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F-UTILI Gioielli per EMERGENCY – Firenze (Florence, Italy) – 16-17 Oct 2010

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 Participez !! c’est pour la bonne cause

vente aux enchères de bijoux en faveur d’Emergency

F-UTILI Gioielli per EMERGENCY - Firenze (Florence, Italy) - 16-17 Oct 2010 dans AGC Italia 45712_128485873864952_100001106193640_141037_5191554_n

A…B…C…D…E…and here is f-utility jewelry for the second time!
The first event was a great success: the overwhelming and heartfelt participation of the artists in the project, the considerable funds raised for the hospital, the new, enriching and stimulating relationships with the Emergency volunteers, the quality of the event that provided each of us an occasion for a personal growth! We therefore wish to continue, by offering again to all the participants (artists, visitors and purchasers) the possibility of having something to say and to give along with something to think about… In this new initiative Obverses…and Reverses is the theme of a comparison (or a clash?), again a very topical theme, one difficult to tackle from all points of view. The latest news is that the Government of Sierra Leone has started a policy of free health care for pregnant women, nursing mothers and children under 5 years of age thus guaranteeing (at least in part) the human right to health and free medical care that we take for granted but that is not at all so elsewhere. A human right until now denied in an extremely poor country with some of the worst health and economic indicators in the world despite its enormous resources: deposits of diamonds, gold, bauxite and rutile – materials that are typical of traditional jewelry. This project could be the trigger for a kind of “virtuous circle of action” and give something back to that country in a different form. Contemporary jewelry that is precious not so much for the materials used as for the concepts it expresses…last but not least the concept of solidarity! We have examined other EMERGENCY projects to fund with the auction proceedings, but in the end it was more natural to continue supporting the Goderich Children’s Centre in Sierra Leone at a time when at last an African government is working in the direction of asserting a fundamental human right. We hope that this initiative may again have a widespread support and that contemporary jewelry may again communicate “something different” and continue along the path it has begun… made up of small but solid steps.
Emergency, the recipient of all the auction proceedings, is a humanitarian organization established in 1994 to offer free high quality medical-surgical care to the civilian victims of wars, anti-personnel mines and poverty. It has been active in Sierra Leone since November 2001.


A…B…C…D…E…e siamo alla seconda edizione di f-utili gioielli!
Sala Ex-Murate
Piazza Madonna della Neve

For information: 
Emergency, beneficiaria del’intero ricavato della vendita all’asta, è un organizzazione umanitaria nata nel 1994 per offrire assistenza medico-chirurgica gratuita e di elevata qualità alle vittime civili delle guerre, delle mine antiuomo e della povertà, ed è operativa in Sierra leone dal novembre 2001.

35044_116273525086187_100001106193640_94977_3950333_n dans COUP DE COEUR

Eleanor BOLTON, ou comment se mettre la corde au cou

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Eleanor BOLTON - Rope Collection -

Eleanor BOLTON, ou comment se mettre la corde au cou dans COUP DE COEUR
Grey Coiled Rope Necklace, 2010, Cotton Rope and Yarn

« I have developed my own craft technique coiling and stitching cotton rope, which I write patterns for as you would for knitting or crochet. Forms develop out of a combination of intuitive material experimentation and the shared visual language of eclectic sources. The movement, knotting and twisting of the coils reveals the striking stitching in contrasting colours, while their form as large-scale jewellery pieces, celebrates the softness and tactility of the material and creates a sense of presence. » (Eleanor BOLTON)

Knotrope dans Eleanor BOLTON (UK)
Knotted Coiled Rope Necklace,Cotton Rope and Yarn – 2010

redrope&twistrope dans Grande-Bretagne (UK)
Red Coiled Rope Necklace, 2010, Cotton Rope, Cotton Yarn, Copper, Enamel Paint
Twisted Coiled Rope Necklace -  Cotton Rope and Yarn

Red and Knotted Coiled Neckpiece, 2010 – 50m dyed cotton rope, cotton yarn, copper & enamel
100 Metres Knotted Neckpiece – 100 metres unbleached cotton rope, cotton yarn, copper & enamel

Electrum Gallery Exhibition (august 2010)

Eleanor Bolton rope pieces at Sam McCoach’s Collection  (june 2010) (Eleanor Bolton’s BLOG)

Cotton rope and yarn neckpiece with Swarovski Crystals made as part of a collection of five pieces for Royal College of Art student Sam McCoach’s MA show (Photographs by Louise Te Poele)

Royal College of Art (RCA) Show – june 2010

GORGEOUS !!! :-)

EXPO ‘Art to use’ – Lola Nikolaou gallery, Thessaloniki (Greece) – 9 Sept.-9 Oct. 2010

Art to Use / group exhibition / September 2010

EXPO 'Art to use' - Lola Nikolaou gallery, Thessaloniki (Greece) - 9 Sept.-9 Oct. 2010 dans Anna THEOHARAKI (GR) 39131_1466821644031_1638259298_1129884_47819_n

In the context « Ways of Art »  « Unexpected spaces » – Friends of Dimitrion

In the group exhibition « Art To Use », Lola Nicolaou presents ten artist susing different material in their own unique way, joining art into every day life


Chryssa Damianidou – Vicky Georgosopoulou – Jessica Anne Rachel Josafat – Kalos & Klio – Anna Michalitsianou – Elsa pakopoulou – Kia Samouri – Anna Theoharaki – Maria Tsitroudi – George Vavatsis

4581_1178480585014_1318110459_467653_6318780_n dans Chryssa DAMIANIDOU (GR)13365_1282670989709_1318110459_806586_4232137_n dans Exposition/Exhibition
Anna Theoharaki - textile jewelry

28585_1390046804708_1638259298_936759_6813423_n dans GALERIES
Chryssa Damianidou (GR)

Lola Nikolaou gallery
52 Tsimiski str.
Thessaloniki  (Greece)
Τσιμισκή 52, Θεσσαλονίκη
t. +30 2310 240416, f. +30 2310 240417

EXPO ‘Think Twice: New Latin American Jewellery’ – Museum of Arts and Design of New York (USA) – 13 Oct 2010-8 Janv. 2011

Museum of Arts and Design of new York (MAD) – (New York City) -  13-Oct-2010 – 08-Jan-2011 
Think Twice: New Latin American Jewelry Showcases Contemporary Jewelry From The Region For The First Time In a U.S. Museum

« Think Twice: New Latin American Jewelry, presented by the Museum of Arts and Design from October 12, 2010 through January 8, 2011, will feature unique work by nearly 60 jewelry makers, representing over 20 Latin American countries. Among the artists included are the Brazilians Mirla Fernandes, Dionea Rocha Watt, and Claudia Cucchi; Valentina Rosenthal and Walka Studio from Chile; the Argentinians Elisa Gulminelli, Francisca Kweitel, and Silvina Romero; Jorge Manilla, Martacarmela Sotelo and Eduardo Graue from Mexico; and Miguel Luciano from Puerto Rico. 
The show has been guest-curated by the Netherlands-based, Mexican-born architect and historian Valeria Vallarta Siemelink. 
Objects of adornment have played a significant cultural role throughout Latin America’s history, from the spiritually potent jewelry of the pre-Columbians to the eye-catching ornaments worn by Mexican drug gangs to advertise their status and menace. Now a new generation of jewelry makers working outside the field’s conventions are examining how this complex relationship with physical adornment evolved–and why. 
Think Twice aims to bring the audience a clear picture of the landscape of contemporary jewellery in Latin America and its development in the last 10 years, showing the way in which visual artists and jewellery makers born or living in Latin America view and relate, through jewellery, to such a vast and diverse continent. 
The exhibition, conceived by Otro Diseño, is born out of a passion for jewellery as a medium of personal and cultural expression and of the conviction that the fresh, intense and highly creative work of Latin American jewellery makers outstandingly represents and nurtures the culture they live in and therefore greatly enriches and diversifies the international landscape of contemporary jewellery.
“The new Latin American jewelry must be appreciated for what it is. One shouldn’t impose stereotypes or resort to clichés,” says guest-curator Valeria Vallarta Siemelink. “Far from being an imported concept from the West, jewelry-as-art in Latin America is very much a product of the region’s history and its diverse and dynamic modern societies.” 
“This is a very special show,” adds Ursula Neuman, MAD’s jewelry curator. “This jewelry is virtually unknown in the United States. The artists’ realize their sophisticated concepts through intriguing choices of materials and techniques, creating unique works that present a fascinating amalgam of indigenous cultural elements and the latest trends in international contemporary jewelry design.

” To bring clarity to Latin America’s complex culture and history, the exhibition is organized around three themes, addressing the region’s past, its unique fusion of ethnic influences, and its ever-changing socio-political realities. 

History, Memory, Tradition
The tension between tradition and modernity is crucial to Latin American history. Heritage and memory, both personal and collective, are among the subjects expressed by these artists through pre-Columbian and colonial jewelry methods and traditional craft techniques. Take the Colombian Mariana Shuk. She has made a series of rings using traditional ring shanks ordered from mega-jewelry suppliers. She creates a ring by interlacing two identical shanks. Its shape determines which techniques—stone setting, enameling, filigree—she will employ to customize it in the Colombian colonial style. The process has produced a perplexing assortment of rings that confronts past and present, value and insignificance. By contrast, another Columbian artist, Linda Sanchez, creates her jewelry pieces by employing weaving techniques that have been used by an Amazonian tribe since ancient times. 
A Flair for Invention
The artists in this section are some of the boldest jewelry makers anywhere. Skilled at improvisation, they make brilliant use of a rich variety of native materials along with such everyday objects as balloons and drawer handles. A spontaneous attitude and a contrary vision are central to their daring approach. The Mexican Andres Quiñones can make an exquisite choker from sticks of bamboo, a few broken guitar strings, a handful of freshwater pearls and silver wire, all of the materials collected from garbage dumpsters in Mexico City. Colombian Helena Biermann presents Hit the Road, a series of brooches that collect the insects stuck to a car in its 286 km trip from Munchen, Germany to Domaslav, Czech Republic. 
Forging Identity: Latin America as a Source of Inspiration 
These jewelry makers are creating an individualistic language, expressive of who they are and where they come from. Art, religion, money, violence, tradition, family, gender are among the themes that define their lives, uniting their collective and individual identities. Foreign-born artists, who are somehow bound up with Latin America or have had a profound impact upon it, are included in this section. Alcides Fortes, for example, was born in Cape Verde, trained as a gold and silversmith in the Netherlands, and today lives and works in Mexico. He specializes in politically charged jewelry, creating such works as a necklace made out of the porcelain portraits recovered from the graves of a family killed in the Mexican revolution. The piece reveals both an admiration for Mexico’s culture and history as well as a loathing of its corruption, economic disparities, and veiled racism. By transforming the common objects of his native land into fetishized commodities, Miguel Luciano examines how American consumerism has affected Puerto Rican culture. Plantainum, for example, is a series of necklaces and pendants featuring a platinum-covered plantain. The shell is seductive and pristine, but underneath the fruit is rotting. 
Figurative and abstract, conceptual and symbolic, traditional and experimental, contemporary Latin American jewelry is tremendously varied, and it is this diversity that enables it to communicate its ethnicity and to transcend it. » (Klimt02)
Artist list:
Mirla Fernandes (Brasil),Kehisha Castello, Helena Biermann (Col.), Tota Reciclados (Arg.), Udi Lagallina (Bresil), Martacarmela Sotelo (Mex.), Kika Alvarenga (Brasil), Silvina Romero (Arg.), Elisa Gulminelli (Arg.), Zinna Rudman, Célio Braga, Martha Camargo, Maria Paula Amezcua, Magali Anidjar (Arg.), Walka Studio (Chile), Mauricio Lara, Gabriela Horvat (Arg.), Jorge Castañón, Nilton Cunha, Jimena Rios, Thelma Aviani, Alcides Fortes (Cape verde), Samantha Fung, Alex Bourttiea, Marie Pendaries, Renata Porto, Martha Hryc, Teresa Margolles, Paula Isola, Beate Eismann, Aurelie Dellasanta (CH), Giselle Morales, Fiorenza Coredro, Francisca Kweitel (Arg.), Alina López, Ana Paula Campos, Dionea Rocha Watt (Brasil), Eduardo Graue (Mex.), Mariana Shuk (Col.), Stella Bierrenbach, Hugo Celi, Luis Acosta, Isel Mendoza, Dani Soter, Linda Sánchez (Col.), Andrés Fonseca, Ana Videla, Alex Burke, Benjamin Lignel, Alejandra Agusti, Lucia Abdenur, Claudia Cucchi (Brasil), Chequita Nahar, Ariel Kuipfer, Ximena Briceno, Julieta Odio, Guigui Kohon (Esp.), Nuria Carulla, Santiago Ayala, Carlos Martiel, Jorge Manilla(Mex.).
Silvina Romero (Argentina)

EXPO Think Twice - Mirla FernandezMirla Fernandes (Brasil) – necklace
Celio Braga, Brazil

AURÉLIE DELLASANTA - Switzerland/Mexico - Suicide Brooch, 2007 Painted metal, gilded metal, paper  (THINK TWICE)Aurelie Dellasanta – ‘suicide brooch’ 2007 painted metal, gilded metal, paper
 Francisca Kweitel (Arg.)

guigui kohon -   Basuradejoyería 2010.Guigui Kohon -’Basura de joyería’ – Jewelry waste 2010

Chequita  Nahar - brooch - Think Twice: New Latin American Jewellery at the MAD NYC - Chequita Nahar Lontai – brooch, 2010, oak, porcelain, string

EXPO 'Think Twice: New Latin American Jewellery' - Museum of Arts and Design of New York (USA) - 13 Oct 2010-8 Janv. 2011 dans Amerique Latine dans Andres FONSECA (Col.)





Kika Alvarenga (Bresil)

 Jorge Manilla - Palabras ( Think Twice)Jorge Manilla – ‘Palabras’
Jorge Manilla – necklace ‘de votos y ex-votos’
Dionea Rocha Watt (Brazil) – ‘Vanitas’ – image made with silver dust

 dans Aurelie DELLASANTA (CH)Claudia Cucchi (Brazil) – Brooch-  Untitled 2005 – Silk, perspex, nylon, emerald
Elisa Gulminelli (Argentina)*38K029P6Zsl2HIJqgb*7pLf8bMG5MNSExOPu-OtShWBD16Z81p2xg70d*aN0CKNCV/IMG_5997.JPG?transform=rotate(90)&width=450&height=600
Udi Lagallina (Brasil) – brooch

Gabriela Horvat, Necklace, 2009Gabriela Horvat, Sin titulo necklace 2009

Jorge Castañon, Dos cuencos brooch - nickel silver and woodJorge Castañon, Dos cuencos brooch – nickel silver and wood

Martacarmela Sotelo (Mex.) – collares linea ropa- proceso lineas ropa mezclilla roja

Marta HRYC - "aplastada"Marta HrycAplastada – Plata, algodon. 2009
TotaReciclados (Arg) (Marcela Muñiz + Valeria Hasse)


Museum of Arts and Design of New York (MAD)
2 Columbus Circle (59th Street and Broadway)
NY 10019 – New York City
United States
Telephone: 212.299.7777
Fax: 212.299.7701

Joyeros Argentinos



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