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« I use ancient metalsmithing techniques of chasing and repoussé to create jewelry and sculptural forms in precious metals that examines the origin of ornament. Starting with the decoration of architecture, sculpture and painting, this series of wearable sculptures is inspired by botanical specimens significant in the history of ornamentation such as acanthus leaves and sunflowers. Expanding on ideas of the wearable, my work examines interactions between the body and ornamentation of the body. However, instead of using these symbolically rich botanicals in miniature, as the basis of ornamenting a traditional form of jewelry, I have developed a life size form for my pieces firstly, from the plant itself–the original source of the centuries-old ornamentation—and secondly, from the shape it necessarily must take as a piece worn on the human body. .. » (Catherine Clark Gilbertson)

(she exhibited at « Chased + Repoussé », Velvet da Vinci gallery, March-April 2010)

Afficher toutes les photos | Akanthos 2 (on model) | Catherine Clark Gilbertson
Catherine Clark Gilbertson - ‘Akanthos’ neckpiece

COUP de COEUR !  Catherine Clark GILBERTSON - NATURE dans Catherine Clark GILBERTSON (UK) l_6cc5aa2c50d3c2549831dc4a15134f8a 
Catherine Clark Gilbertson - Fine Silver Sunflower Cuff

Afficher toutes les photos | 18K Earpiece. | Catherine Clark GilbertsonAfficher toutes les photos | 18K Spiral Earpiece (on model) | Catherine Clark Gilbertson
18k earpieces  (j’ADORE ! ENFIN des b.o. qui sortent de l’ordinaire !! RARE dans le bijou contemporain, curieusement)


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