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EXPO ‘Ten artists-Ten objects-2010′ – LOUPE Gallery Loupe, Montclair (New Jersey, USA) – 22 Juill.-19 Aout 2010

EXPO 'Ten artists-Ten objects-2010' - LOUPE Gallery Loupe, Montclair (New Jersey, USA) - 22 Juill.-19 Aout 2010 dans Colleen HEINEMAN (US) 37898_416590009322_260495754322_4283481_7212966_n

10-10-2010  is an exhibition that examines the creative process of  ten individuals. Each contributor has created ten discrete pieces in a body of work. The pieces are finished objects, though depending on the materials this allows for a wide range of interpretations on completion.

The idea for this exhibition developed out of a project often assigned at The State University of New York – New Paltz where the objective is for students to have a limited amount of time to create a concise, abridged body of work. The project becomes an exercise in stream of consciousness thinking, decision-making, material exploration and consideration, sketching, and model-making. The results are raw but thoughtful. By implementing limited parameters, the work reflects a fresh approach to a familiar medium. 10-10-2010 brings together ten graduates  from The State University of New York – New Paltz to examine their own making styles. The collection of participants represents the spectrum of working styles- from object makers to installation artists to jewelers. Each of these makers has continued their practice in object or jewelry making, and this exhibit gives them an opportunity to take a step back from their regular practice to participate in a process oriented, idea generating exercise.
Curated by Sarah Abramson

39847_458340616069_91942681069_6823472_1016697_n dans Exposition/Exhibition
 Kate Bauman - ‘barnacle n°6′ ring – vitreous enamel, copper, sterling silver

35236_414632589322_260495754322_4240567_1239693_n dans Gal. Loupe (US)
Nikky Bergman – ‘Amulet’ necklace – leather, shed deer antler, silver

36339_414632494322_260495754322_4240560_5526602_n dans Kate BAUMAN (US)
Melissa Tolar – ‘Pink yellow’ brooch – silver, brass, enamel copper, plastic, paint, glass beads, dyed cotton

35236_414632584322_260495754322_4240566_2694594_n dans Maureen DUFFY (US)
Colleen Heineman (US) – ‘lamps on a shelf’ brooch – copper, silver, nickel silver

colleen-heineman-3 dans Melissa TOLAR (US)maureen-duffy-3 dans Nikky BERGMAN (US)
Colleen Heineman (US) – necklace
Maureen Duffy (US) – necklace


Participating Artists:
Kate Bauman – Nikky Bergman – Erin Daily – Maureen Duffy – Colleen Heineman – Jamie Sachs – Jessica Stephens – Kristi Sword – Melissa Tolar – Brian Weissman


Gallery Loupe
50 Church Street
NJ 07042 – Montclair/ New Jersey
United States
Telephone: 973.744.0061
Fax: 973.744.0062

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