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Anat SAPIR – GLASS jewelry

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Anat Sapir (Israel) Anat Sapir was born in 1961. In 1988 she graduated from the Bezalel Art and Design Academy (Israel). She continued her education on goldsmithing techniques at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design Department of Jewelry and Fashion. In 2000 she did pottery studies with Shulamit Miller. In 2005 she specialized in glass bead making at the Wertzberger Art College.

Anat Sapir Glass Jewellery Design

« When I first came upon glass bead jewelry, the connection was immediate and total. I was particularly attracted by the richness of colors and the translucency, and the great beauty achieved by combining them. I participated in a short workshop (of several hours) on Technique and also perfectioned my skill from books, from the Internet. And especially during what I call “A lot of lamp hours”. In the course of my work I allow myself the freedom of trial and error, which always leads me to new discoveries. For me, glass is both my raw material and inspiration. The process of creation becomes an exploration into the thrilling qualities of the material and into its amazing possibilities. My jewelry is testimony to or Perpetuation of a magical discovery in technique, form and color. The excitement is great, each time anew. I melt the glass in a high-temperature flame and by turning and modelling the liquid material on a mandrel I create the bead, and then carefully and gradually cool it. I mainly create hollow beads. I love the fact that they are big and light, which provides me with room for expression and creativity. » (Anat Sapir )

Anat SAPIR - My DNA necklace 2010
Anat Sapir - My DNA necklace 2010

Anat SAPIR - GLASS jewelry dans Anat SAPIR (IL) 378_9efb9484e971d3103f42fbc00350d482
Anat Sapir“Turquoise Links” necklace – glass, gold-plated spacers

anat20 dans Israel (IL)
Pine-Cone Gray Bracelet Gri Kozalak Bilezik Glass, 22kt gold leaf, flexible silicone cord

anat3 dans verre / glass
Gold Bubbles Bouquet Necklace Altın Balonlu Kolye Glass, 22kt golden leaf, silicone band, flexible silicone cord, gold plated disks

Multicolor Cups  Necklace Renkli Kaplar Kolyesi Glass, leather cords, gold-filled clasp

Gold Pine-Cone Eardrop Altın Kozalak Küpe Glass, gold-filled
Red Eardrop / Kırmızı Küpe Glass, gold-filled


Actually exhibited at SODAmore, Istanbul (16 juill-28 aout 2010

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