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Ted NOTEN ………… ‘Tedwalk’ en rouge et blanc

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Je vous avouerais que les créations (bijoux ????) de  Ted Noten ne m’inspirent … rien ! emoticone
Mais là, cette mise en scène …… aaah …. il y a « quelque chose » …. en tout cas, ça m’a fait sourire !

An exhibition of work by jewellery designer Ted Noten at Stedelijk Museum’s-Hertogenbosch in the Netherlands (Dec. 2008) was launched with a catwalk show, « Tedwalk » , where 12 models wore 12 pieces created since 1995 to 2008. (Photographs by Sharon Mor Yosef and Guus Schoth)

« On November 23d, Ted Noten was awarded with the Francoise van den Bosch Award, an international prize for jewellery makers…. We have combined the award ceremony with a catwalk presentation for the opening of a solo-exhibition at the Stedelijk Museum’s-Hertogenbosch.
Ted explicitly did not want to show his works in glass boxes on socles, and he has always wanted to organize a catwalk show with professional models. We have collaborated with the Amsterdam Fashion Institute in organizing this event and have attracted many professionals that have (partly) donated their services. During the show, 12 models wore 12 pieces from Ted’s oeuvre. After all models returned and placed their items on wooden circles on stage, the lights went off and 9 working men entered the room with perspex covers. All works were covered, lights went on again and there was the expo that stands for 6 weeks (until January 11th). » (Design Magazine Dezeen)
Ted Noten- Pig bracelet


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