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COUP de …. COULEUR avec Jillian Moore !!!

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Big Red Chunker Brooch – composite and epoxy resin, paint, nickel silver

COUP de .... COULEUR avec Jillian Moore  !!! dans COUP DE COEUR n538986849_1570145_913
‘Quicky ‘
bulbate succulum
Cordyceps (brooch) 2009

‘Ramus(brooch) 2008, composite and epoxy resin, paint, ink, nickel silver

n538986849_908270_9036 dans
‘clot’ brooch

n538986849_49787_633 dans Jillian MOORE (US)
‘man of war’ pendant

n538986849_1309712_6266 dans plastiques
‘Pomum Fuchsin 

n538986849_1839121_8248 dans Reflexion
« Epiphytic Capsularis, » (brooch) 2009

n538986849_2085637_4149526 dans SHOP
‘Nugget’ – « …..I think the color just looks so vivid because of the way neon colors/resin react inside the cloud dome. it doesn’t literally glow in person, but it is traffic cone orange »

n538986849_2085636_7853752 dans USA


« While attending this year’s SNAG Conference in Houston, a chronic nagging question was amplified. What, exactly, is it that I do ? In passing conversations I never seem to be able to explain it to any acceptable degree without endless digressive hurdles. In the simplest terms I set out with the word “jewelry” though even this is a personal conversational concession. The litany of descriptors we can now alter jewelry with can leave a person breathless – art jewelry, contemporary jewelry, sculptural jewelry to name a few. Casual conversations always include “no, I don’t make that kind of jewelry. And when I start using phrases like “abstract life forms” and “composite resin” people’s faces screw into frustration. When I’m feeling less motivated I just say “I make jewelry out of plastics . . . various plastics”. But it feels condescending both to whomever I’m speaking with, and what it is I like about my work. I’ve spent nine years and borrowed tens of thousands of dollars for two degrees – a BFA with the words “Metalsmithing and Jewelry Making” at the end and an MFA with the alternate “Jewelry and Metal Arts” attached. But I find none of this mixing and matching of terminology to be of any help when trying to actually articulate what it is I do with all of my time. »


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