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Lotte De MEY – parler de bijoux qui (nous) PARLENT

Quand poésie et bijou, verbe et parure, rêve et délicatesse ne font plus qu’un et vous emportent, et vous laissent …. sans mots pour le dire ! :-)

beaucoup d’autres merveilles sur son site !
« Penelope’s Verbs » : « This collection was inspired by the Greek legend of Penelope, the wife of king Odysseus. When her husband doesn’t return from the Trojan war, she is courted by bachelors who want to usurp the throne. She tells them she will remarry when she finishes weaving the shroud for her husband, but each night she pulls out the threads again until the day when Odysseus finally returns.
The idea of weaving and unweaving appealed to me greatly. The silent but strong resistance of Penelope was the main inspiration for these jewels.  She searches, waits, thinks, longs, … hence the title « Penelope’s Verbs« 

(This collection was presented in gallery Amaranto Joies in Barcelona in September 2007)

Lotte De MEY - parler de bijoux qui (nous) PARLENT dans Belgique (BE)
Lotte de Mey - « Dejamé que me calle con el silencio tuyo » – silver, leather, gold leaf, seeds

The jewel « Déjame que me calle con el silencio tuyo » won the Enjoia’t Professional Artistic Award 2007 of design center FAD in Barcelona.


Lotte de Mey - « L’amour se cache trop près de mon coeur » – silver, thread

62266_158296460850180_158024454210714_481091_6213330_n dans fibres / thread
« Je t’invite » : « This collection was created during my last year at the Academy, when we were given complete freedom to create our own collection. As my theme I chose Alchemy – man seeking to uncover the mysteries of the world. Enchanted by the alchemists’ mysterious and poetic illustrations, I was led to texts written by Carl Gustav Jung, who studied alchemist processes for a long time. He concluded that the alchemists were not really looking for a key to understand the universe, but rather for a way to understand themselves. Unconsciously, they projected their thoughts and feelings onto the substances they were experimenting with.
I could fully identify with this and designed a series of body adornments in which I could express various aspects of my personality. I researched how I could create a fragile atmosphere, which led me to the combination of metal and textile. For the first time,  words appeared in my designs; words which expressed feelings that matter alone can not express. « 

Hartje1 dans Lotte De MEY (BE)
Lotte de Mey - ‘Je t’invite’ – gold, metal wire
The jewel « Je t’invite » won the Enjoia’t Student Award 2006 of design center FAD in Barcelona.


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