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COUP de … ROUGE … Belge cette fois-ci ! des larmes de sang

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Barbara Deriemaeker

« When I was a child, my parents where looking every day the news on television and I was asking my mother why these women are crying and shouting hysterical. My mother answered that these people are living in the Middle East and they are always fighting there. What an impact these images had on me as a child and even now 20 years later I still see women crying and shouting hysterical. It is unbelievable that probably my child is going to ask me: Why are they crying? This pain, suffering and tears of this innocent people, men and women with children in war in the Middle East is the base for my work.  A mass of tear drops on a thin red cotton rope that is cutting the skin of your neck because of the weight of the tears, referring to the pain, suffering and heaviness of every tear drop.« 

COUP de ... ROUGE ... Belge cette fois-ci ! des larmes de sang dans Barbara DERIEMAEKER (BE) thumb420
Barbara Deriemaeker ‘ Tear Drops’ necklace – Porcelain, Cotton Rope

thumb418 dans Belgique (BE)


On « I Care a lot » online exhibition :

What were the main reasons for choosing the materials, shapes or technique in your work?

« The materials I have worked with are porcelain clay and red cotton rope.
Porcelain is a very fragile/delicate material when it is not baked in the oven, ones in the oven, it is hard and strong. I choose for a thin cotton rope because cotton is strong and the thin lines are cutting your skin because of the weight of the tear drops. Red is for me a very strong color referring to blood, life/dead, love..

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