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SCHMUCK 2011 – 16-22 Mars 2011 – deadline inscription : 1er Oct. 2010

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This special exhibition is the eldest exhibition of contemporary jewellery work in the world. It takes place since 1959 every year during the International Trade Fair in March. Except the transport cost until Munich the participation in the special show is free of charge for you. Three contributions of Schmuck 2011 will be awarded with the Herbert Hofmann Prize. The prize commemorates Dr. Her-bert Hofmann, the founder of the special show in 1959. In addition the jury of the Bavarian States Prize will look at the works in the special show. The Bavarian States Prize is awarded to 10 contri-bution of applied art within all contribution of the International Trade Fair. This prize is awarded with 5.000. €

1st October 2010 Deadline for the entry to Schmuck 2011
16th November 2010 Delivery of catalogue information to the HWK
1st February 2011 Delivery of insurance lists to the HWK
7th March 2011 Delivery of exhibits to Spedition Schenker in Munich
16th until 22nd March 2011 Special exhibition “Schmuck’2011” in Hall A1
19th March 2011 Herbert Hofmann prize at the International Skilled Trades Fair at Hall A1
From 23rd March 2011 Disassembly of the exhibition and return of exhibits



Please apply online on until 1st October 2010.

If you cannot apply online we accept your submission as follows:
1. Up to 8 quality colour photos 1 photograph of each piece that you have in mind for the exhibi-tion. A sufficient margin should be left between the motif and the edge of the photo. This will enable us to do magnifications. Your application should consist in total of not more than 10 photographs. Pictures ought to be well lit, should have a good depth of focus, and need to have a high resolution. We accept slides, colour prints, digital pictures in .jpg format with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi of a normal size photo (width c. 16 cm). At least 1890 x 1890 Pixel.
2. Please enclose print outs and a list of the objects and please make sure that each photograph is labeled with the indication of material, year of creation and measurements in mm (very important!)
3. In addition send us your curriculum vitae with your address and
4. artists statement if necessary
The submission should not be older than 2 years and we only exhibit wearable jewellery (no package, text, photographs or installations).
Please send your application to
Handwerkskammer für München und Oberbayern,
Eva Sarnowski, Max-Joseph-Str. 4, 80333 Munich
The decision about the entry to Schmuck’2011 will be a personal selection of one known specialist. The information about your participation will be reaching you asap. In the case of selection we will forward at the same time the conditions of participation. Please note that we will not send back any application material.


Munich International Skilled Trades Fair
Special Exhibition “Schmuck 2011”
62nd International Trade Fair Munich
Entry Conditions
1. Location and Time of the Exhibition
The special exhibition Schmuck will take place during the Munich International Skilled Trades Fair in Hall A1 at the Munich Trade Fair Centre from 16th until 22nd March 2011.
2. Costs
Entry in the Schmuck 2011 exhibition is free of charge apart from the costs for transporting your jewellery items to Munich and for the transport insurance.
3. Exhibits
Unless alternative arrangements have been made, please send us a group of 3-5 objects. We reserve the right to decide the presentation of your work and thus the final selection of objects to be displayed. We regret that we cannot exhibit installations, packing, texts or photographs. Assembly up the display cabinets will be organised by Alexandra Bahlmann.
4. Catalogue
A catalogue will be published for the special exhibition: Each artist will be presented with a colour photograph (with information about the year of creation, material, size and title). We will take the photographs from your application documents. If the quality of the photographs is not sufficient, we will contact you. Please note that your photographs can be used for advertising purposes. The exhibitors agree that any photographs they send to us can be used for exhibition and press purposes.
A limited amount of space is available for the curriculum vitae. Please provide us with details about your professional career, together with prizes and awards. It may be necessary to use abbreviations in some cases. The documents must be delivered to us until 16th November 2010. 
5. Packing and Insurance
Please ensure the exhibits are packed in such a way that the packing can also be used to return them after the exhibition. We can provide no insurance cover for exhibits that are delivered in a damaged state here in Munich on account of insufficient packing. Your exhibits are not insured by the organiser until they arrive at Spedition Schenker (the forwarding agent). This is on condition that the insurance lists are delivered to us until 1 February 2011. The insurance cover expires as soon as the exhibits are delivered back to you.
6. Labelling
The details that you enter in the insurance lists are binding both for the insurance and for the labelling of the exhibits. Please make exact entries about the title, material, technique, size and year of creation.
7. Delivery
Please deliver your contribution to the exhibition to us, arriving until 7th March 2011
Schenker Deutschland AG
Sonderschau Schmuck 2011, Halle A1
Paul-Henri-Spaak-Str.8, Tor 21
81829 Münich
Tel.: ++49 (0) 89/ 949 24 332
Fax: ++49 (0) 89/ 949 24 339
Please note that we cannot guarantee inclusion of items that do not arrive in Munich on time.
To complete customs formalities, it is important that an insurance list is enclosed with the delivery as a pro forma invoice. A note must be made on the documents stating that the exhibits are being imported for the purposes of temporary exhibition
If you wish to deliver the exhibits in person, please contact Eva Sarnowski.
8. Return Delivery
In the insurance lists, please inform us whether you want the exhibits to be returned by forwarding agent or by post, and please inform us of the exact address for the return delivery.
When the exhibits are delivered to you, you must check them immediately for damage. If any damage is detected, you need to take photographs of it. If the return transport is made by a forwarding agent, the forwarding agent must report the damage immediately on the bill of consignment. Damages arising during postal delivery are to be reported at the relevant post office.
The damage report that you send to us must be accompanied by photographs of the damage, a damage report, a damage bill and – if applicable – the bill of consignment. All cases of damage must be reported to us within four weeks of receipt. If the damage is not reported until later, the insurance company can decline cover. This is in accordance with normal international insurance conditions.
9. Sale
Items of jewellery can be – but do not have to be – offered for sale. Please enter the sale price including VAT in the insurance list. We do not earn any sales commission. Please do not forget to enter your bank details in the insurance lists. Any costs arising from transfers are borne by the exhibitor.


Schmuck 2011
Willy Brandt Allee 1
81829 – Munich
Telephone: 0049 89 5119 248
Fax: 00 49 89 5119 245

MACEF – Rho-Fiera, Milano (Italy) – 9-12 Sept 2010

Luisa BRUNI al Macef

Padiglione 11 – Stand A21 B24
(solo per operatori professionali)

MACEF - Rho-Fiera, Milano (Italy) - 9-12 Sept 2010 dans Barbara UDERZO (IT) 45396_1573805426416_1273952589_1628137_7006875_n

Visita l’area Gioiello ! – L’Area Gioiello di Macef Autunno 2010 è alta bigiotteria, collezioni creative, pietre e argento.
Ci sono i giovani designer del Gioiello Italiano nel Designer Club, l’area Piccole Fantasie per chi vuole esserci pensando al futuro. C’è anche l’Orologio Italiano, in un elegante spazio preallestito, per celebrare i misuratori del tempo. Qui sono esposti pezzi unici, davvero diversi. Per chi propone e chi cerca cose mai viste, sapendo che il mercato del gioiello
esiste, ma sta cambiando. Dove andrà? Te lo dice Macef, nell’Area Gioiello.
(PAD. 11) Clicca qui per l’elenco dei designer del Designer Club

20570_1367096378819_1273952589_1078624_2038786_n dans Camilla TEGLIO (IT)
Luisa BRUNI – ‘Plink !’ rings – ARGENTO E PLEXIGLAS – 2009



Barbara UderzoCamilla Teglio –  Luisa BruniSimona Frigerio — Marianna Gasperini — Patrizia Pompeo –  etc ……….MACEF
Rho-Fiera Milano

Milano, Italy

COUP de … ROUGE avec Lorena PESTANA (Peru) – BIJORHCA (Paris) 3-6 sept. 2010

Classé dans : Amerique Latine,Lorena PESTANA (Peru),PARIS,Salon,techniques textiles — bijoucontemporain @ 0:07

En ce moment à BIJORHCA-Eclat de Mode (Paris)
Du vendredi 3 au lundi 6 septembre 2010 – Paris Porte de Versailles
(Liste des EXPOSANTS (bijoux uniquement))


« Architect by profession, Lorena Pestana finds the inspiration for her designs in the techniques, colours, and imagery that distinguish the native cultures of Alto Marañón in the Amazon Basin of Peru. It was there she learned her knitting skills and absorbed the vibrant designs of the region’s skilful artisans.
Their ancient world served as Lorena’s platform for the development of a more modern aesthetic, one in closer harmony with today’s globalized world, where cutting-edge craftsmanship goes hand in hand with physical comfort.
It is a myth that beauty must not call attention to itself or that elegance must be restrained. Ranging from intricate detail and high complexity to the surprising sophistication to be found in minimalist design, Lorena’s work seeks to harmonize spaces and colour schemes, setting off visual rhythms that trace the interplay of light and dark. Her versatile materials, natural sheens, and durable fabrics remind us that the best jewelry and accessories can readily adapt to different moods – from formal to casual.«  

COUP de ... ROUGE  avec Lorena PESTANA (Peru) - BIJORHCA (Paris) 3-6 sept. 2010 dans Amerique Latine 5070_1115275535300_1629311865_287145_4523114_n
Lorena Pestana JoyeriaColeccion 2009 « Floraciones »

6170_1139776467808_1629311865_363474_5177310_n dans Lorena PESTANA (Peru)
Lorena Pestana JoyeriaColeccion 2009 « Floraciones » Collar ‘bulbo rojo’

6170_1148576527804_1629311865_391178_3398416_n dans PARIS
Lorena Pestana Joyeria – Pulsera con flores en corte laser con vinil reflectivo platedao y mostacillas rojas

6170_1139776427807_1629311865_363473_7278951_n dans Salon
Lorena Pestana JoyeriaColeccion 2009 « Floraciones » – Collar ‘bulbo

6170_1139776267803_1629311865_363470_3532521_n dans techniques textiles
Lorena Pestana JoyeriaColeccion 2009 « Floraciones » – Arete Bulbo

JOYA Barcelona 2010 – EXPO ‘King Kong Jewels’ – Klimt02 Gallery, Barcelona (Spain) – 16-17-18 Sept 2010

King Kong Jewels ……… bijoux pour HOMME ;-)
(Ils ne manquent pas d’humour ! )Klimt02 Gallery presenta para JOYA 2010 una selección de piezas escogidas especialmente para el hombre.

JOYA Barcelona 2010 - EXPO 'King Kong Jewels' - Klimt02 Gallery, Barcelona (Spain) - 16-17-18 Sept 2010 dans Alexander BLANK (DE) transparent_pixel

lignelthinkingofyou%28felix%29w dans Alexander HEUSER (DE)
Benjamin Lignel - ‘Thinking of You (Felix) » – Brooch
Tore Svensson - neckpiece – steel, silver plated

Fritz Maierhofer (Austria, 1941), Benjamin Lignel (Francia, 1972), Alexander Heuser (Alemania, 1978), Tore Svensson (Suecia, 1948), Ted Noten (Holanda, 1956), Marc Monzó (España, 1978), Jiro Kamata (Japón, 1978), Pavel Herynek (República Checa, 1960), Claude Schmitz (Luxemburgo, 1972) y Alexander Blank (Alemania, 1975) son todos ellos artistas cuyas obras aportan inteligencia, delicadeza, fuerza y sofisticación a la joyería masculina.

¿Acaso King Kong no hubiese llevado un collar con las iniciales A.D.?

De la colección the Beauty and the Best, klimt02 2010.

transparent_pixel dans BARCELONA
Fritz Maierhofer – ring – silver, acrylic


291 dans Benjamin LIGNEL (FR)
Pavel Herynek - brooch , necklace & ring
 Alexander Blank - pendant ‘Tank’- Bed linen, silver, plastic

transparent_pixel dans Claude SCHMITZ (LX)
Marc Monzó‘big solitaire’ brooch

transparent_pixel dans Espagne (ES)
Ted Noten – ring ‘Avondvlinder’ Titanium black



KLIMT02 Gallery
The Art Jewellery Space in Barcelona
Corsega 317
Barcelona (Spain)
M° Diagonal
+34 933 687 235

« Leo Caballero and Amador Bertomeu, both from Barcelona, met in the late 90s while sharing a studio-workshop. In 2003 they began the on-line website, Klimt02 which has become the go-to website for all matters that involve art jewelry worldwide. Last year (2008) they opened a gallery space in Barcelona. At this year’s SNAG conference in Philadelphia, Leo gave an informative lecture about the web and its relation to art jewelry. He also attended an informal lunch and discussion with AJF members who were on the Philadelphia trip hosted by Velvet da Vinci owners Elizabeth Shypertt and Mike Holmes.«  (AJF Interview 2009)



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