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COUP de COEUR ! Horse Hair Jewellery by Chilean Designers

Joyeux, coloré, ludique ! :-)

COUP de COEUR ! Horse Hair Jewellery by Chilean Designers dans Amerique Latine manos+2+livPZ0_0064comunidad+plaza+2+liv dans COUP DE COEUR
Artesanas RARI (Rari is a small, pre-mountainous town 305 Km. South of Santiago in Chile)

« CUENCO is an aesthetic concept under which we develop and produce accessories based on the handcrafted tradition in Rari’s horse hair weaving, in Chile.
Our creations differ from the traditional forms of this type of crafts (figurative motives) being outlined for its innovation, plastic sensibility and for presenting a change of the handcrafted tradition with contemporary design of abstract lines. It is necessary to mention that the creations of CUENCO have received the “Recognition of excellence UNESCO for the handcrafted products « ; worldwide distinction for quality creations in manufacture and innovation where our work turns out to be formulated from a look that values the tradition and the most experimental aesthetic experience.
At present we are dedicated to develop a line of complements of major scale and complexity . In these new creations we will put an accent in the innovation in size, materiality (the silver is in use only in the hooks) and the abstract lines of our designs, with clear architectural references.
 » (Paula Leal)

 dans DamaJUANA (Chili) dans fibres / thread
Paula Leal- Lunas Brooch – Horse hair and vegetable fibers
Paula Leal- Germina Brooch – Horse Hair, vegetable fibers dyed with natural pigments. Silver

 dans Monoco (Chili)
Paula Leal- Broche Discos – Horse hair and vegetable fibers discs and sphere

 dans Paula LEAL (Chili)
Paula Leal- ‘Enredadera’- Horse Hair Figures and wire

 dans plastiques
Paula Leal- Black & White Necklace – Horse Hair, vegetable fibers -Inspired in machihembrados balloons, used in traditional Works

 dans www KitandCaboodle
Paula Leal- ‘Aros Sonidos’ – Horse Hair, vegetable fibres, silver – Inspired in the “globo machihembrado”, technique, horse hair semi-spheres bunited

« Concept: Paula Leal is a designer, artist and architect. She studied at the Pontificia Universidad Catolica of Valparaiso in Chile. She has been involved in a different kind of architectural projects. During her professional career she has implicated herself into graphical design and furniture design, supporting always a strong interest in the experimentation of different techniques applied to diverse decorative objects. During the year 2007, Paula was seduced by the delicacy and color of the crafts weaved in the Rari’s horse hair technique. Then she meets Mrs. Alba Sepúlveda, artisan born in Rari, living now in Santiago, with more than 40 years dedicated with love and enthusiasm to the labor of the horse hair weaving. Between them, there arises a creative dialog which materializes in diverse works of more experimental and abstract character. In spite of possessing different aesthetic looks, both embark themselves in the production of a line of pieces of decorative contemporary accessories, which reveal and value the great versatility of this technique. In these small works, the feminine internal world continues to be expressed with the same delicacy, laboriousness, color and love that are found in the most traditional works, but with motives that speak to us from an urban environment and crossed by the look of Paula Leal’s profession: architecture.
DesignerPaula Leal 
ArtisansMarcela Sepúlveda, Oriana Palma, Nancy Cortínez, Genoveva Soto, Edith Oñate, María Zúñiga, María Cifuentes, Maestra Madre Association and Panimávida Craft Centre.
Technique: horsehair, silver. »

découvert sur « Kit&caboodle« 
ET PLUS encore sur « CHILEmakers » :

red disc ring – Horsehair and silver – Designed by Monoco (Mónica Pérez)

Designer: Mónica Pérez
Concept: The originality of these pieces of jewellery is based on the unique way in which they are woven.  Horsehair, silver and copper threads are braided together to give life to these playful and vibrant objects.
Artisans: Inés Carter  and Nancy Alcántara
Technique: horsehair, silver, copper.

Mapuche discs necklace – Horsehair and silver – Designed by Damajuana (Trinidad Lira & Juan Pablo Nazar)WOW !! :-)

Black and white tube bracelet – Horsehair and silver – Designed by Damajuana

Designers: Trinidad Lira & Juan Pablo Nazar
Concept: Each piece is inspired by the traditional Mapuche (indigenous Chilean people) iconography. They combine ancestral crafts with contemporary shapes and techniques creating formally sophisticated pieces of jewellery.
Artisans: Sara Toro from Maestra Madre Association and Hilda Díaz.
Technique: horsehair, silver.


EXHIBITION / EXPO 19-31 Juill 2010 at 1.11 Kingly Court, Carnaby,  London, W1B 5PW  :

voir article:  EXPO/POP-UP SHOP ‘Micro-techniques’ – London (UK) – 19-31 juill 2010


EXPO ‘Whitewash – Shari Pierce’ – Galerie Rob Koudijs, Amsterdam (NL) – 10 Juill.-4 sept 2010

Classé dans : Exposition/Exhibition,Gal. Rob Koudijs (NL),Hollande (NL),Shari PIERCE (US) — bijoucontemporain @ 0:17

Shari Pierce – Whitewash / Portraits of 34 Sex Offenders and 2 Sexual Predators from Within a 5 Mile Radius

(Necklace -Photo Prints from Transparencies, Silk)

« It is easy to pin on a ribbon to show that you support AIDS victims or are against abuse of women: jewellery can be a bearer of many different tidings. But the new necklaces of  Shari Pierce go one step further.
Many men apparently have a rather difficult time with their testosterone levels. In the United States, where strict moral standards clash with an over-sexualized culture, there is a huge desire to control people’s urges and impulses. An example: everyone who has ever been found guilty of rape is always obliged by law to register with the local police. This American system makes it possible to locate all offenders living within a 5-mile radius of your home. Shari Pierce tested this with a random address; the house she selected was surrounded by 36 potential threats.
The problem is clearly manifest in the subject, the choice of material and the workmanship of Pierce’s necklaces. As an artist, her object is not to find a solution, but to highlight the situation and provoke debate. Whitewash / Portraits of 34 Sex Offenders and 2 Sexual Predators from Within a 5 Mile Radius shows the medium of jewellery in its most political form. « (Ward Schrijver -copyright Galerie Rob Koudijs)

Shari Pierce (US) – Burqa Necklace, 2010
Shari Pierce- Modesty Sketch, 2010

Shari Pierce- Sack, 2010
Shari Pierce- Hope (or False Hope) (detail), 2010


Galerie Rob Koudijs
Elandsgracht 12
1016 TV Amsterdam (Netherlands)
Saturday 10th July – Saturday 4th September

EXPO ‘IntoFlora’ – Kath Libbert Jewellery Gallery, Saltaire (UK) – 15 Juill-26 Sept 2010


Invitation to the exhibition

« A perennial inspiration for great paintings and poems, from Van Gogh’s vibrant sunflowers to Wordsworth’s golden daffodils and Georgia O’Keefe’s suggestive blossoms, flowers are beautiful, sensual, dangerous and pure.  As tokens of love and worship, instruments of seduction or gifts of remembrance, flowers play a powerful role in the way we express emotion.
In an exploration of the creative inspiration of all things blooming, Kath Libbert Jewellery Gallery is launching IntoFlora, an exhibition of contemporary jewellery on a floral theme featuring eight international jewellery artists, curated by Kath Libbert.
Kath Libbert, renowned for her imaginative approach to curating contemporary jewellery, has added a playful aspect to IntoFlora, asking each artist to create a special floral tribute to a famous individual who has inspired them, called I’m Into….
Says Kath Libbert, ‘The work of the eight artists I’ve chosen is truly a floral feast for the eyes! And as a bonus their I’m Into… pieces offer a fascinating insight into their processes of inspiration.’  »


The artists and their Inspiration:

Up-and-coming British jeweller Mikaela Lyons has created a sumptuously colourful collaged body sculpture in honour of Florence Welch  of Florence and The Machine. Says Mikaela, ‘The piece encompasses ideas of woman, mother nature and empowerment.

Mikaela Lyon's piece for Florence Welch
Mikaela Lyons - For Florence Welch necklace & ring- oxidised copper, acrylic, illustration, beads, ribbon, sequins

Jeweller Ana Hagopian from Barcelona presents Campanula, a delicately beautiful tribute to Cate Blanchett – a myriad of purple paper blossoms that sit gracefully on the body.

Campanula necklace for Cate Blanchett
Ana Hagopian- For Cate Blanchett ‘Campanula’ necklace- paper and twine

Natalya Pinchuk, (Russia/USA) makes fantastical jewellery installations from wool, leather, plastic and artificial hair, that both compel and disturb. She cites her inspirational person as the American food activist and author of The Botany of Desire, Michael Pollan.

Growth Series Brooch No 3
Natalya Pinchuk- ‘Growth Series’ brooch – wool, copper, enamel, plastic, plastic grapes, leather, waxed thread, steel 

For Michael Pollan
Natalya Pinchuk-  For Michael Pollan, brooch – wool, leather, copper, enamel, brass, plastic, stainless steel, gold, thread

Selina Campbell, (UK) makes her own homage to interiors guru and fabric designer Tricia Guild, whose own designs feature strong floral elements. Selina incorporated dyed freshwater pearls for a splash of colour into a formalised graphic dahlia design. On being asked for her reaction to the necklace, Tricia said she “was very touched to have provided inspiration…..and dahlias are one of my favourite flowers!”

For Tricia Guild Dahlia BroochFor-Tricia-Guild_detail
Selina Campbell- For Tricia Guild ‘Dahlia’ necklace in oxidised silver and dyed pearl

Japanese jewellery maker Masayuki Nagata creates large blossoms from chemically rusted iron, which he then intricately decorates. For this show, he has used camelia buds to form a ring and necklace in honour of the Marxist revolutionary, Che Guevara. He says, ‘Like Che, I share the desire to change things.

Masayuki Nagata- ‘Flower’ brooches embossed rusted iron and paper

Lisa Juen, (Germany/China), chooses as her inspirational person the provocative Canadian rock star Peaches – whose extreme performances push boundaries in the same way that Lisa Juen’s jewellery does. Lisa makes illuminated flashing neon statement floral jewellery, often using false nails as petals. ‘My fascination with light paired with the imagery of the flower, the symbol of femininity, seduction, sex and strength, found strong support and inspiration in Peaches’ performance.’

Lisa Juen- ’Ling Bling’ brooch from ‘Yesterday Is a Different Day’ series, in steel, fake nails, cubic zirconia.

For Peaches Pussy Brooch
Lisa Juen- For Peaches ‘Pussy Brooch’ brooch in steel, cubic zirconia, LED, light switch

Anna Atterling is a Swedish designer who has chosen the director of Cirkus Cirkör, Tilde Björfors. In homage to Tilde, Anna has made a silver crown, which she describes as ‘light, special and sensitive, to match a queen like her.’Says Anna, ‘She is an amazing person. She really makes changes and works with all her heart to make the world a better place.’

Crown for Tilde Björfors
Anna Atterling-  For Tilde Björfors repoussé silver Crown

Floral necklace repoussé oxidised silverFloral necklace repoussé silver
Anna Atterling- Floral necklaces – repoussé oxidised silver

Ines Schwotzer’s, (Germany), work is inspired by nature – she uses traditional lace-making techniques to shape steel wire into floral forms and textures that express growing and fading, opening and closing, frailty and tightness. For this project, she has chosen Van Gogh as her inspirational person and has of course made the most exquisite sunflower!

Sunflower for Vincent van Gogh
Ines Schwotzer- For Vincent van Gogh ‘Sunflower’ brooch in steel wire bobbin lace

Kragen Necklace
Ines Schwotzer- Necklace in steel wire bobbin lace


Kath Libbert Jewellery Gallery
2nd Floor, Salts Mill
BD18 3LA – Saltaire (UK)
Telephone: 0044 (0)1274 599790
Fax: 0044 (0)1274 599790


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