. de Bellevaux 24, cp 74
Neuchâtel, Switzerland 2002
tel 41763259383 ou 41327252100

COUP de … ROUGE at « I Care a Lot » EXPO online

 « I Care a Lot »  online exhibition

EXPO i care a lot

 icarealot is happy to announce about the opening of the exhibition at Platina Gallery, Stockholm : September 2nd, 2010.

More Great news! November 6th 2010 : Our third opening at Gallery Articula, Lisbon, Portugal ;)


COUP de ... ROUGE  at thumb445 dans Annette DAM (DK)
Ela Bauer (NL) ‘An’necklace -black & red thread

« This is a huge heart which actually is a huge knot. That is the key feeling in this work; a huge,  screaming (maybe bleeding..), knot- heart. The knot is such a paradoxical form; it consists of “one”, but through an action (of knotting) it becomes “two”, with a heart between them. At the same time it is the ground of endless processes which in themselves are not complex, but all together they create an unsolvable, knotted reality. An un-followable mass of actions and reactions. There is no wrong or right, just a complex, painful situation. » (Ela Bauer)

thumb478 dans Barbara DERIEMAEKER (BE) thumb477 dans Beatrice BROVIA (IT)
Katja Prins (NL)-’Bound by Blood’ Necklace – 2007 – wooden beads, cotton

 » This necklace brings together and mixes various prayer-necklaces, which only differ in detail. Prayerbeads are being used in several religions and they all have their own systematical design. The beads stands for the different prayers and by following the beads you can’t loose track and count while you are praying. The Roman-Catholic church has the ‘rosary”, the Islam has the “tespi”,  Buddhism (Nichiren) has the “juzu”and Tibetan Buddhism has the “mala”. Nowadays we are living in a time of globalization. Worldwide people are connecting more and more, not only economically, but also politically and culturally. Borders are fading and people travel and migrate more than ever. Out of that comes integration of different cultures and religions. Partly because of the not always so very successful integration-policy of many countries, extremism in certain religions also flourishes, conflicts arise. With this/my interpretation of the prayer-necklace I want to bring together all  prayer-necklace and make 1 out of it all.  A contemporary blood red prayer necklace. In my opinion the religions don’t differ so much from one another, they differ mostly in details. That’s what I want to show with this necklace. By bringing together all the prayerbeads, symbolically I want to bring together the different religions and with that the people. The title “Bound by Blood” stands for the idea that on the inside we are all the same. It also refers to the many wars (and with that the shedding of a lot of blood) that have been fought in the name of religion » (Katja Prins (NL))

thumb555 dans Burcu BUYUKUNAL (TR)thumb423 dans Chloe DURAND (FR)
Burcu Buyukunal (TR) -’Terrifying Beauty’ head piece – brass, cubic zirconia – Turkey, 2009

« My work is driven by conventions and societal norms relating to the body prevalent in history both past and present. Plastic surgery, alternative medicine, and ways of predicting the future are belief  systems whose underpinnings I am uncertain of. I use my work to illustrate my inability to reconcile the purposes, needs, and motives of these systems and the people who subscribe to them. As a fairly recent development in mass culture, plastic surgery is a system that suggests attaining beauty popularized by the media. ‘Terrifying Beauty’ focuses on the trends of cosmetic surgery, which  oftentimes impose the conception of Western Beauty, to question conventions of beauty and  challenge the function of jewelry as adornment. I created four pieces distorting the face in an unlikely way, contrasting and contradicting the purpose of traditional jewelry. I want my work to surprise and challenge people to inspire questioning. Suggesting something extreme, unusual, and irrational is one strategy to achieve this. I hope the viewer will immediately ask if they would or would not wear such pieces. I wanted to use gold first but it was expensive for me. So, I used brass that looks like gold in the photos. Then I noticed that material hierarchy was another convention. Thus, using brass supported my idea. My forms simply followed the function of each piece.« (Burcu Buyukunal)

thumb467 dans Claire BALOGE (FR)thumb466 dans Deganit STERN SCHOCKEN (IL)
Iacov Azubel (Argentina) – ‘Maim’ ring – 2009 – Gold filled Silver – Plexiglas – Mobile Water -Air Bubble

« The water in the subject being treated, andcolor global warming » (Iacov Azubel (Argentina))

thumb548 dans Ela BAUER (NL)thumb547 dans Exposition/Exhibition
Vivi Touloumidi (GR) – ‘wet’ necklace -  150 laminated tissues , black ink , tape, nylon

thumb527 dans Filomena PRACA (PT)thumb528 dans Flavia MICHELUTTI (IT)
Tamara Navama (Israel), 2010 -Bracelet -Aluminum, Copper, Epoxy – engraved, photo etching

thumb520 dans Gular MUSTAFA (Iraq)thumb519 dans Iacov AZUBEL (RA)
Sally Von Bargen (USA) – ‘Elegy’ Necklace – Brass, paper, digital photos

« ‘Elegy’ honors the individual men and women who left homes … travelled to Iraq for war and died there. It is about the pain of loss and lies, etched with the words, « lies brought this lament – this elegy of truth – these lost treasures.
Elegy is a monumental neck-piece consisting of over 4200 digital portraits. Each portrait shows one American man or woman who lost life in Iraq during the Bush presidency. Using public  records for the names and photos of the fallen, if no portrait was available a silhouette was used to represent the lost life. Each Elegy portrait is printed on acid-free paper, which was chosen for its workability. The prints were mounted on an intermediate paper layer and sandwiched back-to-back to form a simple 1.5cm x 3cm link.  The links were connected by brass rings and formed into 70 strands which terminate at brass disk. The disc is etched with the words, “lies brought this lament – this elegy of truth -these lost treasures. » (Sally Von Bargen)



online exhibition : Adam GrinovichAna Morais CaldasAnna WilliamsAnnette Dam – Barbara DeriemaekerBeatrice BroviaBurcu Buyukunal–  Caitlin WoodChloé DurandClaire BalogeDalya IsraeliDeganit Stern SchockenEinat LeaderEla Bauer – Ella Wolf Filomena Praça– Frida ÅbergGular MustafaHannah JorisIacov Azubel– Ingrid Römmich & Veronika SchmidtJan TurzoKatja Prinskristina LugonjaLoukia Richards– Malaika Najem Marieke Van DiepenMelanie GeorgacopoulosMichal OrenFlavia Michelutti — Eleonora Midori — Ikeda Miri AdmoniNoga HadadNuria Briones PerezSally Von BargenMervat Hakroosh & Rotem LewinsohnTamara NavamaTeresa Milheiro– Ulla AholaMachteld Van Joolingen Vered BabaiVivi Touloumidi


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