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COUP de ROUGE ! Ceramic jewelry by Hana Karim

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Hana Karim (Slovénie)

« When creating my ceramics pieces, I can never tell where the creative process will take me from an initial lump of clay up to the point when I take it from my kiln, still a bit warm. I focus on seemingly coincidental shapes, which flow from detailed and structured surfaces to purified smoothness. First and foremost, I engage in uncovering line impressions and incorporating relief features. I have found my artistic voice in combining many different shapes, which intertwined present a unified entity. I like to leave gaps here and there between individual elements – with doing so, I try to achieve primal and natural aspects of my designs. The natural is also portrayed with the help of colors and thus I glaze with gray, black and white shades, yet I add an array of blue shades as well. Glazes, which I use, often develop special effect while baking and this is another feature of designing ceramics, which is a result of chance. Mostly, I design brooches and necklaces. Another demanding part of the whole designing process is shaping the final product; namely choosing the right string and endless possibilities, which accompany the use of it.
Of course, the perfect ending to my ceramics fairy tale is when my work becomes an accessory and adorns a heroin’s outfit.« 

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Hana Karim- broche – céramique

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Hana Karim- broche – céramique

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Hana Karim- broche – céramique


Bien sûr, j’ai fait ma petite sélection en ROUGE, mais allez voir son site : de superbes bleus, profonds, des verts vernissés, et des noirs et blancs du plus bel effet …..  très « Artigas » (Josep Llorens Artigas, le céramiste de Miró) comme céramique !

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