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COUP de … ROUGE avec Lorena PESTANA (Peru) – BIJORHCA (Paris) 3-6 sept. 2010

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En ce moment à BIJORHCA-Eclat de Mode (Paris)
Du vendredi 3 au lundi 6 septembre 2010 – Paris Porte de Versailles
(Liste des EXPOSANTS (bijoux uniquement))


« Architect by profession, Lorena Pestana finds the inspiration for her designs in the techniques, colours, and imagery that distinguish the native cultures of Alto Marañón in the Amazon Basin of Peru. It was there she learned her knitting skills and absorbed the vibrant designs of the region’s skilful artisans.
Their ancient world served as Lorena’s platform for the development of a more modern aesthetic, one in closer harmony with today’s globalized world, where cutting-edge craftsmanship goes hand in hand with physical comfort.
It is a myth that beauty must not call attention to itself or that elegance must be restrained. Ranging from intricate detail and high complexity to the surprising sophistication to be found in minimalist design, Lorena’s work seeks to harmonize spaces and colour schemes, setting off visual rhythms that trace the interplay of light and dark. Her versatile materials, natural sheens, and durable fabrics remind us that the best jewelry and accessories can readily adapt to different moods – from formal to casual.«  

COUP de ... ROUGE  avec Lorena PESTANA (Peru) - BIJORHCA (Paris) 3-6 sept. 2010 dans Amerique Latine 5070_1115275535300_1629311865_287145_4523114_n
Lorena Pestana JoyeriaColeccion 2009 « Floraciones »

6170_1139776467808_1629311865_363474_5177310_n dans Lorena PESTANA (Peru)
Lorena Pestana JoyeriaColeccion 2009 « Floraciones » Collar ‘bulbo rojo’

6170_1148576527804_1629311865_391178_3398416_n dans PARIS
Lorena Pestana Joyeria – Pulsera con flores en corte laser con vinil reflectivo platedao y mostacillas rojas

6170_1139776427807_1629311865_363473_7278951_n dans Salon
Lorena Pestana JoyeriaColeccion 2009 « Floraciones » – Collar ‘bulbo

6170_1139776267803_1629311865_363470_3532521_n dans techniques textiles
Lorena Pestana JoyeriaColeccion 2009 « Floraciones » – Arete Bulbo

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