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COUP de COEUR ! Kate Bauman ‘Barnacle’ rings

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« The Barnacle Series is a group of fold-formed and enameled rings created with looseness as a byword. As a metalsmith and enamelist I am often plagued by the push and pull of skillful virtuosity and unconfined experimentation. These rings are simply about metal, enamel, and composition. By fold-forming the metal and using the enamel to fuse elements together, I was able to create enameled forms with a satisfying freedom. The forms themselves were relatively impulsive, but evoke the stubborn crustaceans I’ve observed in my surroundings on the Maine coast, in both form and the process by which they were made.« 

COUP de COEUR !  Kate Bauman 'Barnacle' rings dans COUP DE COEUR 39126_458340586069_91942681069_6823470_6272723_n
Kate Bauman – barnacle no.1 (ring) – enamel, copper, sterling silver

39818_458341256069_91942681069_6823489_6289381_n dans Kate BAUMAN (US)
barnacle no.2 (ring) – enamel, copper, sterling silver

38952_458341316069_91942681069_6823492_3402821_n dans USA
barnacle no.5 (ring) – enamel, copper, sterling silver

barnacle no.9 (ring) – enamel, copper, sterling silver

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